The first can opener was invented in 1858. The original design used a pointed blade with a guard, to prevent it from going too far into the can, and another sickle type blade to do the actual lid removal. This was an extremely unsafe tool to use in the kitchen, but thankfully years of can

After a long tiring week, the best way to relax is going out with friends, having a few drinks, and enjoy good food. There is no problem in partying and enjoying good food, but drinks, yes there is definitely a problem. If you are in an inebriated condition, then you won’t be able to drive

For all those who love barbecue, it is important that you get an offset smoker. Despite so many advanced and innovative barbecue machines out there in the market, I think the flavors are best brought out by a traditional machine, which is what an ‘offset smoker’ is apparently called. If you crave for a mouth-watering

Waking up in the morning is a daunting task for many people, and if you are amongst those, then you have many options available at your disposal. You can get an alarm clock, which wakes you up in the morning, but a normal alarm clock won’t wake you up, but it will scare the hell

Admit it, we all want a beautiful lawn with properly cut grass and amazing flowerbeds, but we don’t want to indulge our time maintaining the lawn because that’s a laborious task. The best option to have an amazing lawn and to save yourself from its maintenance is getting artificial grass, which you can lay on

Are you dealing with hefty power bills? If your home is equipped with heating and cooling systems, then your power bill is supposed to go high, but you can save it by adding a programmable thermostat in the house. A programmable thermostat is going to ensure the right temperature in the room along with shutting

To enjoy a fresh and radiant complexion, moisturizing face cream is essential, especially since it allows your skin to benefit from many benefits. However, it is still necessary to take care to choose it well because it has probably not escaped your notice, there are many moisturizing creams for the face which, just as may

Nothing is more fascinating than the cosmos. If you have seen both seasons of cosmos, then you know what I’m saying. Seeing the planets and stars as they rotate and cross other celestial objects can’t be explained in words. You have to see it with your own very eyes, and for that, you obviously would

No matter if you are cleaning your house or office space, it is one of the most unproductive tasks, which consumes a lot of elbow and knee grease. Thankfully, products like the best vacuum cleaners are available on the market for cleaning houses and the best central vacuum systems are available for cleaning large commercial