To give your bathroom a new shine, there is nothing better than to offer yourself a bathroom vanity. These wonders of vanity units radically change the look of your interior and add charm to it. Inexpensive and very stylish, the bathroom vanities meet your style needs effectively while keeping things light on your pocket. They perfectly combine luxurious appearance and reasonable price. Have you always wanted to treat yourself to one of these gems or are you thinking of changing the look of your bathroom? Discover with me through this guide along with consumer reports bathroom vanities reviews.

Reviews Of 5 Best Bathroom Vanities

1. iKayaa Modern Under Sink Storage Cabinet With 2 Doors Bathroom Vanity Furniture

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All the characteristics of a premium bathroom vanity such as elegant looks, premium design, and use of durable materials are included in this iKayaa Modern Bathroom Furniture. It is made from sturdy MDF, which allows it to last for several years without losing its shine. The use of modern European style blends well with any bathroom décor. Boasting a 2-layer design, this bathroom vanity will attract anyone who uses your bathroom.

You will have enough space in the bathroom vanity to keep your items, which will remain safe and secure behind double doors of the vanity. The dust-proof design of the vanity makes cleaning a breeze. The bathroom vanity will fit most pedestal and non-pedestal sinks, facet holes having a width of 18cm and depth of 20cm. Assembling this vanity is very easy and so is cleaning it. It can accommodate a weight of up to 10kg.

2. eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo

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What makes this bathroom vanity unique is its ability to save water. It comes with a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator that helps save around 30%water. The company has used durable MDF to create this bathroom vanity. Besides being durable, the material is eco-friendly, so if you don’t want to buy anything that harms the environment, then this product will definitely contribute to that effort. The chrome faucet given on the bathroom vanity looks beautiful and does its work efficiently.

You will also like the smooth paint surface on the vanity along with a stone powdered, resin sink. These materials make the vanity wear-resistance and easy to clean. When it comes to installation, then you won’t find any problem, as it is a self-assembled unit. The inclusion of an adjustable P-bend in the package makes it more convenient to install the drainpipe. The slide and soft-close door of the vanity is made of 304 stainless steel, which makes it long-lasting. The compact design of this bathroom vanity makes it the perfect unit for small-sized bathrooms.

3. LUCKWIND Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink Combo

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Check out this bathroom vanity, which also features a vessel sink, so that you don’t have to buy it separately. The vanity is so flexible that you can mount it according to the space available in your bathroom. If you want to add an artistic touch to your bathroom, then you won’t find a vanity better than this one. The vanity uses wooden espresso as a base tune that blends well with the most vivid colors. It offers sufficient foot space to users, which makes the overall design of the vanity very practical. Coming with multiple storage compartments, this vanity allows you to classify space to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

As you open the vanity, you will find the main cabinet along with a couple of silent-closing drawers to keep your belongings safely. The cabinet and drawers of the vanity are made of 304 stainless steel, which allows them to last for several years. The vanity is also made of a durable MDF wood material with a coated wood grid finish that adds to its longevity. The surface of the vanity comes with E1 Eco coverage, which prevents it from rust. The inclusion of a large wall mount mirror on the vanity will also be useful to you. The company provides 1-year limited warranty on the bathroom vanity that covers all manufacturing defects.

4. Fine Fixtures Bathroom Vanity And Sink OPUR36GR

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This is another bathroom vanity, which boasts heavy-duty construction. Made of high-quality wood, this bathroom vanity can add beauty and elegance to your bathroom. The bathroom vanity also consists of a ceramic sink with a glossy water-resistant finish that will look the same even after several years of use. The company has predrilled a single faucet hole as well where you can install the faucet, which you will have to buy separately.

As you open the bathroom vanity, you will be amazed to see two spacious door cabinets that provide ample bathroom storage for your shampoos, soaps, shavers, towels, and mirrors. The company has installed soft closing door hinges that won’t let the door slam loudly. Just as how easy it is to assemble the bathroom vanity, cleaning too is very easy. You will get an instruction manual in the package, which makes installation a breeze. You can also use a spacious under-sink cabinet for plumbing installation.

5. Twin Star Home Style Freestanding Set 30-Inch Single Bathroom Vanity 30BV34004-PD01

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This bathroom vanity from Twin Star looks very different from other bathroom vanities, thanks to its woven baskets and sliding barn door with a planked design that offers a farmhouse look. A sink is integrated into the vanity, which is made of high-quality vitreous china (ceramic) that makes the vanity looks more elegant. The open shelf design of the vanity can be used to display towels and other items. The package also includes 2 storage baskets that you can add to the vanity to store various other items securely in the vanity. You will receive a fully assembled vanity so that you don’t have to waste your time doing the same.

Why choose A Bathroom Vanity?

Unlike fancy shower heads or expensive toilets, bathroom vanities can make your bathroom more stylish without having to break the bank. The luxurious effect they bring sublimates your bathroom and gives it a new charm. In addition, the bathroom vanity is among all these accessories, the one that offers you real utility. Indeed, the bathroom vanity is often defined as the combination of all the accessories of a bathroom. And this with good reason. The bathroom vanity consists of a sink, a worktop, and storage cabinets. Available in many models, it is often difficult to make the right choice.

How To Choose The Best Vanity Or Bathroom Cabinet?

If everyone wants to treat themselves to a vanity or bathroom cabinet, the difference between everyone's user experience will be the purchase choice. While it seems easy to afford articles, making the right choice does meet certain criteria. Making the wrong choice when purchasing your shower vanity will inevitably lead to inconvenience down the road. So, decide on the best vanity or shower cabinet for your bathroom by considering the following considerations.

Consider The Size First

You obviously need to assess the available space in your bathroom before buying a sink cabinet. Both in length and width, you need to make sure that the shower vanity fits perfectly into the bathroom, without obstructing the door openings. It should also not prevent you from enjoying your other accessories (mirrors, sockets, etc.). And, if children will need to use it, make sure that the height of the vanity is accessible to them. Based on these first considerations, choose a sink cabinet that matches your bathroom.

Construction material is an index of durability and quality.

Various materials are used in the construction of vanity units. From solid wood to stone, each material offers you different guarantees. Choose one that meets your specifics and best suits your bathroom.

Solid wood gives you durability, strength, and a natural style. Available in several finishes, it is waterproof and rather expensive. It requires regular maintenance to prevent fading.

Natural stone also combines resistance and beauty. It has the advantage of being easily cleanable.

Laminate is a very economical and easy-to-maintain material. In full swing, it comes in handy when you have children in the house.

Determine the style that best suits your bathroom.

There are also different styles of vanity or shower cabinet. The choice you make at this level depends on your tastes and preferences. The traditional-style sink cabinet has classic lines and decorated fittings. Contemporary styling on the other hand is a combination of smooth textures and sleek materials. It comes in monochrome colors. When it comes to casual vanities or bathroom furniture, they are more relaxed, simple, and functional.

Also, if you are planning to choose a bathroom vanity that complements your bathroom, then the importance of style and color becomes even more important. For a better choice of color, refer to the decor or paint of your bathroom and other items installed in the bathroom.

Final Verdict

A bathroom vanity has the power to enhance the appearance of your ordinary-looking bathroom. Now that you have read the consumer reports bathroom vanities along with buying guide, you can easily decide which bathroom vanity suits your bathroom and budget the best. Get the best bathroom vanity today to not just improve the looks of your bathroom but organize it as well.

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