The braking system is an extremely important device in the operation of a car. It comes in different types, the most common of which are the disc brake and the drum brake. The first category has been an integral part of production vehicles since the 1950s. At that time, it acted in a manner identical to the mechanism of the brakes of a bicycle.

Brake rotors are the main parts of a disc brake system. Located behind each wheel, they work in conjunction with the brake pads and the caliper to provide the vehicle with efficient and reliable braking. At some point, this element should be replaced for different reasons. The role of perfectly working brake rotors becomes a lot more important when you have an infant sitting inside the car on his/her convertible car seat.

Today's market is full of choices, which can make it difficult at times to find the right model for you. So, I present to you consumer reports brake rotors with reviews of the 5 best products and a useful guide to assist you with the purchase of the right brake rotor.

Reviews Of 5 Best Brake Rotors

1. Bosch 14010012 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotor

consumer reports brake rotors

Getting the best quality disc brake rotor is of great importance because it works quickly as you apply the brake pedals. The disc brake rotor is precisely balanced to ensure smooth operation without any pedal pulsation. The brake rotor boasts an OEM style vane configuration, which allows it to dissipate heat more efficiently along with providing a significant reduction in the vibration that produces noise. This also results in longer life of the rotor.

The company has equipped the rotor with G3000 heat-flowed castings that ensures less wear and tear along with quieter operation. If you want, you can have an OEM style ABS tone ring on the brake rotor that offers smooth operation of antilock braking along with traction control systems. The brake rotor is coated with a combination of bi-metal aluminum and zinc/alutherm 80 clean-look coating for the longevity of the brake rotor and offer a clean look to your vehicle’s wheels.

2. Max Advanced Brakes Premium XD Rotors With Carbon Ceramic Pads KT015321

consumer reports brake rotors

If you are sure that this is the right brake rotor for your vehicle, then you can buy it with confidence. The company offers a 100% fitment guarantee for all the vehicles it supports. This brake rotor will not just meet but exceed OEM specifications, thanks to the quality of manufacturing.

The brake rotor features chamfered cross drills, which help dissipate the heat efficiently, thus preventing warpage and uneven wear. Another notable feature of this brake rotor is the use of organic ceramic formula along with an anti-noise shim that provides a quiet braking experience for years to come.

3. ACDelco Gold 18A1705 Black Hat Front Disc Brake Rotor

consumer reports brake rotors

This brake rotor is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, which include a few models of Escalade, Silverado, Suburban, Sierra, Savana, Express, Avalanche, and Yukon, etc. This is a premium replacement part that you can buy from the market. The unit is manufactured to meet certain specifications for fit, function, and form for General Motors vehicles along with a majority of makes and models. The brake rotor comes with a rust-preventative coating that protects it against corrosion, thus making it last longer.

The company has done all the inspections for balance, thus resulting in smooth brake operation along with noise reduction. The unit has been tested for noise, harshness, and vibration, so you don’t have to worry about anything. It is one of the most reliable brake rotors available on the market. The brake rotor strictly follows OEM designs for dissipating heat, which helps prolong the life of the pad while significantly reducing noise and vibration.

4. Raybestos 580279R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor

consumer reports brake rotors

If you check out the most reputed automotive brands, then the name of Raybestos will come at the top. This brake rotor is no different, as it features rotors, calipers, drums, hydraulics, friction, and hub assemblies, which not just match but exceed OE fit, form, and function. You don’t have to doubt the quality of the product, as it is extensively tested to make sure that you receive a dependable product.

5. ACDelco Silver 18A925A Front Disc Brake Rotor

consumer reports brake rotors

Check out this front disc brake rotor, which is made with different alloys to enhance heat dissipation and performance. The brake rotor is mill-balanced for optimum rotor function without requiring additional weights. The thickness of the brake plate and the use of metallurgy is properly validated.

The company has used a rounded radius, which adds to the strength of the brake rotor. If you see ACDelco Advantage instead of ACDelco Silver parts, then don’t get confused, as both are the same. Despite having exceptional quality, the brake rotor is very economical. The brake rotor is compatible with General Motors vehicles along with a wide majority of makes and models.

How To Choose The Right Brake Rotors?

