Swimming is one of the best ways to shed that unwanted fat off your stomach, but regular swimming in the pool makes the water dirty, especially when there are other people swimming in the same pool. If you want to ensure your personal hygiene and safety while being in the swimming pool, then you need to get a swimming pool cleaner. Now, with the recent advancements in the field of pool cleaners, you will come across many excellent options, but if you want to clean your swimming pool without indulging in the process at all, then you need to buy automatic pool cleaners. To help you out with your quest for the best automatic pool cleaner, I have provided automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer reports with 10 products, so you need to check out those before making a final decision.

Reviewing 10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus 99996403-PC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

For fast and efficient cleaning of your swimming pool, you need to rely on a top-rated product of a reputed brand, which Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is. This automatic robotic pool cleaner is apt in cleaning every nook and cranny of the pool. The incredible ability of the pool doesn’t reflect on the price, as the company has kept the price of this pool cleaner well within the reach of every buyer. The availability of 2 years of warranty is another feature as to why this product is so popular on every platform.

You can operate the unit using a hose, which can be plugged into any standard outlet. It won’t take more than one cycle to clean the pool, but in case, you think the pool hasn’t been cleaned properly after the first cycle, then you can run it for more cycles. This automatic pool cleaner is a great option if you want an effective and affordable cleaning unit.

2. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

Dolphin is one of the most amazing automatic pool cleaners you can get on the market. Designed by Maytronics, this pool cleaner can offer an extraordinary level of cleaning. The pool cleaner features Smart-Nav software, which helps the unit scan and targets the pool surface. Along with that, the combination of highly efficient scrubbing brushes with a powerful vacuum gets rid of all the dirt and debris from the pool surface, walls and water line.

Other top features of the unit include its ability to rotate to 360 degrees, LED indicators that let you know about the condition of the filters and a 3-year warranty. Coming to the drawbacks of the pool cleaner, then those include the heavy size of the unit, around 36 lbs and time-consuming cleaning of the filter bags.

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner 

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

If you have time constraints and can’t take care of your swimming pool, then you should invest in a product, which can take care of the pool for you. With this pool cleaner, you can significantly reduce the wastage of resources because it works on limited resources to deliver excellent results. With the ability to pick and remove all types of unwanted elements such as leaves, pebbles, debris and other things from the pool.

Another smart feature in this pool cleaner is the inclusion of a chamber filter bag, which removes dirt before it could reach the filter and basket, thus preventing you from cleaning the filter. This move prolongs the life of the filter. With this unit, you will get a 31 ft., feed hose and dual cleaning jets, which clean the pool in under three hours.

4. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

If you are looking for a robotic in-ground pool cleaner, then this is a great option for you. Polaris F9550 offers 4WD, which offers great maneuverability. Being an in-ground pool cleaner, it can also be used for cleaning fiberglass pools. The inclusion of Vortex Vacuum Technology in this pool cleaner has a great advantage, i.e., it helps removes the most stubborn dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool’s surface.

For cleaning the corners and the area under the stairs, the cleaner makes use of the rear water propulsion system. For easy navigation inside the pool, the company has equipped this pool cleaner with highly advanced motion sensors. The wall climb feature in this pool cleaner is another thing to watch out for.

This pool cleaner is going to last for very long, thanks to the power-coated allow caddy. The presence of a 70 ft cord allows the pool cleaner to cover a larger area, and if you want, you can program the unit to automate cleaning, as it comes with a programmable timer. You can easily program any function using the remote control, which is included in the package.

5. Pentair 360031 Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

Check out this pool cleaner, which is a computer-controlled device, so you don’t have to put in much effort to operate it. You can easily program the cleaner to scrub and vacuum the bottom, walls, and steps of the swimming pool in less than three hours. You will also see a large self-contained inner cartridge where all the dirt and debris will be collected.

The pool cleaner boasts smooth performance, thanks to its auto-reverse function. The company has used a high-quality internal filtration system in this pool cleaner, which ensures water clarity. It doesn’t need any installation, so you just need to take it out of the packaging and put it to work. For fast and on-demand cleaning without pumps, buy this automatic pool cleaner.

6. Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

This is another in-ground swimming pool cleaner, whose cleaning is based on suction. You will be able to clean the pool surface and walls efficiently with this unit, and get rid of dirt, debris, leaves, bugs, pebbles, and twigs. With this pool cleaner, you don’t have to worry about regulating the flow of water, as the flow-keeper of the unit is a self-adjusting control valve, which will automatically regulate the water flow. As a result, the performance of the unit remains uniform despite being connected to a pump with lower horsepower.

When it comes to the operation of the unit, then it is extremely quiet. The company offers a 36-ft hose along with a scrub sic, which makes the pool cleaner’s operation a breeze. The unit can be used on a variety of surfaces such as vinyl, tile, fiberglass and gunite. Lastly, the installation of the pool cleaner is very easy, as you don’t require any tools for it.

7. Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

If technology is the game, then Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner will definitely be a winner. Get this pool cleaner if you want to clean your swimming pool in the quickest of times and with minimum effort. You can easily monitor and control the progress of the robot, as there is an application, which can be installed on the smartphone. Using that smartphone, you can control the pool cleaner. To ensure smooth maneuvering of the pool cleaner, make sure to buy a caddy with it. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then it doesn’t clean the steps of the swimming pool.

8. Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

Last but not least, Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is the product that you should consider before making your final decision. This product features the best pool pump, which can efficiently lift the dirt and filter algae and grime for in-depth operation.

The robot once turned on and programmed will clean the entire length of the swimming pool without your intervention. However, the operation is not flawless, as there will be occasions when the cleaning path becomes limited to a very small section of the pool, abandoning the rest of the surface. Also, the robot struggles while cleaning the walls of the pool. Other than that, the product is efficient and durable.

9. DOLPHIN C3 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

Dolphin C3 is a robotic pool cleaner, which has been designed for in-depth cleaning of not just any swimming pool, but big, commercial type swimming pools, which have a size of around 50 feet. With this pool cleaner, you can significantly reduce hours of strenuous cleaning of your swimming pool. The pool cleaner is equipped with the plug-n-play operation, which quickly cleans up the pool, allowing you to utilize your time in a much better way.

You will be surprised to see the robustness and effectiveness of the unit. The inclusion of dual scrubbing brushes makes sure that no dirt and debris remain inside the swimming pool. Other features of the swimming pool cleaner include ‘CleverClean’ technology, Top Load Cartridge Filters and easy maintenance.

10. Polaris 9550 Sport 4WD All-Season Kit

Best automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer report

This is a great package, which ensures fast and comprehensive cleaning. In this package, you are getting a highly advanced Polaris F9550 Sport Cleaner, a fine mesh canister for pollen and silt, a wide mesh leaf canister for picking up large debris that is hard to remove and an all-purpose filter canister. This advanced robotic pool cleaner features an easy lift system, indication for dirty canister, motion-sensing handheld remote and Vortex Vacuum Technology for fast and effortless cleaning.

The best feature about this pool cleaner is that it can easily move any type of pool surface, climb walls and steps and scrub tile line using its solid-blade scrubbing brush. Another excellent thing about this pool cleaner is that it comes with a 7-day programmable timer, which has customizable cleaning cycles, which makes things a lot easier for users.

The inclusion of a motion-sensing remote gives you the control in your palms, something that you will not find in many models. You can easily go on vacation without worrying about how’s your pool is going to be cleaned because you can set up the pool cleaner for those days. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the product, just in case you come across any issue in the product.  

Wrap Up

Cleaning a swimming pool can be a very annoying task if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. Manual cleaning of the pools is something that nobody likes to do, and if you too fall into this list of people, then you should definitely look at automatic pool cleaner reviews consumer reports consisting of 10 best products. You will be surprised to know how efficient the working of each of those 10 products is. Go through the reviews and then make up your mind as to which automatic pool cleaner you need to buy.