As the temperature begins to fall, people start adjusting the thermostat to remain warm inside their homes. But, is that the best they can do? The answer is NO, as there are many other things that can be done to be comfortable in cold winter nights. In the US, different types of power sources are used to keep the premises warm in winters, such as electricity, propane, natural gas, and heating oil. Using these power sources for a long duration could result in high power bills. The best way to counter the winter chill and high power bills is by getting an electric blanket because if you use it for 8 hours a day, 2 months a year, the electricity consumption will not be more than $10. However, that is only possible if you invest in a top-quality electric blanket. To help you with your quest for the best electric blanket, check out the reviews of the 5 best electric blanket consumer reports.

Reviews Of 5 Best Electric Blankets

1. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad - Best Electric Blanket In 2021

best electric blanket reviews

Sometimes while lying on the couch, watching TV, we feel cold, especially our feet. At that time, I’m sure you would appreciate if someone puts on an electric blanket over you. I mean the feeling is great because you feel cozy and comfortable right after being covered with a blanket. This Sunbeam Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket fits that description perfectly. I really like the material used by the company in the blanket because it is soft, and gets softer after being washed.

When it comes to the controller through which the blanket is heated, then it comprises of a simple dial using which, you can choose the heat setting, i.e., low, medium and high. The company has taken full care of the safety aspect, which is why you will find the controller turning off automatically after running for 3 hours. You will get a 5-year warranty on the product just in case something goes wrong. Overall, a decent electric blanket, but very popular on e-commerce portals. Available in six vibrant colors, so pick the one you like the most.

2. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket Reviews

best electric blanket reviews

The popularity of Sunbeam can be determined from the fact that we have got yet another Sunbeam heated blanket on the list. This is a micro plush electric blanket, which is extremely soft and fluffy. This electric blanket can be used as an accessory for your bed beside a mattress, bedsheet, and pillows. The blanket is available in different sizes and colors, Moreover; the blanket blends in perfectly with any décor.

This blanket gives you the ability to get warm quickly, courtesy of the preheat feature. Using this feature, you can get the blanket cozy and comfortable before you slip in between it. In case, you fall asleep with the blanket on, then there is nothing to worry, as the blanket sports an auto-off function. The blanket is going to shut off automatically after 10 hours of operation. This blanket is available in different sizes and colors, so if you choose a king size or queen size blanket, then you will get two controllers through which you can choose from 10 heat settings on either side of the electric blanket. This gives you and your partner the freedom to choose the appropriate heat setting.

3. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

best electric blanket reviews

If two ‘Sunbeam’ blankets weren’t enough to convince you regarding the quality of the brand, then we have got one more. This is also a ‘best-seller’ on various online shopping portals. If you are not interested in buying an electric blanket that is made with expensive micro plush, then you can opt for a fleece material, which is also good, and this electric blanket sports it. You will not be able to identify the difference in the coziness of fleece material and micro plush.

This electric blanket also comes with 10 heat settings, which you can control using a simple round dial. Moreover, you don’t have to set an alarm in order to shut off the controller of the blanket. That will be done automatically by the mechanism that is installed in the unit. The king and queen sized electric blankets have heat settings, which means, if you are sleeping with your partner, then you and him/her can set different heat settings at a time. The blanket on your side will heat up as per your chosen setting and similarly in the case of your partner. This is a perfect blanket when it comes to saving money and providing the best comfort. If you have a comfortable mattress as well, then the comfort increases multiple times.

4. Softheat Blanket By Perfect Fit

best electric blanket reviews

This is another top-quality electric blanket, which people are buying as if it is being sold for free. However, the reason for its high selling rate is the quality of material that is used in it, which happens to be micro-plush. This is an extremely soft material, which is also easier to clean. The blanket dons a beautiful trip-rib design that will definitely add to your bedroom décor. Apart from that, the blanket features 10 custom settings from which, you can as per your comfort level. Moreover, the controller shuts off automatically after 10 hours, so that you don’t have to get up from sleep to do the same. The only drawback of this electric blanket is the use of plastic in the inner layer of the blanket, which may be stifling if you are not a fan of a toasty bed. Rest everything is good, as you can clean the blanket in a washing machine and dried in a dryer.

5. Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

best electric blanket reviews

If it gets freezing at night in your city, then you can invest in this incredible micro plush Sherpa electric heated blanket by Biddeford. The blanket comes in various sizes and colors, and if you want to put your money on the king and queen sized blanket, then you will get two controllers to control the heat settings independently. Just like the previously discussed electric blankets, this blanket too shuts-off automatically after 10 hours of operation. Despite being a lightweight blanket, it will keep you warm and comfortable. The use of micro-plush fabric makes the blanket extremely soft, which is complemented with a fluffy Sherpa lining. To see the heat setting, there is an LCD display given on the controller, which lets you see the setting in the middle of the night. Overall, a brilliant electric blanket that can definitely be considered.

How Do Electric Heated Blankets Work?

Electric blankets incorporate insulated wires or heating elements, which are properly inserted into the fabric of the blankets to heat them up. Between the blanket and the plug, a temperature control unit is installed, which could be a thermostat as well. This control unit controls the amount of electricity that runs through the insulated wirings in order to allow the users to adjust the temperature according to their comfort level. Some electric blankets that are sold these days are equipped with carbon fiber wires, which significantly reduce the weight of the blankets. Electric blankets that are being sold today are smart, which means, they will control the temperature and time on their own. You don’t have to meddle in their operation; just set the heat setting and the time, and the system will start operating accordingly.

How To Choose The Best Electric Heated Blanket

There are a few important considerations when buying an electric blanket, which is as below:

Quality & Durability

An electric heated blanket that is made of quality material will easily last for 5 years, provided you have taken good care of it. A quality electric blanket will have a super-soft fabric, with wirings placed in such a way that you have no idea if it is there or not. The control panel of a quality electric blanket will function properly and ensure the safety of the user.

Ease Of Use & Care

The life of an electric blanket not just depend on the quality of fabric and how well the wiring is done, but it also depends on how well you handle and use it. If your handling is good, then you can significantly prolong the life of the blanket. People having eyesight problem should look for electric blankets with bright and large dial settings, which can be accessed during night. If the blanket has large handles and knobs, then those will also add to the convenience of the users. Couples should get electric blankets with separate heating controls so that they can easily adjust the temperature of the blanket according to their own comfort level rather than their partner’s.

Initial Investment Cost

Electric blankets do have a high initial cost, which could vary from $120 for an entry-level model to $200 for a premium model. You may feel hesitant buying a blanket for such a high value, but trust me; you will cover the value of the blanket in one season. Getting an electric heated blanket will save you money on propane, electricity, natural gas or heating oil, whichever you were using to heat up your house. The electricity consumption of an electric blanket is around $5-$7 for 50-60 days if you use it daily for 8 hours.


An electric blanket should be 100 percent safe because after all, you are sleeping under the web of wires. If there is any short circuit in the blanket, it will pick up the fire and I don’t want to discuss further as to what it can lead to. To avoid any catastrophic event, the blanket should have certifications from the government authorities. The blanket must have gone through strict tests before hitting the retail stores.


Every electric blanket now has an auto shut-off mechanism for the safety and 10 heat settings. Therefore, the parameters that will decide which electric blanket is the best are the quality of the material. Micro-plush is better than fleece material. Moreover, the blanket that allows you and your partner to have your own desired heat setting is a big plus. You will find these parameters in some of the blankets that I’ve reviewed above. However, I would also like to mention that more the features, the higher the price. To decide the best blanket, you can again go through the reviews of the 5 best electric blanket consumer reports because I want you to get your hands on the best blanket.