Being a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your pets and for that, you don’t just have to put a leash on them but do something else, which is a lot more comfortable for them. I’m referring to having a dog door installed into the main door of your house or some other place where the pets usually get in and out of the house. Buying a dog door can be a tricky task, as there is so much variety available on the market. But, don’t you worry about it, as you have got a great list of 10 best dog doors along with unbiased dog door reviews consumer reports. Such information lets you easily identify the right product for your pets.

Reviews Of 10 Best Dog Doors Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

best dog door reviews consumer report

If you are not interested in cutting your wooden door to have a door for your dog, then you have got a great option. PetSafe Freedom Aluminium Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door is ideal for those who like to have a dog door, which isn’t permanent and can be easily detached. Made with weather-resistant aluminum along with shatter-resistant glass, you will find it fitting into most sliding glass door tracks.

This incredible dog door comes with a magnetic closure along with a slide-in closing panel, which if closed will not let anybody sneak into your house until you open the door. The panel is available in two different heights, whereas the lower dog door component comes in four different sizes. Installing this unit is extremely easy, as you don’t have to cut or assemble anything. The only drawback of the unit is that it isn’t insulated, so the winters can be a bit heavy on your pocket because of the high energy consumption of the unit.

2. PetSafe PAC11-11039 Dog and Cat Door Replacement Flap

best dog door reviews consumer report

Do you lack the necessary skills to install a dog door, yet want to install the best one? Then, you should look at PetSafe Pac11-11039 Cat & Dog Door Replacement Flap, which is easy to install and use. The door has a watertight magnetic closure, which doesn’t let any liquid to pass through the door, especially the dog door. A highly versatile dog door, you can use accessories and equipment of many different brands with it such as patio panels, doors, and wall entries, etc. With an adjustable flap, the door can accommodate dogs and cats of any size and shape.

You will find two flaps in the door, one for the interior and another for the exterior. A well-insulated product, it won’t let the air and other external interferences to sneak into your house. In case, any part or component of the dog door wears out, then you can easily replace it. This dog door won’t burn a hole in your pocket because of its energy efficiency. Coming to the shortcomings of the product, then it’s the inability of the dog door to contain strong dogs and the susceptibility to damages and impacts can’t certainly be ignored.   

3. Pets Deluxe Aluminum Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

best dog door reviews consumer report

This is not just any pet door, but this product is easy to install, with its frame can be easily adjusted, thanks to the telescopic frame. The frame of the door is made up of aluminum instead of plastic, which makes it more durable. With the slide-in locking security feature, you can rest assured of the safety of your rambunctious dogs. At the bottom of the door, you will see a polyvinyl flap, which is combined with a magnetic strip to restrict the flow of air. The only drawback of this polyvinyl flap is its inability to withstand frigid weather or moisture. For that, you will have to seal the frame. However, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty, which you can use just in case you come across any issue with the door.

4. BarksBar Plastic Dog Door With Vinyl Flap

best dog door reviews consumer report

This is another dog door, which comes with an aluminum lining along with a telescopic frame, so installing this door won’t be difficult at all. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the frame to fit your space. Installing the dog door is a one-man job and can be done within 25 minutes. The inclusion of an aluminum lining makes the dog door protected against wear and tear. Then, you will find a self-locking thermoplastic panel in the dog door, which you can slide to restrict the access of your pet. It will also ensure that harsh weather conditions and pests don’t damage your house. The dog door also features a durable vinyl flap, which keeps the unit safe from warping and tear. In case, the flap tears, then you can get a new one from the company at a highly affordable price.

5. OWNPETS Automatic Lockable Pet Screen Door for Small Dogs

best dog door reviews consumer report

Check out this unique dog door, which gets installed into the window screen or screen door. If you live in a tropical region, then this product will be of great use to you, as it offers an easy way for pets to move in or out, but without letting the bugs sneak into the house. With this dog door, you will receive installation screws along with an instruction manual to help you install the door yourself. You just need to attach the door onto the window screen with the help of a hammer to push the screws through the mesh. You can cut out the screen from the inside frame using a razor frame to fit the door perfectly into the window screen. The presence of magnetic closure bars insects from getting in your house, so you don’t have to buy a bed bug spray. The product is perfect to be used in the summer season, but owners can continue using it in other seasons as well.

