A digital piano is an electronic instrument, which is equipped with 88 keys and reproduces the sound of an acoustic piano, courtesy of an electronic system. A digital piano requires a power supply to operate. The advantage of a digital piano compared to an acoustic piano is that it does not go out of tune; you can plug it into a desktop computer, move it more easily and connect it to headphones to play at any time without annoying the neighbors.

With so many models being offered by the various manufacturers, it is really difficult to choose the best digital piano. Indeed, the different instruments will have very varied characteristics, which will have to meet a specific objective. Before choosing your digital piano, it is important to ask yourself for what purpose you are going to use your digital piano: for purely fun use? For a classic apprenticeship? If you are clear in your head as to what you need to do with a digital piano, then just go through the reviews of consumer reports best digital piano comprising of 10 top products available on the market.

Reviews Of 10 Best Digital Pianos

1. YAMAHA P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano (Best Digital Piano With Weighted Keys)

consumer reports best digital piano

Yamaha P71B can be a perfect home digital piano for learning, creating, and rehearsing. This is a full-sized piano, which has full weighted keys along with premium piano voices to let a user have a realistic sound and feel while keeping a modest footprint in the house. The GHS weighted action has a lighter touch in the high end and heavier touch in the low end just like hammers inside an acoustic piano. Another notable feature in this digital piano is the change of settings, which can be done with a single button.

Just press and hold the ‘Grand Piano/Function’ button and press selected keys for changing voices, configure the metronome and play demo sources, etc. The piano incorporates Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling, which makes use of digital technology to record the sound of an acoustic piano. You will get a richer, deeper, and more refined sound, as the two microphones capture pairs of waveforms. The piano uses AWM to play one sample per key at different levels of timbre and volume.

2. Yamaha PSR-E363 Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard (Best Keyboards For Beginners)

consumer reports best digital piano

Another top-selling digital piano from Yamaha, PSR-E363 is a perfect unit for beginners. The piano has got touch-sensitive keys, which can give louder tones when played heavily or quieter sounds when played softly. The keyboard accurately reflects all the nuances of your playing. This digital piano comes with a large library of 574 instrument voices, which allows you to play any musical genre. The piano also boasts 165 auto-accompaniment styles, which offer real-time band backing tracks premised upon the chords you play. If you wish to play the piano with your partner, then there is a provision for that, which is called ‘Duo Mode’. You can create two middle C notes and enjoy playing the piano together.

3. Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano Keyboard

consumer reports best digital piano

This is another incredible digital piano, which can be used by both beginners and experts. It comes with 12 professionally crafted voices along with powerful features to educate pianists about the intricacies of the piano. It features 88 premium full-sized hammer-action keys with a fully adjustable touch response to match your playing style. With this keyboard comes stereo outputs, stereo headphone output, 20-watt speakers, and pedal input.

You can connect an amplifier, mixer, stereo receiver, or any other sound system to the stereo outputs given in the piano. You can also take benefit of the educational features incorporated into this keyboard, which include standard, layer, split, record, and lesson modes with built-in FX (reverb, chorus, and modulation) and 128-note Max polyphony. The package also includes a 3-month premium subscription of Skoove for learning interactive piano lessons online.

4. Roland FP-30 88-Key Portable Digital Keyboard (Best Intermediate Digital Piano)

consumer reports best digital piano

Roland FP-30 is a portable digital piano, which delivers a rich and responsive tone. The keyboard has a total of 88 notes, which combine with an authentic piano touch to offer maximum expression. The keyboard features stereo speakers along with a powerful amplifier, which delivers amazing sound. The piano features quiet keyboard action along with a port to connect your noise cancelling headphones so that you can enjoy playing the piano without disturbing others.

With this piano, you will get a three-pedal unit, which apart from providing a classic look offers a much better functionality as well. You will also like the inclusion of a hands-free page turning with a few sheet music apps. The piano also boasts dual-split modes along with a wide array of non-piano sounds that expand your musical experience. With twin piano mode, a student and his/her teacher can play the piano side by side in the same octave ranges.

The piano isn’t that big nor does it weigh too much, hence allowing easy mobility from one place to another. You can connect the piano to your smartphone or tablet, thanks to built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity. An SMF recorder is provided on the piano for capturing songs that you play, which then you can save by connecting a USB flash drive.

5. Donner DDP-100 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

consumer reports best digital piano

If you are looking for an affordable digital piano, then Donner DDP-100 is a great option for you. This particular keyboard is ideal for beginners and people who wish to buy a console piano but don’t want to spend extravagantly. Despite being an affordable unit, this piano is packed with many world-class features, which of course concert pianists will find trivial, but will attract those who are specifically looking for an affordable alternative to an acoustic piano.

