In the US, Tornadoes, and hurricanes take thousands of lives every year, but the number could be a lot higher had there not been devices like best emergency radios and best home weather stations. If you have barely survived tornadoes or hurricanes in the past, then it’s time that you prepare in advance, and the reviews of 10 best emergency radio consumer reports will help you find the most suitable product. So, make sure you go through the reviews to be able to determine the right product.

Reviews Of 10 Best Emergency Radios

1. RunningSnail MD-088S Emergency Hand Crank NOAA Solar Weather Radio 

best emergency radio consumer report

RunningSnail MD-088s is one of the most effective emergency radios, thanks to its brightest LED flashlights, multiple charging ways, long battery power, and seven NOAA channels. Elaborating on these features, then you get three convenient ways of recharging the radio such as USB, solar and crank. The emergency radio can play on both AM and FM bands, so you will get all the info you need to make the right decision. The powerful battery of the unit allows you to charge your mobile devices as well.

Despite having so many amazing features, the emergency radio doesn’t cost more than a large pizza. It is a compact and lightweight unit, which can be your perfect companion while camping or hiking, but make sure to carry a boot knife and a filtered water bottle. Having this radio at your disposal can make a difference in life and death, so make sure you have it in your corner. The only drawback in this unit is the absence of a clock, otherwise, it is a great device. The company offers 45 days money-back guarantee on the product.

2. Midland - WR120B/WR120EZ - NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio (Emergency Radio With SAME Technology)

best emergency radio consumer report

Midland WR120B/WR120EZ is the next emergency radio on the list, and it is packed with several top-of-the-line technologies, which include a long-range walkie-talkie, hunting 2-way radios and business 2-way radios. The radio has a ‘SAME’ alert programming, which lets you select the county or counties you want to receive weather and emergency updates for.

You can also choose the option that lets you receive updates when those same counties are in danger. With this device, you can program and monitor up to 25 different counties, and combine that capability with 7 NOAA weather channels, so you are not missing on any warning related to floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes and other types of emergencies. The radio features three emergency alerts, which are flashing LED light, a loud voice alert, and 90 dB siren, so you can choose one of the three.

An alarm clock is also added to the radio, which accesses AM/FM frequencies and comes with a snooze button. The radio runs on both AC power as well as three AA batteries, so it will continue to alert you during power outages. You won’t believe but this radio is being recommended by the Department of Homeland Security. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

3. Eton Emergency Weather Bluetooth Radio FRX5BT

best emergency radio consumer report

When it comes to versatility, Eton Emergency Weather Bluetooth Radio FRX5BT ranks right at the top of the list. First of all, this emergency radio can be charged in three different ways, with a micro-USB cable, hand crank and solar power. On top of that, the radio features a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which will ensure that you get all the alerts at all times. The hand crank of this way better than any other unit, as you get 13 minutes of power by just cranking the handle for a couple of minutes.

The emergency radio is equipped with Bluetooth functionality, which lets you connect the device to your Bluetooth enabled devices. Other features of the unit include an LED flashlight, red emergency beacon, and dimmable light. The unit is water-resistant as well, as it comes with an IPX4 rating. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then it doesn’t have a compass and you can’t use disposable batteries too.

4. Wayl Emergency Weather Radio Buzz4000

best emergency radio consumer report

This is another emergency weather radio, which runs on solar power, but it also comes with a hand crank option, thus offering you full support in times of power outages as well. If you are an adventure lover who loves camping and hiking, then you must have this weather radio in your bag, as it is loaded with many survival features. The unit comes with a 4000mAh battery, which keeps you alert during emergencies. The radio is IPX-3 rated, which means the water will not damage it.

You can charge the battery in 5 hours using micro-USB cable, but the same battery takes 25 hours to charge using solar power. As far as the hand crank is concerned, then one minute of the crank can give you 30 minutes of radio use and 30 minutes of the light source. You can also use 3 AAA batteries as a backup. The radio supports 7 NOAA broadcasting channels and you can access both AM and FM bands. You can listen to the radio for up to 12 hours when it is fully charged. The radio also features a headphone jack, dual speakers and SOS alarm. As far as warranty goes, then you get a 1-year warranty on the product. 

5. Compass Culture Brand Emergency NOAA Weather Radio MD090 (Best Solar Crank Charger)

best emergency radio consumer report

Check out this emergency radio, which can operate on AM and FM radio frequencies. Along with that, the unit is packed with 7 NOAA weather channels that keep you up-to-date regarding any weather emergency approaching your way. The radio is equipped with a powerful LED flashlight, which has an intensity of 2000 lumens and an operating time of 15 hours. Then, you will get a 4-watt LED lamp along with an SOS emergency alarm with a flash red light to help you be found in case you've lost or stuck anywhere.

