It is not necessary that a good espresso machine has to be expensive as well. In order to enjoy a great cup of coffee, you can get the best and the most efficient of the machines well within your budget. Many coffee lovers would be surprised if they were told that the best espresso machine under 200 is not just a phrase, but it’s absolutely real. It is possible to get a fully functional, super-efficient espresso machine under $200.

As far their functions are concerned, they can grind the beans, brew, tamp and froth milk quite easily.If you among those people who don’t believe that a good espresso machine can be bought under $200, then you better continue reading this post. By the end of it, you will be able to find out the best espresso machines that are priced below $200.

Investing in an espresso machine should not be taken casually because if you bring home a bad product, then you will not be able to enjoy a rich and creamy cup of coffee when you needed it the most. There is a difference between cheap espresso machines and the ones I’m talking about. Cheap espresso machines, which are sold for $100 or so will not perform even the basic functions properly. It doesn’t matter what’s written in their features column, they will leave you with nothing, but just a bad experience and full of regret.

Now, like I mentioned above, there are espresso machines that are available under $200, so you must be wondering what they can possibly do, right? Well, those machines are capable of doing all sorts of things that you want an espresso machine to do. So, let us find out which are the top 5 espresso machines that are also priced under $200.

Reviews Of 5 Best Espresso Machines Under $200

1. Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System

Best Espresso Machines Under $200

This espresso machine is available in three colors, which are, red, silver and white. You will get a 1-touch control panel for making a single cup or two cups of coffee at one time. It not only makes espresso but latte and cappuccino as well. Frothing up milk is also easier on this machine, as it comes with an automatic milk frother. So, you get a rich and creamy lattes and cappuccinos every single time with this machine.

If you have a habit of using large coffee mugs, then there is no need to worry, as this machine comes with an adjustable cup tray, so you can use from small cups to large mugs. You can make multiple cups of coffee as the machine comes with a large sink that can hold enough water to brew multiple coffees. Moreover, the water reservoir is removable.

It is not just the water reservoir, which is removable, but milk reservoir as well. You can fill it up with milk then clean it afterward with ease. Add drip catcher in the removable items as well. The company has given a drip tray to collect coffee drips and keep the brew space clean and tidy. The espresso machine includes single shot and double shot filter, tamper, measuring scoop and coffee recipes.


  • 1. Easy to clean, as it is made up of stainless steel.
  • 15 bar pressure is good enough to get a great cup of coffee every time.
  • Get single or double shot with each brew.
  • Frothing process is automatic.
  • The drip tray can be easily removed and cleaned up.


  • Noisy operation.
  • Cleaning of the machine is difficult due to multiple moving parts.

2. DeLonghi ECP3630 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

Best Espresso Machines Under $200

This espresso machine will get you through your afternoon slump. This machine allows you to brew your own coffee like a pro. This is a highly compact and elegant machine, which gets easily fit into any kitchen décor. It has got adjustable controls, which will help you get your own personal taste. Get a consistent taste and flavor every time with this machine because of the 15-bar pressure system that has been incorporated in it. The machine comprises of the 3-in-1 filter system as well, which will get you up to three espresso shots.

The inclusion of ‘rapid cappuccino system’ in this espresso machine will ensure that you don’t have to wait for brewing your coffee. You can make one cup of espresso after the other with ease. The cup tray is adjustable and accommodates all sizes of cups and mugs. The water tank is removable, so if you want, you can remove the tank to fill the water.


  • A highly compact and sleek design.
  • The blend of metal and plastic gives a beautiful appearance.
  • Three filter baskets, portafilter with handle and a combination tool, i.e., tamper help make a cup of espresso a lot easier.
  • Removable water tank makes it easier to fill the tank with water.
  • The machine is quite easy to operate, with just three steps to follow in particular.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • Quick heating time.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • This espresso machine doesn’t have storage space to accommodate the portafilter and scoop.
  • You will not find a charcoal filter in this machine.

3. Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

Best Espresso Machines Under $200

This espresso machine is quite unique. You can’t use a pod in this one, as this is a pod free system that will make a single cup of coffee at a time. It has this carafe coffee system, which is confined to this brand only. This espresso machine comes with an advanced thermal flavor extraction technology along with auto-IQ one-touch intelligence, which will assure a great cup of coffee every time.

There is an option of custom brews, so if you want, you can brew a rich and creamy cup of coffee, classic coffee, or over ice. Then, there are signature brews in which, the café forte being the specialty. With this espresso machine, you can use any cup, from small to XL cup, travel mug, half carafe, full carafe, and multi-serve. You can froth the milk and brew the coffee in your mug, so you won’t have too many utensils to wash.


  • You will get a full cup of coffee irrespective of how full the water reservoir is.2
  • Blending tools can be quite easily removed and cleaned.
  • Iced coffee can also be prepared with ease.


  • The flavor of coffee is not that intense, as this machine doesn’t brew under pressure.
  • You can’t prepare non-coffee drinks like hot cocoa or hot cider.
  • No pods come for Ninja brand, so you will have to look for right pods yourself.
  • It will consume some space in your kitchen, as it is not as compact as other espresso machines.

4. Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso And Cappuccino Machine

Best Espresso Machines Under $200

If you want to perfect the art of brewing, then you need to get this espresso machine. The thermal block has a lining of stainless steel, which will make a rich, creamy cup of coffee every single time for you. This machine comes with a dual frother, one for latte and another for cappuccino. You just need to remove the sleeves and the machine gets ready from cappuccino to latte. You can enjoy both these amazing coffee using this single machine. You get a 46 oz capacity water reservoir, which is quite easy to fill. You just need to remove the water tank and fill it up with water.

The filter holder that comes along with this machine is self-locking and also has a thumb guard. You can prepare a-la-crème espresso within a matter of a few seconds with two sieves. Or, if you have pre-packed pods, then you can use a single sieve. With multiple removable parts, it is quite easy to clean this espresso maker.


  • This machine makes great latte and cappuccino, besides espresso.
  • It has got a large reservoir.
  • There is a cup warming area, which can easily hold up to four small espresso cups.
  • Easily prepare a medium to very strong espressos.
  • Smooth and efficient working of dual frother.
  • Capsules that are used by the machine are not expensive at all.
  • Off/on indicator lights to help determine the status of coffee.


  • The brewing speed is a bit faster than what’s required to get a perfect espresso.
  • The tamper is made up of plastic, which doesn’t last that long.

5. Cuisinart EM-100 1000-Watt 15-Bar Espresso Maker

Best Espresso Machines Under $200

This is another under $200 espresso maker that is not just stylish, but highly efficient as well. This machine also has a 15-bar pressure system, which will serve a variety of different sized cups of coffee. You can use pods to create a perfect cup of espresso, you can use ground coffee if you are one of those traditional coffee lovers. You will have a full control over the taste and flavor of the coffee.

There are separate steam functions present in the machine along with stainless steel nozzle, which can help you froth milk. The drip trays can also be removed easily, and the locking mechanism of filter holder makes cleaning effortless. This machine has a cup warming plate that will keep the coffee warm, and the presence of multi-functional knob will give you that extra bit of freedom to personalize things in the machine.

The water tank can hold up to 53 ounces of water and can also be removed easily. You can see the adjustments made by the machine in terms of the temperature through heating light, which will illuminate accordingly. Using knob, you can easily use steam or hot function in this machine. You will get three settings in this machine, hot water, steam and make coffee.


  • Sturdy design and elegantly built.
  • You can easily make single or double shots.
  • Comes with a pod filter.
  • This machine has a large water tank that can support up to 56 oz of water.
  • You can make either two cappuccinos or one latte with the frothing pitcher that comes along with the machine.
  • You get a warming plate, which is placed at the top of the machine.
  • Pressure given by bar pump is enough to make a delightful cup of espresso.
  • The additional feature of making only hot water comes as a delight for many.
  • The company gives a 3-year warranty on this product.


  • The steam nozzle is a bit longer than the desired height.
  • No warning to show whether the pressure has been released or not.

