For a comfortable sleep, you need a comfortable bed, which can hold your body efficiently and ensures uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. If you have been sleeping on a bed that has a flimsy body and an inappropriate height, then I can understand how you have been managing to sleep on such a bed. The importance of a quality bed can be determined from the fact that even if you buy the best latex mattress or memory foam mattress, you won’t be able to get good sleep if the frame is not sturdy and comfortable. To get hold of the best beds consumer reports, I have compiled a list of 10 beds, which I believe are considered and bought by most customers. If you are looking to buy a new bed, then you can take a look at the list and select a bed for your bedroom.

Reviews Of 10 Best Beds Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Zinus Joesph Modern Studio 14 Inch Platforma Bed Frame

best beds consumer report

Zinus is a top brand known for making blue-chip bed frames. You can have a look at this 14-inch high bed, which can be used with or without a box. This bed frame gives you the freedom to change the height of the mattress as per your specific requirements. Mattress won’t be provided with the bed, so if you want to buy the best mattress for this bed, then there are a lot of options available for you.

This bed has a compact design, which makes it a perfect choice for tight spaces such as doorways and staircases. Coming to the construction of the bed, then that includes high-quality steel with wood slats, which keeps the unit safe from sagging and ensures longevity. As far as the types of mattresses that this bed support, then those include cot size memory foam, spring, narrow twin and hybrid mattresses.

2. Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed

best beds consumer report

Look, I told you Zinus is good, which is why I have the second product from Zinus. Now, this bed is ideal for those who want to add a modern look to their bedrooms, but at the same need something dependable as well. The bed comes with the support of a closely spaced wooden slat, which keeps the entire structure intact.

Then, there is a foam padded dark grey upholstery, which looks great in all types of bedroom settings. Assembling this bed is a breeze, as all the parts that you need to build a bed are given in the zippered compartment, which you can find on the rear side of the headboard. Just take out the parts, follow the instruction manual, which is again, given in the package and erect the bed in DIY mode.

The bed is available in three sizes, King, Queen, and Full. Mattress won’t be provided in the package so that you can buy separately. If you’re interested in buying a premium mattress, then you should buy BeautyRest mattress. As far the warranty on this bed goes, then the company gives 5-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects.

3. Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

best beds consumer report

Don’t you think that I’m in love with Zinus just because I have a third straight product coming from Zinus. It’s just that Zinus products are top-notch, so there is nothing I can do but to include them on my list. Now, this 12-inch Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed has slat spaces of 3 inches and below depending on the size of the frame.

With such slat spaces, the bed can deliver perfect support for high-density foam mattresses. If you were to looking to buy a memory foam mattress for this particular bed, then you can go ahead with the buying step, as this bed fully supports that type of mattress. The main component used in construction of the bed is wood, but the center rail is made of steel to keep everything in place when weight is applied on the mattress.

This is the lowest profile bed, which you will see in the fleet of Zinus, as its height from the floor to the top of the side rail is a foot or 12 inches. The bed supports box spring, which not just raises the height of the bed and somewhat covers the 37-inch high headboard, which accompanies with the bed. Everything in this bed is so cool that you will fall in love with it. But, there are a few drawbacks in the bed as well such as the presence of single wood finish, slight off-gassing and side panels aren’t recessed.

4. Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

best beds consumer report

This bed is ideal for those who want a platform bed and a headboard. The bed is available in three different sizes and two different colors. The height at which the headboard is placed, i.e., at around 4 feet enhances the visual appeal of the platform bed. Besides beautiful looks, the bed is quite sturdy, as it stands on solid wooden legs having a height of 8 inches.

You can use any mattress with this bed because of the inclusion of wooden slats. You will be able to assemble the bed on your own, as all the parts and an instruction manual are provided in the package. Should you need any assistance, then the company offers round-the-clock support, so you can ask anything from the experts.

5. Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

best beds consumer report

I wanted to include a bed bunk on the list because many people are interested in them, so here is the best bed bunk coming straight from the house of Storkcraft. This is a premium quality bed bunk, which you can easily install without anybody’s help. One of the most elegant beds you will find on the market, Storkcraft Caribou is also a durable product, courtesy of its solid rubber-wood construction.

For getting into the upper bed, you can climb the steps added by the company in the unit. The quality of this bunk bed can be determined from the fact that two top government authorities, ASTM and CPSC have certified it.

6. Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage

best beds consumer report

If you want a bed, which has an ample amount of storage as well, then take a look at Novogratz Kelly Full Bed, which comes with four deep and wide drawers, two on each side. These drawers can be used to store a variety of items. The bed sports a modern design, so it can easily blend with the contemporary looks of your bedroom. The bed is available in green and dark grey linen color.

Assembling this bed is anything but daunting, as you will be provided with easy to understand instructions that you can go through to put together all the parts of the beds. The only time-consuming task is getting used to of drawers because they roll on wheels instead of traditional track. This is a decent product, which will hold itself together for several years. However, the company could have provided better slats because the current ones look flimsy. Moreover, the bottom of the drawers is made up of cheap quality plastic.

7. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Linen Bed

best beds consumer report

I have another product from Novogratz, and this one is a stylish blend of metal and wooden frames. You will really like the tufted detailing that is done on the headboard, which doesn't just add an aesthetic appeal to the overall unit but makes it more comfortable as well. Then there are slanted wooden legs, which looks beautiful and durable.

The company has paid extra attention to the slat, which is why you will see the presence of a bentwood slat system in this bed, which promotes excellent ventilation and pressure distribution. With air passing freely beneath the bed, your mattress remains fresher for long time. You don't need any additional foundation for the mattress. company has also made sure of the support and stability of the bed, you will find a couple of additional metal legs along with metal rail in the bed.

8. Home Life Platform

best beds consumer report

The next on my list is Home Life platform, which is the twin size bed, which is quite easy to assemble. This is a linen platform bed comes with slats for providing that added comfort and support to the users. The beautiful light grey silver color is basically the linen with which the platform of the bed is made. It is needless to say that's this bed will complement the present decor of your room. You will receive this bed in two boxes along with an instruction manual where you will find all the details about installing all the parts together to form the bed.

9. DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

best beds consumer report

When we are talking about beds, how can we forget DHP, a company, which is known for manufacturing excellent beds and mattresses. This particular bed is upholstered white faux leather, which will definitely add to the aesthetics of your bedroom. Metal sides and rails are used for constructing the platform whereas the legs of the bed are also made of metal. Sporting a solid construction eliminates all the doubts from the mind of the users regarding the durability of the product.

The bed also features a wooden slat system, which provides proper ventilation to the mattress. You will also like decorative button tufted design on the headboard and footboard of the bed. This bed also gives you the opportunity to store various items inside the four drawers that this bed comes with. Everything is so great about this bed, except the fact that it doesn't support box spring mattresses.

10. Mellow 12" Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

best beds consumer report

The last one on my list is the Mellow 12 inch Solid Wood platform bed frame, which is, of course, made up of 100% solid wood and provides mattress support without the need for a box spring. You will receive this product in parts that you will have to assemble on your own following the instructions, which are also given along with the package.

All the necessary tools will also be provided, so you don't have to buy or arrange extra tools for the assembly. The bed has a wooden slat, which ensures stability, but I believe the overall structure of this bed is very reassuring. You will really like the plastic and organic jam this bed adds to your bedroom with simple silhouette and natural wood grains.

Wrapping Up

With so many different types of beds available on the market, you will definitely be spoiled for choice. In order to keep things simple, you should take a look at the best beds consumer reports consisting of reviews of 10 top products. I have reviewed beds that vary a lot in terms of design, construction, materials used and pricing. But, shortlisting a product from the list of 10 is far easier than scouring the entire market. So, just go through the list of 10 best beds, select the bed you like the most and make a purchase.

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