We have already seen that brake discs can be designed using various materials. But this is not the only parameter that determines the choice of a model. There are other factors to consider when purchasing.

Different types of discs

Before choosing your brake discs, it is better to know beforehand the varieties that may exist on the market. Three models seem to be the most common, including:

  • Solid or non-ventilated brake rotors, the simplest and classic, sometimes used at the rear,
  • Ventilated brake rotors, which are a superposition of two solid discs interspersed by a space,
  • Perforated or dimpled brake rotors, which are ventilated models, but drilled, to optimize cooling.

The ranges of brake rotors

These braking components are available in two ranges, depending on your needs. If you usually enjoy economy or city driving, or you regularly drive on the highways, opt for the standard and original models. In these situations, they may be less stressed.

On the other hand, the versions of the sport range can withstand more sporty driving, rural tracks, or roads in mountainous areas. The drilled or grooved types ensure efficient dispersion of water and gases, which may be deposited on the surface of the disc. They also benefit from a much better performance than with standard discs, thanks to their higher coefficient of friction.

Grooved models are more suitable for excessive use of your car. They provide greater mechanical resistance compared to drilled models. This condition is favorable for race trials on the track or competition.

The drilled versions on the other hand offer a higher cooling capacity thanks to the existence of the holes on the surface of the disc. They are more enduring for intensive use and provide excellent performance on wet ground. Whatever your choice, it is necessarily required that the pads adapt perfectly to the range to ensure proper braking operation.

Types of drilling

The brake discs are not perforated in the same way. Some have through holes, which effectively cool the system and redirect combusts and exhaust gases. However, these are not very durable. Others have deep holes to function longer.

Technical characteristics

The thickness primarily indicates the condition of your braking accessories. It must not be lower than the reference defined by the manufacturers. This is important for the efficiency of the system. The brake disc is called "off-rating" when it reaches a level of wear between 10% and 15% of its initial thickness. You just have to take out your caliper or feel for the measurement. Then take the diameter into account, which varies depending on the vehicle model. This factor is generally between 200 and 350 mm.

What Is A Brake Rotor And What Is It For?

The brake rotor is a component of the braking system, which slows down and stops a vehicle thanks to the friction of its pads. Made of metal, it is located in the center of the device. This part is mounted at the hub of the wheel and rotates at the same time with it.

You just need to press your brake pedal, located in the center of the pedal, between the accelerator and the clutch, to slow down or completely stop the rotation of the wheels. In fact, the kinetic energy exerted by the foot is communicated to the fluid-filled master cylinder, which converts it into hydraulic pressure around the pistons, which allows the pads to be squeezed, which subsequently pinches the brake disc. The whole process of inertia is blocked to cause the vehicle to stop or slow down.

Brake rotors can be designed with different materials, which determine their type, power, and use. A distinction is made between cast iron, steel, carbon, and ceramic discs. The presence of two-component models is also beginning to gain recognition on the market, such as cast-aluminum or carbon-ceramic discs. In this case, the surface of the disc and the fixing bowl are not made with the same materials.

When To Change Your Brake Discs?

The brake disc is usually made of strong and durable materials, which allow it to resist thermal influences in a car. However, it is important to evaluate it from time to time so that it can ensure the safety of the driver as well as his passengers. Despite its endurance, this coin tends to weaken over time. It should also be changed regularly to protect your braking system.

The lifespan of these elements depends on many parameters, namely their component, the weight of the car, the behavior adopted, or the quality of the roads taken. In general, vehicle owners have an interest in having them renewed at each second brake pad change or every 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers depending on the type of vehicle. Some adaptation time is still required. For more precision, you should refer to the recommendations stipulated in the maintenance manual or from the manufacturer.

Your brake rotors may also show some imperfections or wear. Frequent braking, large loads, motorway journeys, or even winding roads easily lead to their degradation. In fact, it is in great demand when the weight has become important and there are many turns.


Finding a new brake rotor for your car, SUV, or van doesn't have to be a tedious process when you know where to look. Each of the brands presented in this article offers a wide range of brake rotor models that allow you to choose the one that is compatible with your vehicle. So, if you have found the right brake rotor in the consumer reports brake rotors reviews, then you can add it to your cart or you can find the suitable model for your vehicle.

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