The worst thing about winters is that no matter how many clothes you put on, you’d still feel cold until and unless you sit in front of the fire. There is nothing more comforting to people than lighting up the fire and sitting close to it. However, it is not possible to light up a fire at homes on most occasions, which is why sophisticated products have been developed to give people the feel of traditional fire in the comfort of their homes.

Electric stoves are made with the same concept, i.e., let people enjoy the fire, but without making use of wooden logs, fuel or any other thing, which creates a mess. Electric stoves and electric fireplaces are two different products, which people tend to mix up, but these are two different products. Electric stoves can be moved from one room to another, whereas electric fireplaces can’t. If you want to buy an electric fireplace, then you can certainly take help from our guide, but if you are interested in buying an electric stove, then take a look at the reviews of six best electric stoves consumer reports. 

Reviews Of 6 Best Electric Stoves

1. Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

best electric stoves consumer report

Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove features a timeless style, credit of which goes to the classic black color it is painted with. This electric fireplace stove is meant to blend with any décor, let it be traditional or contemporary. The heat is delivered with the help of an infrared mechanism, which is beneficial than other heating methods because the heat maintains the level of humidity in the air, thus not letting the atmosphere go dry. The unit heats up quickly and starts warming the room within minutes, but it isn’t hot to touch, thus making it completely safe to use around children and pets.

One of the highlighting features of this electric fireplace stove is the 3D flame effect, which makes you feel as if there is an authentic fire inside the stove. Then, the glass windows make it easy for you to see the glowing log and ember bed from three sides. This is a portable unit, which can be moved from one room to another if necessary. Installation is also easy and doesn’t involve taking the help of experts. Overall, a brilliant unit for small to medium rooms.

2. Ameriwood Home 1795866COM Farmington Electric Fireplace Console

best electric stoves consumer report

Investing in Ameriwood Farmington Electric Fireplace Console will give you the ability to place your TV on top of the electric fireplace stove. This is a beautiful looking electric fireplace stove, which is ideal for people who love having weathered and brown woodgrain looks. This electric stove comes with remote control, which makes it easier for users to operate it. Moreover, the unit consists of four storage shelves and two cabinets to keep DVDs, video games and many more. Overall, a sturdy, good-looking and long-lasting unit, which will definitely enhance the beauty of the room, you decide to place it in.

3. Dimplex TDS8515TC Celeste Electric Stove

best electric stoves consumer report

Dimplex is a popular brand when it comes to electric stoves, and this one is amongst the frontline products that the company has in the offing. The first thing you will notice about this electric stove is the glossy cream color, which is pleasing to the eyes. Then, the unit sports a unique design, which makes it possible for it to be accommodated in any room quite easily. The unit heats up quickly and warms up the room within minutes.0

In flame-only mode, the unit works for 3 hours, whereas in flame + heat mode, the operation extends to 8 hours. The electric stove features a purifying air filter whose job is to eliminate dust and allergens from the air. The overall energy output of the unit is 5,120 BTUs, which may not be on the higher side, but I didn’t say it is a powerful electric stove, did I? This is a compact and portable unit, which you can move from one room to another quite easily.

4. Dimplex DS5629GP Traditional Electric Stove

best electric stoves consumer report

Again, we have a product by Dimplex, but this one is inclined towards the traditional design, so those who want to add a traditional touch to their living room or bedroom can opt for this electric stove. Did I mention anything about the versatility of the product? If not, then let me tell you that this product is versatile, as it can be used in any room of any type of house, whether it is an apartment, loft, condominium and so on. Moreover, you will receive on-demand heat with this unit because it comes with certain features that allow it to deliver on-demand heat.

Then, there is a thermostat control included in the unit, which warms an area of up to 400 square feet comprehensively. If you want to enjoy the flames, then you can do so with or without heat. The unit can be operated in two modes, i.e., only flame mode and flame + heat mode where it operates for 3 hours and 8 hours respectively. You can control all the features of this unit easily, courtesy of the remote control that comes along with this unit. Enjoy beautiful flames being lit up through the glass window, which stays cool and safe to touch.

5. Dimplex North America ES2033 Black Compact Electric Stove

best electric stoves consumer report

Dimplex has amped up its game, which is why I am compelled to review one more of its electric stoves. This one is also a highly versatile unit, which can be used in any room without any issue. If you like the idea of sitting with your family members or friends and have a quality conversation, then this electric stove will further enhance that time you spend with your loved ones.

Moreover, festive season is about to come, so you can buy a Christmas tree and celebrate the festival with your family in a warm and comfortable environment. It comes with a fan-forced heater, which heats up the room quickly. You will feel a sense of comfort in the surroundings because the air won’t be dry and superhot. You can enjoy the glowing fire with or without heat just like other Dimplex units. Overall, great value for money product, which you won’t regret buying at all.

