The first few months of your baby are not just special for you but the baby as well. Babies want to see everything and everybody, so you need to make sure that the baby is comfortably seated in a place where he/she can play as well. A baby bouncer is the ideal accessory that you can use from birth and will serve as a comfortable seat in which the baby can have a good time by your side. By leaving the baby in his/her own chair, you can go about your business while keeping the baby nearby and in complete safety.

Therefore, when your baby is in a playful mood, you should take him/her out of the best baby crib and make him/her sit on a baby bouncer. Faced with a multitude of models, it can be complicated to find the best baby bouncer, but you don’t have to worry! Follow my complete buying guide along with reviews of consumer reports baby bouncers to choose the best product for your baby.

Reviews Of 5 best Baby Bouncers

1. Fisher-Price ‎GVF98 Forest Explorers Baby Bouncing Chair

consumer reports baby bouncers

The first thing you will notice after receiving this product is how easy it is to unpack it. You can quickly unpack the box and set it up for your baby to use it. The best thing about this infant seat is that it bounces according to the natural movements of your baby. You will love the inclusion of a removable toy bar with a monkey clacker and a couple of spinners.

The baby bouncer has calming vibrations that help soothe your little one. The infant seat comes with a highly comfortable seat pad that you can wash in a washing machine. It also features a 3-point harness that is fully adjustable and has non-skid feet that keep the baby bouncer stable.

2. BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft (005084US)

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Check out this ergonomic baby bouncer, which besides keeping your baby entertained ensures optimum head and back support. This baby bouncer has a very natural rocking movement that stimulates the development of your baby. The baby bouncer is ideal for babies weighing between 8lbs and 29lbs. Therefore, if your baby is 4-6 months old, then you can have him/her on this bouncer until he/she is 2 years old.

The baby bouncer boasts 3 different height positions along with a single transport mode. The fabric seat included in the baby bouncer is easy to remove and you can easily wash it in a washing machine. You will enjoy fun and natural bouncing in this baby bouncer. It isn’t just a bouncer, but it is a comfortable chair that will offer excellent support to your baby. It is suitable for both play as well as rest, thanks to its development, which has the involvement of top pediatricians.

3. Graco DuetConnect LX Swing And Bouncer ‎1893831

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This is an incredible baby bouncer that is made from a combination of plastic, metal, and polyester. The baby bouncer features a removable swing seat that can be doubled as a portable bouncer. So, this unit will work as a baby swing, since it is equipped with 6 swinging speeds that let you select the speed your baby is most comfortable with.

You won’t have any issues with the quality of the seat, as it is very spacious and made of premium foam to give your baby the best head support. The baby bouncer boasts 2-speed vibration that further increases the comfort level of your baby. With 5 soothing sounds and 10 melodies, your baby will remain calm and amused all the time.

4. ComfyBumpy 01 Ergonomic Baby Bouncer Seat

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ComfyBumpy baby bouncer boasts a unique design that bounces according to your baby’s movements. You will love to see this infant rocker bouncing up and down with the movement of your baby’s arms and legs. If you are looking to buy a baby bouncer that offers security to your baby in your absence, then you should buy ComfyBumpy baby bouncer, as it offers optimum head and back support. The baby bouncer features a mesh seat that is made of polyester, which is gentle on the sensitive skin of babies.

The material is very breathable and can be washed in a washing machine. The baby bouncer can switch into a chair where they can sit or stand on their own. You can adjust the height of this baby bouncer to up to 3 levels. An additional mode is also added into the unit that folds the baby rocker chair flat to make storage and transportation seamless. The product comes with a lifetime promise, so if anything goes wrong with the product, you can call the company for assistance.

5. Ingenuity SmartBounce ‎11542-3 Automatic Hands-Free Baby Bouncer Seat

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Ingenuity SmartBounce baby bouncer seat is made for hyperactive babies who always want to try out different things to remain busy. The baby bouncer features two-speed settings that emulate the mother’s natural movements. This is a neutral bouncer, which can be used by both, boys as well as girls.

The baby bouncer features a 3-point safety harness that keeps the baby safe and secure. The seat pad incorporated into the baby bouncer can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. Operated on battery power, this bouncer comes with batteries that last for twice as long as compared to batteries installed in other bouncers.

How To Use Your Baby Bouncer?

The baby bouncer can be used from birth and depending on the model, it can be upgradeable and serve as a seat for older children. The advantage of baby loungers and their versatility, especially when there are several inclinations of the backrest. When lying down, the baby can rest and take naps and with the backrest raised, the recliner can serve as a small chair, very practical for feeding the baby or simply letting the little one discover what surrounds him/her and flourish. It is important to place the bouncer on a stable and level surface and to always stay nearby, even if the child is strapped in and kept safe by the harness.

What Type Of Baby Chair To Choose?

Classic bouncer: The classic bouncer is simple seats, the back of which can be tilted and which have a safety harness. Depending on the model, the bouncer can be equipped with a play arch, a vibrator function, or a reduction cushion and head wedge for toddlers.

Beanbag bouncer: This type of bouncer has invaded the market in recent years. With an ergonomic design, the beanbag chairs are generally filled with micro-beads that take the shape of the body, allowing the child to comfortably curl up in the beanbag, whatever their age. In addition, the beanbag can be used for a long time, and big children can use them as small armchairs.

Travel bouncer: This type of bouncer is compact and foldable to facilitate its transport in a bag specially designed for this purpose.

What Are The Criteria To Take Into Account When Purchasing A Baby Bouncer?

Buying a baby bouncer should not be taken lightly. Whether it is a birth gift or a personal purchase, the baby bouncer must meet certain important criteria that we present to you below.

Safety: This is the most important criterion to consider when making your purchase. Indeed, the deckchair will accommodate your child for several weeks and it is therefore essential that the bouncer conforms to the safety standards in force. An attachment harness is mandatory, and make sure that the base of the deckchair is stable.

Inclination: Do you want to lie down the baby in the bouncer for a nap, or to make your baby sit comfortably to feed him/her? So make sure that the recliner offers several inclinations so that baby can fully enjoy it.

Clutter: A baby bouncer can be more or less bulky; it's up to you to see what will look best in your living room or the baby's room. Also, if you want to be able to transport the bouncer on outings and trips, it must be compact enough and can even be folded for even more convenience.


A baby bouncer is going to change your routine for good, as you won’t have to worry about keeping your hyperactive baby calm and safe. You can focus on other important household tasks or your office work while a baby bouncer, thanks to its several movements and sounds will entertain your baby. I hope the aforementioned consumer reports baby bouncers have helped you find the most suitable product. If they have, then you should get one right away.