An electric wheelchair is for those individuals who are unable to walk at all and can’t maneuver a classic wheelchair for long hours. People with mild walking abnormalities can choose a walker or cane, but for serious mobility issues, a wheelchair is the most suitable product. An electric wheelchair makes it possible for them to move from one location to another easily, thanks to the presence of a 360-degree joystick and long-lasting battery. With such a wheelchair, people with disabilities can become independent. So, if you are looking to buy an electric wheelchair for yourself or someone in your family, then you should check out reviews of the best electric wheelchair consumer reports followed by a detailed guide.

Reviews Of 5 Best Electric Wheelchairs

1. Porto Mobility Ranger Discovery Lightweight Foldable Weatherproof Exclusive Electric Wheelchair

best electric wheelchair consumer reports

If you are looking for a portable wheelchair, then this might be the product. It takes just 3 seconds to fold this chair and store it in the trunk of your car. You can easily raise the armrest and fold the footrest for easy entry and exit. Weighing just 50 pounds, this wheelchair is capable of supporting a person weighing up to 400 pounds, all thanks to the use of high-strength aircraft quality aluminum alloy. The company has added a weather-resistant finish to use this wheelchair in all weather conditions. It features dual-side Li-ion batteries with top-quality cells to allow you to use the chair for up to 20 minutes You can easily charge the batteries using the off-board charge cord, which means, the chair doesn’t need to be present at the charging point.

The wheelchair is equipped with 250-watt brushless dual motors that generate a huge amount of torque and power to move on any terrain with ease. It can travel through grass, mud, gravel, snow, dirt, and sandy surface without any issue. The turning radius of the wheelchair is just 32 inches, thus helping you get around tight areas with ease. You can easily maneuver this wheelchair using a 360-degree joystick. The wheelchair will come to you fully assembled, and you will get a 3-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year for the motor and controller, and a 1-year warranty on batteries. Moreover, whenever you need any technical help, you can call the company’s technicians and they’ll be there at your service.

2. Innuovo Intelligent Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair

best electric wheelchair consumer reports

Innuovo brings to you an intelligent electric wheelchair, which has a durable frame, stable front, and rear wheels, dual motors, a foldable footrest, and a 360-degree joystick for easy maneuvering. Using this wheelchair is a breeze, thanks to that joystick and updated electric magnetic braking system. The inclusion of 2 high-performance lithium batteries provides great power to the wheelchair to travel on any terrain without any issue.

The use of an aircraft-grade aluminum frame in the wheelchair would increase longevity. Weighs only 50lbs, it won’t pose any problems if you decide to transport it from one place to another, especially with its 3-second foldable design. The company has added a 7.5cm thick seat cushion along with a seat belt to ensure absolute comfort and protection for lumbar, caudal, and neck vertebrae from twisting.

3. Rubicon Premium Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

best electric wheelchair consumer reports

Get this electric wheelchair if you need a highly versatile product that you can take on an airplane. You can easily accommodate this wheelchair in the trunk of your car, thanks to its foldable design. The powerful motor incorporated into this wheelchair allows it to easily move in grass, snow, and gravel. The inclusion of long-lasting battery life and shock absorber will let you use the wheelchair for long durations. As far as the turning radius is concerned, then that’s just 33-inches, thus letting you turn the wheelchair in tight areas with ease. There is a 360-degree joystick to help maneuver the wheelchair in all sorts of terrain.

The company has provided a breathable seat and back cushions that can be removed for easy cleaning. You will also like the presence of under-the-seat storage where you can keep your personal belongings. The wheelchair boasts an electronic regenerative disc brake to provide safety to you or the person sitting in the wheelchair in case the speed gets a bit out of control. You will get a 3-year warranty on the wheelchair’s frame, a 1-year warranty on the joystick controller and motor, and 6 months warranty on the battery.

4. Forcemech Navigator 2022 6th Generation Model Wheelchairs For Adults

best electric wheelchair consumer reports

Forcemech has rolled out a brand-new wheelchair model, which can travel up to a speed of 4.5 mph and can climb a slope that is inclined up to 12 degrees. The wheelchair is built with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which stands firm on polyurethane wheels. You can take this wheelchair on an all-terrain without any issue, as it comes with shock absorption honeycomb tires for safe and smooth navigation.