6. R.W.FLAME 24-Inch Freestanding, Recessed Electric Fireplace Stove Insert

best electric stoves consumer report

This is one of the most premium models available on the market right now. This electric stove fits perfectly in all types of settings, whether home, office or any other. The unit features multi-operating modes such as 5 flame speed modes, 5 flame, and burning logs color modes and 5 flame brightness levels. You will also like the ability of the unit to change the color and brightness of the unit on its own. A remote control has been provided to control all the functions of the electric stove, including setting the timer between 1 and 8 hours.

There are two heat settings in the unit, which are adjustable as per the weather conditions and area of the room. The unit also incorporates a special LED technology, which results in huge energy savings. The effectiveness of this electric fireplace stove is in a room having an area of up to 400 square feet.

As far as the construction of the unit goes, then it features a brick wall design, which looks realistic and elegant. Then, there is a 7mm thick tempering glass through which, you can see a burning log effect with realistic dancing flames. The unit will ensure that your room stays at comfortable hot and not, superhot. If you come across any issue with the machine, then you can get in touch with the company, as they offer a 1-year guarantee on the product.

Main Criteria For Choosing The Best Electric Stoves


A real visual alternative to the woodstove, the electric stove is primarily chosen for its design. Decoration elements, it can be placed in a living room without any constraint. You will find different models, different styles, with different types of materials and colors. For my part, I particularly appreciate their modern and authentic style at the same time.


Be careful, even if the electric stove acts as an auxiliary heater, you must be very careful, especially if you have young children. Emphasize models with automatic shutdown when possible overheating is detected. Likewise, never let your children touch the glass that may be hot. Any type of heating should be secure and your attention should be constant if children are next.


Although it has the main interest to be a decorative element, this type of stove is also considered as an auxiliary heater. For example, you may associate with your central heating or electric radiators. Expressed in Watts, the power of these small devices must at least be 900W to truly blow a room of twenty square meters.


Among the options available on these electric stoves, you can, for example, benefit from a thermostat, a remote control, a possible setting on the different effects of flame, or buttons that allow you to direct the heating of a side of the room. All models do not have the same options or the same functionalities; do not hesitate to inquire on the product page of the device before any purchase.

How Does An Electric Stove Work?

The electric stove looks like a wood stove but works differently (totally different also from oil stoves). It does not need logs or fire to function, but in case, you are using a wooden or gas fireplace, then you will have to get wooden logs from the nearby lumbar market or buy gas logs. Sort of electric convector, you just need to connect to an electrical outlet to operate it. Truly a decorative element of your room of life, the electric stoves do not have the disadvantages of the stoves with wood. You will not need a vent, which will allow you to place your model where you want it.

This type of electric heater is not only decorative. It is also used as auxiliary heating. This small heater could be installed even in small rooms. Made of steel or cast iron they are durable and you can move them according to your desires. With LED bulbs, they reproduce the visual effects of a chimney fire. On most models, you will be able to separate the use of heating and the use of flame effects.

What Are Main Advantages Of Using Electric Stoves?

Although they are not intended to compete with conventional fireplaces or wood stoves, these small electric convectors offer a very interesting price for a visual approaching a fireplace or a conventional stove. Discover below a small list of the main advantages of electric stoves.

Design: The electric stove has been designed to visually resemble a wood stove or pellet stove. This is quite successful for a price well below its main competitors. It's flame effects are also very realistic and undeniably brings us a superb visual effect.

Price: Available for prices between 60 € and 250 €, they are accessible to the majority of us, unlike conventional fireplaces or wood stoves.

Practicality: Easy to install, you will have no trouble using it. Available with a remote control or a simple control panel located next to or under the device, depending on the model, you can adjust the intensity of the heat or the different effects of flames.

Mobility: Even if they are made of sturdy materials, you can move them from one room to another if you feel like it. You don’t need a magic wand, but all you need is a little patience and elbow grease to put your stove in another room according to your desires.

Features: In addition to their remote control or control panel, the majority of electric stoves will also have a thermostat to adjust the room temperature or safety elements to prevent overheating of the unit.

Do Electric Stoves Require Special Maintenance?

Since everything is electric, you have no particular maintenance to perform. Unlike a conventional fireplace or woodstove, there is no ash, no smoke when the appliance is heated, no wood residue or even soot. Once a week you can remove all the dust and avoid obstructing the heat ventilation duct.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that an electric stove is a great product for keeping people warm in their rooms when it is freezing outside. The best thing about electric stoves is that they aren’t expensive at all. Moreover, some are so energy efficient that their running cost will also not hurt you. I have explained different types of electric stoves in my reviews for the six best electric stoves consumer reports, so you can take a look at that before making your decision.