The radio is packed with a 2000 mAh battery, which can be used to charge smartphones and other similar devices during emergencies. With the ability to be charged in three different ways, i.e., solar power, hand crank, and USB cable, you can prepare much better for any weather emergency. The light can stay on for 15 hours, whereas the radio will remain turned on for up to 6 hours, which depends on the charging method you’ve opted for. You will also get a survival tool in the package, which will come in handy when you go out camping or hiking.

6. iRonsnow Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radio TS-IS-088-R

best emergency radio consumer report

This is another top-class emergency weather radio, which supports AM/FM NOAA channels. The emergency radio comes with 3 LED flashlights, which along with a cell phone charger can truly offer great help at the time of emergencies. With the ability to get charged through solar power, USB cable and crank, you don’t have to rely on AC power to charge it up.

On a gloomy day when there is no power in the house, you can simply crank it for a minute to get 30 minutes of the flashlight or 5 minutes of radio play, thanks to its 300-mAh battery. The radio can pick up FM signals from 30 miles or 60 km, and when it comes to AM signals, the range extends to 62 miles or 100 km. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product with a lifetime warranty, which makes it very tough for people to ignore this product.

7. Kaito KA500 5-way Wind Up Emergency Radio

best emergency radio consumer report

If you are looking for a reliable emergency radio, which is packed with several functionalities, then Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio is your product. With the ability to be charged via wall charging, USB input, solar panel, hand cranking or batteries, you cannot run out of power when it matters the most. Moreover, you can use the emergency radio to charge your smartphone and tablet. With 6 power modes and 7 different NOAA channels, you will never stay in the dark or miss out on the vital information at the time of an emergency.

The emergency radio doesn’t just support AM and FM, but also 2-band shortwave capability along with access to Public Emergency Alert System for round the clock forecasts. The signals picked up the radio will have clear sounds without the inclusion of any static signals. The unit features a powerful LED flashlight, which ensures that you are never left in the dark during an emergency.

8. Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/Weather+Alert Emergency Radio

best emergency radio consumer report

Of all the emergency radios, this one comes with a digital display, so I thought let’s discuss it first. The digital display gives you all the details that you want to see, and it also monitors the charge level. The unit also features a headphone jack, where you can plug in your headphones to listen to the alerts even when the winds are howling.

You will have no issues carrying this emergency radio along even in the nastiest situations, thanks to its 1 lb weight. Just like all other emergency radios, this one too supports multiple charging methods. The 4-function LED flashlight makes things a lot easier, as those include low, high, flash and SOS. A DC-Out port is also given on the unit, where you can charge your cell phone.

9. RegeMoudal Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

best emergency radio consumer report

This is one of the top-rated solar radios on the market right now. It will help you receive all the necessary information at the time of emergencies when there is no power supply as well. It’s powerful LED flashlight will get you out of the dark and let you see the unknown perils to help you prepare for them. Then, there is a reading lamp given on the unit, which you can use for reading purposes. A 2000mAh power bank is included in the emergency radio that can be used to charge smartphones and tablets.

The presence of an SOS alarm will prove useful in times of need. The emergency radio works on both AM and FM, and when these bands are combined with NOAA weather alert, then you can get the latest weather conditions. With the ability to be charged in four ways, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to survive when there is no power. The unit remains powered with two light sources all the time, which is a great feature.

10. Midland - ER310 Emergency Crank Weather Radio (Best Midland Emergency Radio)

best emergency radio consumer report

The first look of this emergency radio gives the feel as if the unit is a part of a survival gear, which is quite exciting. While it comes with an amazing set of features, but let’s just talk about its overall design, which is incredible too. The emergency radio features a molded handle, which offers a nice firm grip. Then, there is a backlit LCD panel, which can be used to tune a channel and check the battery status. The radio also incorporates a 130-lumens LED flashlight, which will keep things illuminated during power outages.

The inclusion of a long-lasing Li-ion battery has a runtime of 30 hours when it is fully charged. The sound quality of its speaker is also amazing, as it couches nearly 90 decibels. The radio picks up closest NOAA weather alert stations with a decent reception rate. Its Li-ion battery can be used to charge smartphones and tablets as well. Being a water-resistant unit, you can expect it to withstand water splashes, but not rain.


If you still have doubts about whether you should buy an emergency radio or not, then I guess you don’t value your life too much otherwise you would have added the best emergency radio consumer reports in your cart by now. There is no right time to buy an emergency radio because weather emergencies often appear at very short notices, so you must have accurate information at that time, which you can only get if you have an emergency radio.

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