For those who have obstructive sleep apnea, the best way of treatment is to put a CPAP machine on the mouth in order to get a constant and steady air pressure. CPAP itself means Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, so putting it on the mouth while sleeping is going to ensure that you don’t have any trouble breathing. A number of people find difficulties while sleeping such as dry mouth, stuffy nose, and trouble falling asleep etc. When it comes to the design of a CPAP machine, then it consists of a hose and mask or nosepiece, which will provide a constant flow of air throughout their sleeping time. Check out the best CPAP cleaner reviews by consumer reports below and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Reviews Of 5 Best CPAP Cleaners

1. SoClean CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

best CPAP Cleaner Reviews

When it comes to CPAP Cleaner, SoClean is arguably the best in the business. This machine is a fine example of the greatness that SoClean adds to its products. One of the highlighting features of the machine is the cleaning itself, which is not done by water, but through the ozone. Your CPAP will not just be cleaned, but sanitized as well. This also ensures that CPAP is cleaned up to the maximum level.

The quality and performance of this cleaner can be found out from the fact that this cleaner is tested in independent labs, patented by the company and registered by FDA. Once you put your facemask and hose inside the cleaner, it will be cleaned within 30 minutes. The main component used in the cleaning of your CPAP is naturally activated oxygen.

There is no need to set up anything, just place the mask and close the lid. The cleaner weighs 5.6 pounds, so you can move the machine anywhere as per your choice. This CPAP cleaner destroys 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and other dangerous microorganisms from the hose, mask and reservoir. There is no need to disassemble anything or use harmful chemicals. The machine is sufficient for all kinds of masks, from nasal to full-face masks.

2. SoClean 2 With ResMed AirSense 10 Adapter

best CPAP Cleaner Reviews

This is another incredible product that is rated high in SoClean reviews consumer reports. A combination of CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is what you need and fortunately, this is what you are getting in this machine. The product is fully capable of cleaning the CPAP cleaner, and if the words of the manufacturer are to believe, then this machine will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and other dangerous microorganisms from the hose, mask and reservoir.

The machine is FDA registered and is 100% safe to use. The cleaning process will be carried out using activated oxygen or ozone, which is highly efficient in sanitizing and disinfecting your entire CPAP system. You will not find any issue using this machine because the machine does everything automatically. This can be a great option if you are serious about cleaning your CPAP cleaner.

3. SoClean 2 + ResMed AirSense 9 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

best CPAP Cleaner Reviews

The package consists of two products, which are, SoClean and ResMed S9 Adapter. This CPAP cleaner is fast, effective and completely safe, which is why so many SoClean reviews consumer report have praised and applauded this particular model.    The device makes use of activated oxygen to clean and disinfect the facemask. A very safe CPAP cleaner, this SoClean is arguably the healthiest way to breathe cleaner. The cleaning of the facemask is done using activated oxygen, which is a natural and safe way of cleaning the facemask.

You just need to place the mask inside the machine, close the lid and wait. The machine accommodates all kinds of masks except full-faced masks that cover the entire face. Moreover, the machine weighs just 5.6 lbs, thus making it easier for you to carry it along without much effort. You will get two products in the package, SoClean, and ResMed S9. If you are using ResMed S9, then you can make use of it.

The performance of this device can be discerned from the fact it destroys 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and other dangerous microorganisms from the hose, mask and reservoir in a natural and safe manner without using any chemicals or water for that matter. The machine needs no setup, so you can use the mask during the night, then place it inside the machine to get it cleaned in a comprehensive manner.

4. VirtuClean CPAP & Mask Automatic Clean Value Pack

best CPAP Cleaner Reviews

VirtuClean is another top brand that makes sleek and elegant CPAP cleaner. If you are looking for a waterless CPAP cleaning, then this could be one of the options worth paying attention to. The cleaning is carried out automatically with ozone or oxygen in 30 minutes. Moreover, this is among the lightest automated CPAP cleaning machines, weighing around 3 lbs. The machine uses Li-ion batteries to operate, which can be recharged once exhausted.

With this PAP cleaner at your disposal, you can disinfect your CPAP/Bi-level device along with the equipment easily and effectively. The activated oxygen, which is used as a cleaning agent comes with a 10-year warranty, so if anything happens to it, then you can always get the repair or replacement work done for free.

Whereas Li-ion battery comes with an 18-month warranty. You can get rid of germs and bacteria to about 99.9 percent in a matter of 30 minutes. On a fully charged battery, the machine can operate for 2 hours non-stop.

5. VirtuClean CPAP Equipment & Mask Clean

best CPAP Cleaner

This is another waterless PAP cleaner that makes use of ozone or activated oxygen to kill germs, bacteria, and pathogens that are present in the mask, hose, and reservoir within 30 minutes. Having a weight of around ½ pounds makes this cleaner the lightest in the group. Moreover, it sports a rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts up to a couple of hours. The battery has a life of around 10 years and comes with an 18-month warranty. To operate the machine, you just need to clip the machine onto the tube at your desired position followed by sliding into the wall mount.

To take the CPAP out, unclip it or slide it in an upward direction. The machine comes with tubing hooks, which you can use to hang the mask when not in use. Those hooks are attached with adhesive strips that you can easily remove. Moreover, those strips are replaceable as well just in case, the current strips are damaged. This cleaner requires no maintenance, nothing of that sort, thus turning into an economical choice for cleaning CPAP.

What Can Happen If Your CPAP Is Not Clean?

CPAP equipment has to remain clean before use otherwise; it will lead to all sorts of health-related issues. Three main components in a CPAP equipment need to be cleaned on a daily basis, which is, mask, tubing and water chamber. You can clean these components with hot water and a liquid dish soap. Along with that, you need to replace the equipment’s filter every 2-4 weeks. Use distilled water in the water chamber to reduce the risk of germ infection.

Cleaning of the equipment is of paramount importance or else it will put your health at great risk.

  • Germs can accumulate in the tubing.
  • Minerals deposits within the water chamber.
  • In humid environments, the mold may grow in the water chamber.
  • Presence of mucus in the mask.
  • Equipment will appear unhygienic.
  • Foul smells in the equipment.

Don’t risk your health by ignoring the equipment maintenance. You have to clean the CPAP cleaner on a regular basis in order to prolong its use and safeguard your health.

What About Cleaning CPAP Cleaner?

It is obvious that a machine that is responsible for cleaning CPAP will itself get dirty after a certain time. So, it becomes important for you to clean your CPAP cleaner because only a clean CPAP cleaner can ensure a usable CPAP equipment. While it is recommended to clean the machine on a daily basis, but if you can’t do it daily, then at least make a habit of doing it weekly.

It won’t take too long, plus you will ensure that your health is not in jeopardy due to your lazy attitude. If your CPAP machine constitutes a humidifier, then you will have to empty the water present in it on a daily basis. Once you’ve done that, you can refill the humidifier tank with distilled and clean water. Proper maintenance of the CPAP equipment and cleaner will guarantee you sound sleep every single day.

Summing Up

Even if you choose to buy one of the aforementioned CPAP cleaners by going through best CPAP cleaner reviews by consumer reports, your aim to get a sound sleep is not accomplished because you have to make sure that the CPAP machine is regularly cleaned. You are placing that CAP equipment on your mouth, so it is obvious that you don’t want to put something on your mouth that is filled with dirt and all sorts of filth.

So, make a habit of cleaning your CPAP cleaner daily. If daily cleaning isn’t possible for some reason, then make sure to clean the CPAP cleaner weekly. This will protect the machine and CPAP equipment from dust, bacteria, germs and other pathogens.