The wheelchair is capable of accommodating a weight of up to 397 lbs. The company has added dual force max li-ion NCM batteries, which allow it to travel to a distance of 16 miles without needing a recharge. The wheelchair is equipped with an all-direction joystick controller to let you move the chair in any direction seamlessly. The inclusion of an intelligent electromagnetic brake ensures safe navigation. The wheelchair can be easily folded and transported in a car. You can also even carry it in an airplane, as it is approved by FAA for air travel.

5. Vive Heavy Duty Folding Electric Wheelchair

best electric wheelchair consumer reports

Ending my list with Vive Compact Electric Wheelchair is made with an aluminum frame for long-lasting use. The wheelchair weighs 89 lbs, yet it can be easily folded and transported from one place to another. The wheelchair is approved by TSA, which makes it safe for air and ship travel. The inclusion of powerful dual motors in the wheelchair along with flat-free front tires and large sport rear tires allow the wheelchair to easily move on any terrain including snow, gravel, grass, pavement, and more. The company has added a highly comfortable seat made of breathable material in the wheelchair that measures 16x18 inches.

You can easily move this wheelchair in any direction, thanks to the 360-degree joystick controller. Having a maximum speed of 4 mph, you can travel from one location to another with ease. Other features of this wheelchair include a battery charge indicator, safety horn button, and USB port for charging electronic devices. You will get a 5-year limited guarantee on the product, so if anything happens to the wheelchair, then you can contact the company and ask for repair or replacement.

How To Choose The Best Electric Wheelchair?

Supported Weight And Comfort

The maximum weight holding capacity is always indicated by the manufacturer. It is important to take this into account and to take a chair adapted to your weight. The weight influences the discharge of the battery in the first instance and makes the motor labor. The latter, subject to an excessive load, could present medium-term malfunctions making it impossible to use the wheelchair.

Finally, if the disabled person spends many hours in his electric wheelchair, it must provide great comfort. Several points must be seen, then. The quality and thickness of the seat and backrest: these must have a breathable covering, easily cleanable as is or removable, to machine wash.

The backrest must be ergonomic, so as not to amplify back pain. It is best to take a chair that allows you to adjust the various elements, including the armrests, to be able to get in or out of the chair more easily and eat, facing a table.

Robustness And Stability

The sturdiness of the electric wheelchair depends on its material of manufacture. Some frames are made of steel and carbon, but more and more are made of aluminum alloy. This last material, very resistant and light, facilitates folding when the model lends itself to it. It is also water-resistant, without rusting.

Stability is affirmed by the presence of 4 wheels. These do not necessarily have to be thick but have good resistance if the device has to go outside. It is important to choose a wheelchair with an anti-tilt function, so as not to be afraid of falling, even when going down or up a slope. The electric wheelchair must have a good brake system and the presence of a reversing sound signal can be a plus.

Functions And Autonomy

It may be interesting that the joystick can be changed from the armrest, to facilitate use and that it has a battery indicator. The latter controls the autonomy of the chair. Depending on the usual routes, it is important to see if the number of miles that the device can cover, without resorting to manual mode, is sufficient. We often talk about twenty miles, or even more, before having to recharge the battery.


You can find electric wheelchairs for just under $1,000 and then the price can go up to more than $2,000. It is better to take a mid-range device, therefore a little more expensive than the first price, to be sure of having sufficient autonomy, good comfort, and the fact that the chair can be folded.

Care And Maintenance Of Your Electric Wheelchair

In terms of routine maintenance, here are our recommendations:

  • Keep it dry. If you store it outside, get a waterproof storage cover
  • Keep it clean. Wash off or wipe off any traces of dirt or mud on the wheelchair and avoid using the wheelchair in wet and dirty areas. 
  • Check the tires. If your chair has tires, make sure they are kept at optimum pressure (check the manufacturer's advice). Check tire wear. They may need to be replaced at some point.
  • Check the lighting. If you have a road chair, your lights should be in good working order.
  • Regular maintenance will keep your wheelchair safe for you and those around you, especially if you use your wheelchair on the road. It will also keep it in good working order for longer.

It is advisable to have your wheelchair serviced at least every 12 months, and more often if it is used a lot. Consult the manufacturer's instructions.

Wrapping Up

An electric wheelchair is far better than any other type of wheelchair due to its mobility, comfort, and storage. If you were planning to buy a wheelchair for yourself or someone in your family, then you should prefer an electric wheelchair instead of anything else. Just pick one from the list of best electric wheelchair consumer reports and quickly place an order.