Sporting a sturdy MDF frame, this piano is going to last for years. The piano comes with 128-note polyphony to help you play complex melodies with ease. Fully weighted keys of the piano will produce rich and immersive sound. The piano comes with aux-in and audio-out ports as well, thus letting you connect headphones and other devices easily. The inclusion of three pedals making playing the piano a lot easier.

6. RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano With Full-Size Semi-Weighted Keys

consumer reports best digital piano

RockJam Digital Piano is an 88-key keyboard, which has semi-weighted keys. The piano is apt in adjusting to the playing style of anybody, thanks to its velocity-sensitive feature and adjustable touch responses. The keyboard features a couple of 12-watt speakers, which offer a powerful sound. Despite sporting a classic look, the piano is packed with cutting-edge features, which anyone would find intriguing. The piano is equipped with 10 built-in voices, 10 songs, and 10 metronome settings. You can get complete control of this electric piano with features like split mode, metronome, reverb functions, and lesson mode.

The piano features an LED light display, which alerts the player about the function in use. The keyboard’s body has a stylish touch display, which is fully functional. You can connect your headphones or a USB drive to record the music you play on the piano. Plug in the pedals to customize the desired voices and tones in the music output. The piano also comes with 30 different songs, ranging from classical to pop and rock along with a music sheet stand to read the music while playing it on the piano.

7. Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

consumer reports best digital piano

If being a pianist is your dream, and you wish to learn to play piano, then you should opt for a digital piano like Kawai ES110, which has got all the features but is not at all expensive. While it is available at an affordable price, the digital piano doesn’t look cheap at all. On the contrary, you will get a premium feel upon seeing and touching this product. The piano is equipped with ‘Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology’, which delivers brilliant sound quality. You will also find ‘Hammer Action Technology’ in this piano, which puts it at par with premium piano models available on the market. If you are starting your piano learning venture, then Kawai ES110 is your best bet.

8. LAGRIMA LAG-590 88 Full Weighted Hammer Heavy Action Key Digital Piano

consumer reports best digital piano

Lagrima LAG-590 is an 88-key digital piano, which has fully weighted hammer action keys, which are lighter in the high end and heavier in the low end, hence simulating the feel of an acoustic piano. The piano features a durable pedal, thanks to the pedal protection, thus preventing the pedal from breaking or getting damaged.

The piano incorporates a wide range of functions such as teaching function, metronome function, split/touch control function, playback function, sound recording control, multi-tone selection, sound volume adjustment, and many more to let you play melodious sounds. If you wish to connect the piano with your smartphone or tablet, then it can be done by connecting the device to USB/MIDI terminal. The piano is packed with an LCD screen, built-in stereo speakers, 80 demo songs, 200 rhythms, 128 polyphony, dual, 960 tones, and 3 pedal system.

9. Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

consumer reports best digital piano

Casio is a name we are all familiar with, and this model is very popular. It also has 88 weighted keys, which makes it one of the most promising digital pianos on the market. Each of the 88 keys in the piano enhances your finger strength, which in turn allows you to easily switch to the acoustic grand piano with less constraint. You will really like the touch and feel of the keys, as they are made of simulated ebony with an ivory finish. You can expect realistic performance from this piano, thanks to the ‘Tri-Sensor Hammer Action’ keyboard.

The piano also incorporates a ‘Sound Projection system’, which is combined with Volume Sync EQ to guarantee excellent sound quality in a balanced volume. You also have the option to record your performance, courtesy of USB and MIDI recorder. You will also enjoy a large music library in the piano, which has 60 songs to facilitate the user during their practice sessions. You can customize the pitch range as well, thanks to the inclusion of Duet mode and headphone mode. If you wish to improve your musical skill, then that can be easily done using the ‘Concert Play’ option. The addition of 40-watt speakers in the piano lets you enjoy loud and clear sounds at will.

10. Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

consumer reports best digital piano

It is neither easy nor cheap to learn to play the piano, but you can change all that by investing in Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano, which is an 88-key keyboard, which allows aspiring pianists good practice. Although the piano lacks realistic feeling as some of the other electric pianos are capable of delivering, it is still a great product, considering the price point it is available at. The piano lacks graded hammer action, but it has a semi-weighted option along with touch responsiveness.

The piano can mimic an acoustic piano through its ‘touch-sensitive’ option. The piano can work on an AC adapter as well as batteries. You can insert 6 D-cell batteries to operate the unit. The piano also features a two 20-watt speaker system, which is quite powerful. You will also like the inclusion of reverb and chorus effects in the piano that allow you to alter the onboard voices and sounds. Getting this piano will give you free access to Skoove learning software for a limited period.

Summing Up

Learning piano is fun, exciting and can get you monetary benefits if you become an expert at it. But, to learn the intricacies of the piano, you must have at your disposal. For that, you can choose a piano from the list of consumer reports best digital piano reviews. You are not going to find a better product from what you see on the list, so just pick a piano from the list and place an order today.