Riding a bike is a great way to stay fit and active, but riding a bike without a helmet can be dangerous for your life. Safety on the road is a non-negotiable thing, so make sure you have foolproof protection for your head while riding a bike. There is no other product, which offers top-notch safety for your head than the bike helmet. So, make sure you invest in the best product. For that, you can take the help of the bike helmet reviews consumer report comprising of 10 top-selling products on the market. The right bike helmet will not just ensure the safety of your head, but also makes your ride a lot more comfortable.

Reviews Of 10 Best Bike Helmets

1. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet SW124AZ-6 (Best Bike Helmet Under $100)

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

A bike helmet must have a good number of vents for reducing the wind resistance and maximizing the airflow, and this bike helmet ticks that ‘vent’ requirement in the most incredible way. It has to 21 vents, so you will never experience a sweaty head while riding your bike with this helmet on. The bike helmet is lightweight and thus, very comfortable for long bike riding sessions. It also features moisture-wicking pads, which ensure the dry head of the rider. The company has added a visor on the helmet to protect your vision from sunrays to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Overall, a highly efficient unit that comes to you at a very affordable price.

2. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet (Best Road Bike Helmet Under 50)

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

The main role of wearing a bike helmet is to protect your head from damage in case of an accident, which is exactly what this helmet will do. The helmet is made up of EPS, PVC, and PC materials, which make it tough, durable, and comfortable. Another notable feature of this helmet is its aerodynamic design, which maximizes the airflow. As a result, your head remains cool and dry. The helmet is fully adjustable, as you can adjust it from 54 cm to 62 cm. Dust and water won’t damage the helmet, thus ensuring its longevity.

3. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet with in-Molded Reinforcing Skeleton for Added Protection

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

Every bike helmet manufacturer makes use of different technology to keep their users safe and this bike helmet does the same. It features a shock absorption technology, which keeps the head safe in case of an accident. The helmet features 22 large air vents, which maximize the airflow and reduce the wind resistance. The inclusion of a detachable visor makes the riding experience a lot more comfortable. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the product.

4. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

Check out this dirt-cycling helmet, which sports an excellent built quality. The use of tough polycarbonate along with a soft foam liner makes this helmet durable as well as comfortable. The intelligent construction of the helmet makes it lightweight as well, thus letting you go for long rides without facing any inconvenience. With proper air ventilation, your head remains dry and cool. The helmet features an integrated MIPS technology, which makes it less susceptible to rotational forces that occurs during impacts. The helmet fits all sizes of heads perfectly, thanks to the ROC LOC sport fit system. The inclusion of removable visor makes your ride a lot more comfortable, as the sun rays won’t bother you.

5. MOON Bike Helmets for Adults

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

This bike helmet is perfect for adults, thanks to its durable construction and lightweight feel. The inside of the helmet contains an EPS high-density foam material with the outside comprising of a PC shell, which makes the unit durable from the outside and soft inside. The shell of the helmet can withstand impact force in the most effective manner. The helmet features 25 vents, which are capable of reducing resistance during cycling and regulate the temperature inside the helmet.

You don’t feel the weight of this helmet, so keep it on for as long as you can. The helmet has a rotatable and adjustable dial that fits any head shape comfortably. The helmet comes with removable padding, which can be easily detached and washed. A visor accompanies the helmet, which comes in handy on a sunny day to prevent the sunlight from hindering your vision.

6. PHZ Adult Bike Helmet For Men & Women (Best e Bike Helmet)

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

Another incredible bike helmet, which is made from high impact resistance PC material. While the outer shell is made from EPS, the inside consists of a soft foam liner. The helmet is suitable for all types of bikes, be it manual bikes or electric bikes, so don’t shy away from wearing it whenever going out. The helmet sports an LED rechargeable taillight, which has three lighting modes to help you see as to what’s ahead. The three modes include tour mode, flashing mode, and night-constant light mode.

Just like other premium bike helmets, this one too has several vents, 23 to be precise, which allows excellent air ventilation to keep your head cool and dry. These vents reduce the resistance area on the helmet as well. The company has modified the three-way regulator on the helmet, which easily adds up and down the adjustment function. Overall, an excellent bike helmet for both men and women.

7. KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmets

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for a bike helmet, which is not just safe and durable, but also fashionable, then don’t look any further, as KINGBIKE presents to you an ultralight bike helmet, which looks very elegant. Coming in 11 color options, you can get the color matching with the color of your bike. Another great thing about this bike is that both men and women can use it. All 11 colors the helmet is available in are quite bright, which allows others to see you from a significant distance. Since you become more visible to others, chances of accidents reduce significantly. The helmet is available in different sizes as well, such as M/L, Large, and L/XL size.

The helmet comprises 24 airflow holes, which ensure proper flow of air to keep your head cool and dry. There is a rear light on the helmet, which has three modes, fast flash, slow flash, and always on. The construction of this helmet includes PP, PC, EPS, and nylon, all premium quality materials, which result in longevity of the helmet. With this helmet comes a visor for protection against sunlight and backpack for easy storage.

8. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

This is another stylish bike helmet, which comes with a highly durable exterior along with a comfortable interior. As a result, you get maximum comfort, reliability, and safety when you are on the road. The helmet features EPS foam, which is capable of absorbing shocks from sudden impacts, hence keeping your head safe during a crash. The company provides a detachable visor, which blocks out the sunlight and reflective glares while letting you enjoy the full field of vision.

The presence of 22 ventilation holes at the top of the helmet ensures optimum airflow inside so that you remain dry, cool, and comfortable. The helmet features an inner sponge lining, which helps you breathe comfortably under the helmet. You will also like the taillights at the rear of the helmet, which comes with 3 modes to let you see the road in all kinds of weather conditions.

9. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

One of the most important requirements while buying a bike helmet is the proper air ventilation, and this bike helmet offers exactly that. The smart design of the helmet allows the cool air to come inside and throw the hot air out, which results in a comfortable environment inside the helmet. The company has included premium quality pads in the helmet, which absorb moisture to ensure a comfortable experience to the riders. The bike helmet is ideal for all kinds of terrains.

I really liked the presence of a USB rechargeable LED light, which has three modes, fast flashing, slow flashing, and steady lighting. These modes allow a rider to drive safely even on a gloomy day with no streetlights. The reflective strap on this helmet has a snug fit, which means, it won’t move around when you are wearing this helmet. Boasting 360-degree visibility, the helmet maximizes your safety at all times of the day. You can easily adjust the height and circumference of the helmet, thanks to its one-handed headmaster fit system. A fully adjustable helmet, you will love using it on a daily basis.

10. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Specialized For Men & Women

bike helmet reviews consumer reports

This is yet another bike helmet, which is available in a wide range of colors, thus giving you an option to pick the color of your choice. Once you are done selecting the color, you will be impressed by the quality construction of the helmet, which comprises of a hard shell made up of EPC and PVC materials, and an ultra-soft interior. Despite being a highly durable unit, the helmet is relatively lightweight, which makes it a suitable contender for long-distance trips. Coming with an excellent ventilation system, you won’t feel the heat and humidity inside the helmet. The ventilation also allows you to ride at a great speed because it will reduce the wind resistance during the ride. The helmet is fully adjustable, as there are multiple levels of adjustment.


Seeing all these beautiful bike helmets must have got you all excited. If that is the case, then what are you waiting for? You have read the bike helmet reviews consumer report and may have shortlisted a product as well, so it’s time to take the next important step of buying the bike helmet for your day-to-day commute on your bike. Buy the best bike helmet to protect your head in case of a crash because someone must be waiting for you at home.

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