Do you want to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment, but don’t know where to start? Well, you can begin with using the green, recyclable waste and turning it into black gold, i.e., ‘COMPOST’. If you have a beautiful backyard garden that you have properly maintained using the best self-propelled mower and other gardening tools, then you need compost to ensure optimum growth of plants and vegetation in your garden. As there are so many composters available on the market, it may be hard to find the most suitable one. However, if you can go through reviews of 5 best composter consumer reports, then you will surely be able to determine the best composter for your requirements.

Reviews Of 5 Best Composters

1. VIVOSUN Dual Rotating Batch Tumbling Composter (Best Compost Tumbler)

best composter consumer reports

A notable thing about this composter is that it is designed with two chambers, which gives you the opportunity to compost in batches. You can add fresh organic waste on one side while another side cooks it. This results in an uninterrupted composting process, which gives you healthy compost for your garden. The rotating design of the compost prevents manual digging or mixing the pile. All you need to do is fill the chamber with kitchen scraps and garden clippings, then slide the door to close it and give it a spin every day for a few days.

The composter features deep fins and air vents, which you can adjust as per your requirements to provide good air circulation for a faster breakup and decomposing of clumps in the chamber. A large inflow of air will also plow a significant amount of oxygen into the compost, which results in healthy, finished composed in a matter of a few weeks. As far as the construction of the composter is concerned, then it is made of galvanized steel and durable PP plastic that makes it weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant. You will get a pair of latex rubber gardening gloves in the package, which has 4 durable ABS plastic claws for planting, digging, and other gardening work.

2. FMCP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter (Best Continuous Composter)

best composter consumer reports

Check out this tumbling composter from FMCP, which allows you to make compost without getting into the hassle of manual digging and mixing. You can easily mix the ingredients in this composter, thanks to its tumbling design and after that, you need to close the door followed by turning the chamber half a dozen times a day for a couple of days. You will get the compost in just 2 weeks if the ingredients are properly balanced and the weather conditions are suitable, i.e., hot. The composter is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene, which is BPA-free and UV protected, so it won’t degrade under direct sunlight.

The frame of the composter is made of galvanized steel that makes it corrosion resistant. The tumbling composter is very easy to use, as it features large openings along with a removable door that makes it easier for you to add scraps and clippings. You can easily remove the finished compost as well. There are two separate sides on the composter, one of which can be used to add the ingredients while the other side is used for cooking. Keep swapping the sides and you will get a seamless flow of healthy compost. With a capacity of 37 gallons, you can get enough compost for your small backyard garden.

3. Miracle-Gro Compact Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin (Best Kitchen Compost Bin)

best composter consumer reports

This is a highly compact single chamber compost bin, which you can use in your house despite having space issues. The composter has a capacity of 27.7 gallons or 105 liters, which allows it to perfectly fit your balcony, rooftop garden, patio, or porch. You can easily transform kitchen and garden waste into rich, fertile compost in 4 to 6 weeks, courtesy of the unique aeration system incorporated into this composter. The inclusion of internal mixing bars expedites the decomposition process. With this composter, you don’t have to restrict the composting to a specific season, but you can create compost throughout the year.

The composter features a durable side-locking mechanism, which makes loading and unloading a breeze. The composter is made of food-grade, BPA-free plastic, which comes with UV protection to ensure that it doesn’t fade away after coming in contact with direct sunlight. You will also get a pair of multi-purpose, latex-free gardening gloves with the composter, which is latex-free and offer excellent grip no matter which gardening task you do. These gloves are water-resistant, thus letting you use them for any gardening task.

4. SQUEEZE Master Compost Bin 43 Gallon Outdoor Tumbler Composters

best composter consumer reports

Get this compost bin from Squeeze Master, which makes it easy to create compost at home. The composter comes with air holes that offer excellent air circulation, which is necessary for perfect composting. The composter comes with dual compartments in which, one compartment is used to add the ingredients while the other compartment will make the compost. With a capacity of 43 gallons, you will get a good quantity of compost in a matter of a few weeks. The tumbler design of the composter makes things a lot easier, as you don’t have to turn, dig or mix the ingredients by hand.

Slight rotations of unit 6-7 times a day for a few days will get you perfect compost. The steel frame of the composter gives a sturdy feel to the composter. The composter consists of plastic parts as well, which are made of BPA-free plastic, which is completely safe for your plants. The composter can withstand a weight of up to 352 pounds. The company provides a highly efficient after-sales service, so if anything happens to the product; you can get in touch with the company for the best solution.

5. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

best composter consumer reports

Have a look at this compost bin, which comes with 5 standard trays to place a good amount of ingredients that will turn into compost in a few weeks. You can also add more trays to the compost bin. The unit features a component named ‘M-Board’, which helps increase the airflow to enhance the compost-making efficiency of the composter and saving worms.

The inclusion of a ‘V-board’ in the unit along with a piece of coconut fiber attached to the air-vented lid helps remove foul odor and control moisture. You don’t have to worry about worms invading the bin, liquid tray, and base of the composter, thanks to a pair of shoes included in the unit. You will get an instruction manual along with a starter kit in the package to eliminate the guesswork for operating the unit.

What Are The Different Composting Systems?

There are 3 types of composters available on the market, and which one you should buy depends upon the size of your garden and the space you have (outside, balcony, vegetable garden, lawn).

Tumbler Composter

A tumbler composter allows you to compost quickly and holds between 100 and 150 liters. Due to its low capacity, it can be used in addition to another type of composting, to obtain mature “express” compost.

Its system is reminiscent of the washing machine drum, and it speeds up the composting process because it has good oxygenation and does not have bad odors, which is not negligible.

Compost Barrel

The compost barrel is easy to use but it must be demoldable to obtain the decomposition of the organic waste located at the bottom. The choice of model will also be based on your strength to lift it and then unmold it.

The cover is removable with vents for optimal protection. The recycled plastic that makes up the cover is recommended for its resistance, it must be opaque and dark to attract heat. Holes at the bottom are necessary for water to flow and air to pass, think about the size that should not allow a field mouse, rat, or mole to pass. There are models with an air injector.

Think of the aerator as a metal rod. It should be ventilated weekly by turning 1 quarter and lifting several times. This prevents bad odors.

You can create proper ventilation with a rebar by twisting it at the ends. A vent on the sides is necessary, with a bottom for discharging moisture without passing rodents, and must be able to adhere to the ground to make it stable.

With the composter kit, you will be able to reach 5000 liters, which makes it not just eco-friendly but economical as well.


With the vermicomposter, cultured worms take care of the decomposition of the waste. It can be used indoors or on a balcony for less waste and must be compact.

You have several floors of containers, the number is chosen according to the surface of your garden. It takes 6 months to obtain mature compost. It comes in 2 forms: pasty and liquid. The latter is called worm tea, a tap is necessary to collect the juice.

By diluting it to 10% you obtain fertilizer for potted plants and hanging gardens. A useful tip: once the compost from the last bin has been removed, put the bin back on top, you use all of them and it's more practical.

The expenses can be high because you will have to add the earthworms (or earthworms) and a limed mixture, a humidifier mattress you may need.

Be aware that insulation is very important because exposing compost to extreme temperatures can damage it. Therefore, you can install the best retractable awning in one corner of the garden and keep the composter under it.

How To Choose Your Composter?

Type Of Material

They are available in wood or plastic. You can easily find it on the internet or in supermarkets. Plastic composters come in green or black color and can hold between 400 and 600 liters.

Wood composters are usually made from autoclaved pine and then, treated to resist moisture. It is a better alternative for its resistance to bad weather and its aesthetic side in your garden.

Ventilation System

For any type of composter, it is important to have a good ventilation system, with an opening for the pouring of your waste, and easy access to your mature compost.

How To Use Your Compost Bin?

Compost is very useful, as it acts as a natural fertilizer to prepare your soil after winter has passed. It will help nourish your plantings in the spring. A successful compost is dark and smells like peat or soil.

You can choose to make a heap of compost, but then, you will have to save it from the birds who will come to peck. Moreover, the compost will not be immune to climate change, so keeping it unused will only damage it.

Green waste that can be used to make compost:

  • Peelings and leftover washed fruits and vegetables
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds and paper filter
  • The bread
  • The flowers once faded
  • Weeds without chemical treatment and not carrying seeds, untreated garden waste, non-diseased plants
  • Tea and infusion bags (be careful, remember to remove the clip)
  • Ashes (you can also use the ashes to make your homemade laundry).

Waste to avoid:

  • Citrus peels
  • The fish and the bones
  • Dairy products
  • Diseased plants
  • Seed-bearing weeds
  • Food oil and fat
  • Charcoal ash (after a barbecue)
  • Vacuum cleaner dust
  • The clay cat litter

Summing Up

Building a perfect compost can take time and several efforts, but if you have an efficient composter at home, then you have a much better chance of making a perfect compost, which can be used to nourish the plantings in your garden. If you have checked reviews of the best composter consumer reports, then you can place your order and start making compost today. Don’t waste the green waste when it can be used to create this ‘black gold’.