What Is Espresso?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘coffee’ is an ‘espresso’. But, let me just tell you that espresso is not a coffee bean or coffee for that matter. Espresso is just the mere preparation of coffee beans. Espresso was first introduced in the 19th century, and initially, it was mistaken for an espresso roast. The process of making espresso is a bit different from other types of coffee. Espresso is made by forcing boiling water through coffee beans that are finely ground.

Espresso Coffee Machines: What Are These?

The demand for a perfectly brewed coffee started in the 19th century. Cafés were blossoming in that era, and the main reason behind it is the convenience to enjoy a good cup of coffee without actually preparing it. Back in time, brewing coffee was a time-consuming task, so enjoying a cup of coffee at cafés was the only option left for coffee lovers.

The First espresso machine was invented by an Italian named Angelo Moriondo. He patented his machine in 1884, but the problem with his machine was that the machine was quite bulky and can’t be used at home for individual brewing. After his invention, many people invented espresso machines. With time, espresso machines became compact and easy to use. Let us find out regarding different types of espresso machines that are available today.

Different Types Of Espresso Machine Are Available Today


Steam-Driven espresso machines were the very first invented. These machines were used to operate through steam. The water was moved through the coffee grounds through the steam. These espresso machines are not used by many restaurants today because the brewing process is not that great, and therefore, it affects the consistency of the coffee. If you want to buy an espresso machine, then I would suggest not to consider steam-driven because it is not good for individual brewing.


It was the year 1945 when this espresso machine was invented. This machine comes with a lever, which you will have to pull in order to make a rich and creamy coffee. The term ‘pull a shot’ became famous through this espresso.


This type of espresso machine is also known as a motor-driven machine. The world got to know about this espresso machine in 1961, and with its inception, the world for steam driven and piston driven espresso machine came to an end. It runs on electricity and you get a properly brewed espresso every time. The pump-driven espresso machine is further divided into four types, these are; automatic pump-driven, semi-automatic pump-driven, super automatic and air pump-driven.

What Options In Terms Of Design Can You Get For Your Espresso Machine?

Single Boiler

These espresso machines operate with steam and are very affordable. There is a single boiler in this machine and it won’t be possible to brew coffee along with milk. One thing will be done at a time. The temperature of the boiler will also have to be adjusted whenever you have to switch between steaming the milk to grinding coffee.

Heat Exchanger

This espresso machine also has only a single boiler. The operation is carried out using steam, but it is more expensive than the single boiler machine. You get the opportunity to brew coffee with milk, plus you can store a good volume of water as well, as it has a water reservoir. You can prepare cappuccino, frappe, and latte apart from espresso.

Dual Boiler

From the name itself, it is clear that this machine has two boilers. One boiler will be used for steaming and another for brewing. You can easily steam milk and brew espresso at the same time. This machine also comes with controllable heat temperature of water. That was all the information about espresso machines, and in my opinion, if you want to get the right type of espresso machine, then this aforementioned information will prove to be extremely useful. You can get a freshly roasted coffee and a rich, creamy cup of espresso without having to go the café.

Now, as we all know that espresso machines come at the various price range, therefore, it becomes important to find out the perfect one that perfectly meets all the requirements and suits the budget as well.

In my opinion, spending $200 or less on an espresso machine seems to be justified because, at this price range, you can get a value for money machine, which can do all those tasks that you wanted your espresso machine to perform. Plus, the price won’t hurt you at all, as you have invested $200 or less. The following section is about the five best espresso machines that are available on the market at $200 or less. You can go through these products and decide, which one suits you in the best way.


The need of an espresso machine is certainly there because it is the espresso machine, which can get you a perfect cup of coffee that you always wished to have. But, it is not easy to find the right espresso machine these days, as there is a huge variety available on the market. We have made things easier for you by providing you with five best espresso machines under $200 consumer reports. All the details have been given along with pros and cons so that you don’t have a hard time finding the right product for your daily dose of espresso.

All these products are priced under $200 and comprise of a plethora of features, which you wouldn’t have expected in these products in the first place. Take a look and then, decide as to which espresso machine suits you in the best way.