6. PETLESO Dog Door Screen

best dog door reviews consumer report

Most people don’t need a large dog door, and if you too are among those people, then I’ve got a great product for you in PETLESO Dog Door Screen. This product is ideal for puppies, but the company has made arrangements in the door that lets you adjust its size to fit any door or window. The dog door features an anti-scratch mesh, which allows a decent amount of fresh air, but without getting harmed by the scratches from the paws of cats and dogs. The inclusion of a sliding lock prevents outsiders see your pets who are inside the house. Then, there are magnetic closures, which lets the doors seal tightly, thus making your dog enter and exit the home unhindered. The dog door is resistant to damages and impacts, which is something that all of us want to have in the dog door. The product operates automatically and without any human effort. Moreover, the dog door pairs with all sliding doors and screens.

7. PERFECT PET The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door 

best dog door reviews consumer report

Now, this is an all-weather pet door, which is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the pet door according to your requirements. The pet door features dual vinyl flaps, which make the pet door sturdier, but at the same time offer better insulation as well by creating air pockets. The inclusion of two-door flaps makes the pet door ideal for any weather. Moreover, it won’t add too much to your power bills, thanks to its energy-efficient operation. The pet door incorporates a frame telescope, which makes adjusting the pet door a breeze. Being properly insulated, the pet door also keeps away the rainwater and moisture, thanks to the double magnetic flaps. The only downside of the unit is the presence of multiple flaps, which scare some dogs.

8. Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door Cat Flap

best dog door reviews consumer report

This is a premium product, which comes with an aluminum frame with a Lexan flap installed to keep the door closed when not in use. The company has used a lockable 4-way Lexan flap, which is way better than any other flap used in the dog doors. Then, you will find a tempered glass panel for added safety for the pets. Moreover, the glass panel will also keep the door safe and in working condition no matter how the weather is. The door can be installed on any window screen and screen door, but make sure it has a thickness of 15/16 inches. You must measure the window track width before ordering this product, as the panel needs a window track width between 19 and 24 inches. You will not find any issue installing this dog door, thanks to the instruction manual that comes along with it. The inclusion of a draft stopper is useful, as it prevents the door from drafting.

9. PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog and Cat Door 

best dog door reviews consumer report

The last product on the list is PetSafe New Wall Entry Cat & Dog Door, which is great for homes where it is not possible to install a dog door to entry or the side door. You can easily install this dog door into different types of materials such as brick, stucco, wood, and the majority of siding. You will get with the product, a cut-out template, and an easy-to-understand instruction manual. The inclusion of a telescoping tunnel makes installation into thick walls a lot easier. The door can be installed in the walls with a thickness of between 4.75 inches and 7.25 inches.

The company provides extension kits to extend the height of the dog door, but it is sold separately. Sporting a double flap design protects the door from harsh weather conditions and makes the unit energy efficient. The dog door features a durable PVC plastic frame beside a flap that can ward off UV rays from entering through the door. This is a perfectly insulated unit, thanks to the sliding closing panel, thus letting you control the access of the pet through the door. This is a spacious door, which can allow easy access for pets up to 100 lbs. As far as the aftersales support is concerned, then that is even great since you have opted for a US-based product.

10. Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

best dog door reviews consumer report

Have a look at this pet door, which is beautiful and packed with many amazing features. The door is available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and XL. Moreover, the company offers different color options to choose from as well, like tan, black, and white. So, you can select the door size and color that suits your pet and the aesthetics of your home. This pet door can be easily wall-mounted, be it any wall type. It is also compatible with different wall materials such as stucco and siding, etc.

A security lock is also added into the pet door to keep the pests out of the door. You can also buy a mosquito trap and place it near the dog door to immediately kill the mosquitoes and other bugs entering your house. Moreover, the pet door is insulated and environmentally friendly, which many pet doors aren’t. All these features are not coming for free, but the company is charging a heavy price on the product, so if you have a budget for this pet door, then you can buy it, otherwise, I have many more dog doors for you to look at.


Having a dog door is of paramount importance for ensuring the safety of your pets. But, then you need to pay attention to the size and shape of the door, whether it will be installed into the door or window where the pet usually enters and leave the house. Moreover, you have to check whether the dog door is spacious enough to let the pet pass through easily. I have reviewed 10 different products in the best dog door reviews consumer reports. You will be able to discern the most suitable dog door for your pet.

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