'A dog is man’s best friend’ is not just a saying, but it is a fact. Dogs are indeed men’s best friends, which is why we all love petting dogs more than any other animal. Since dogs are also living beings, they need food to survive and live a healthy life. Fortunately, dogs are living in a world, where they can get hold of the best dog foods with ease.

However, that can only happen if the owners know where to look for the best dog food. If you have a dog in your house that you consider as a part of your family, which to be honest, everybody does, then you should get your tail wager the best dog food that is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber. To know more about such foods, you will have to go through best dog food reviews by consumer reports in which I have discussed five best dog foods that are available on the market.

Reviews Of 5 Best Dog Foods

1. Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food Reviews

When it comes to dog food, the name of ‘Taste of the Wild’ instil confidence in the customers because the company has always made high-quality dog food. The one I’m reviewing is loaded with chicken, roasted bison, real buffalo, venison and sweet potatoes.

Needless to say, but these ingredients will fulfill nutrients related requirements of dogs in the most suitable way. An assortment of lean meats is always good for active breeds, and if you’ve got one, then you should definitely consider this product. Dogs will develop strong muscles and you will feel a sense of activeness in the dog after you feed it with this incredible dog food.

Besides lean meats, the recipe includes a blend of wholesome vegetables and healthy fruits, which is exactly what the dog would eat in the wild. This recipe is healthy and safe for dogs as it is made with patented K9 strain probiotic mixture to promote digestive health.

2. ACANA Heritage Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food Reviews

If you love your dog and want it to have something healthy and nutritious every day, then you should consider getting Grain-Free Dry Dog Food by ACANA. The company has made a protein-enriched recipe that includes 60 percent beef, lamb and pork in the form of tripe and liver. The other 40 percent features fruits, vegetables, botanicals plus zinc proteinate to ensure immunity and overall health of the dog. The kibble has been infused with freeze-dried tripe and liver for palatability.

3. Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Food (Dry)

Best Dog Food Reviews

Taking care of pets is not cheap; let it be a dog or a cat, as there are many things, which you need to take care of. If you pet a dog and looking for economical dog food, which is healthy and delicious as well, then you can go for this incredible dry dog food by Chicken Soup for the Soul. As far as the main ingredients of this recipe are concerned, then you’ll find real chicken and turkey.

Along with the incredible combination of chicken and turkey, the recipe includes barley, peas and brown rice, which are rich in complex carbohydrates. This is a fiber-based formula that includes dried chicory root and a host of antioxidant-rich fruits. Your dog is going to love this recipe, and you take a sigh of relief, as it didn’t cost you a bomb.

4. Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food Reviews

Nutro is a popular name in the US when it comes to dog food, reason being, the quality of food that they add in the recipes. Take Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food for example; it consists of farm-raised chicken as its main ingredient. Dogs benefit a lot by consuming diets that incorporate real chicken. Real chicken delivers amino acids to dogs that help them build muscles and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Besides real chicken, this recipe also contains whole grains, which are necessary for dogs in building a healthy digestive system. With a properly functioning digestive system, dogs will be able to absorb all the vital nutrients. The recipe contains whole oatmeal, which contains a high amount of soluble fiber that is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Along with that, the recipe is filled with antioxidants such as vitamin E, which ensures a healthy immune system and new cells generation. Everything added to the recipe is natural and safe for dogs. No harmful preservatives, flavors or colors have been used in the recipe, so you can give this dog food to your beloved dog every day.

5. Natural Balance Original Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food Reviews

Natural Balance is another company that is known for making 100% natural and safe dog food. The dog food in discussion uses chicken as its main ingredient. This dry kibble is a perfect balance of premium proteins and useful nutrients created by experienced and expert nutritionists. You will be surprised to see manganese and zinc in the recipe formula, but the reason why both elements are included in the recipe is to ensure good hip and joint health of the dog. The recipe also includes antioxidant nutrients from spinach, blueberries, and cranberries. For proper digestion, oatmeal has been added, which is known for maintaining proper digestion.

Prerequisites For Buying The Best Dog Food

As you must have known by now, the dog food can’t be any food, but it must be in accordance with the breed of the dog and its physical activities. Moreover, a variety must be kept in terms of what is fed to the dog every day, as you can’t feed the same type of food over and over again. Let’s delve into the prerequisites that you will have to keep in mind when buying food for your dog.

Diet Of Your Dog

You need to pay attention to the diet of your dog. Let’s take puppies, for example, you will have to buy calorie-rich foods for them, as they need those calories to grow big. As far as adult dogs are concerned, you can stick to a low-calorie diet, especially when the dog is overweight.

For active dogs, you can stick to a high-fiber diet as that will suit them more than any other type of food. If your dog is in the large leg of its life, then you will have to be very precise as to what is fed to the dog. You can offer the dog food that is low in fat and consists of glucosamine. Sometimes, dogs are given prescription diets as well, especially when they suffer from ailments.

Read The Labels

While checking different dog food bags, you must pay attention to the labels, as many dog food brands claim natural, nutritious and organic food, which turn out to be opposite when checked in laboratories. Only rely on the reputed names because the reputed brands have built their reputation by offering quality products time after time. A quality dog food contains more amount of chicken, fish, lamb or fish along with rice or wheat in order to keep the amount of fiber and protein in dogs at an optimum value.

Dry Or Wet Dog Food

Well, this parameter, in my opinion, depends upon the personal preference of the dog, as to which type of food it likes. If your dog likes wet or kibble food, then you should serve your dog more of wet food and similarly in the case of dry food.

As far as the opinion of Vets, dry food is better for dogs as it maintains their dental health. Dry food will also lead to hard and compact droppings, which are easier to clean. Moreover, dry food is cheaper than wet food. However, that doesn’t mean the wet food is harmful to dogs. If a dog is suffering from digestive problems or diabetes, then wet food will be a better choice than dry food.


As dog food comes sealed in bags, so it is obvious that the manufacturers must have used some preservatives to ensure the quality and freshness of the food. But, as we all know that preservatives are not good for health, let it our health or the health of our pets. So, you must check as to what preservatives have been used by the company. If it is tocopherols and ascorbic acid, then that’s good because these are natural preservatives, which will keep the food fresh but won’t affect your dog’s health.

Final Verdict

As one dog lover to another, I would suggest you pay attention to every minute detail while buying dog food because if you select dog food, which is not good for your dog’s health, then you may regret it later on. So, be attentive when buying dog food and if possible, go through best dog food reviews consumer reports because I have picked top five dog foods that are bought by the majority of dog owners. Therefore, you can take a thorough look at each of the products and choose the one that you think would suit your dog the best.