A fire blanket or fireproof blanket is a fire protection accessory. In some cases where the use of a fire extinguisher is not recommended, this type of cover is very useful for extinguishing flames. The fire blanket must be used correctly, to be effective but also not endanger the person handling it. You will get to know it all in the latter section of the article. Before that, you can check out reviews of best fire blanket consumer reports to determine the right product.

Reviews Of 5 Best Fire Blankets

1. DIBBATU Fire Blanket Emergency For Kitchen

best fire blanket consumer reports

If you are looking to buy a home safety device for your kitchen, fireplace, office, car, camping, grill, etc., then you should buy this survival fire blanket. You can easily pull down the fire blanket and cover the fire slowly. Then, you need to turn off the heat source and then throw it away once the temperature is down.

This fire blanket is for one-time use, so you can use it without any training. This flame retardant cover isolates high temperatures, heat source, and flame. With this fire blanket, you will get a pair of gloves, which you can use to check the fire blanket and clean the surface after use. If you come across any issue with the product, you can contact the company and get the right response within 24 hours.

2. EVERLIT Fire Suppression Emergency Blanket With Heat Resistant Gloves

best fire blanket consumer reports

Everlit brings to you a high-quality fiberglass blanket, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor fire emergencies that broke out in a house or a camp on a mountain. The fire blanket boasts a woven construction that has a continuous service temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The fire blanket is packed in a stain-resistant pouch, which incorporates a couple of heavy-duty grommets that allow you to hang them on the wall. The fire blanket features a hook and loop closure at the rear end of the pouch to allow quick and easy access. When it comes to cleaning, then that is pretty easy.

You can wash it using a soft sponge and then keep it in the open to dry it. You will get a heat-resistant glove in the package with a reflective strap to give you clear visibility in low light conditions. This fire blanket is very efficient for extinguishing small fires and sparks. For more severe situations, this fire blanket along with heat-resistant gloves also can be used as a protective suit to prevent burn injuries. If you come across any issue with the product, then you can return the product within 60 days and get a full refund.

3. AOOHOOA Fire Blanket Fiberglass Emergency Fire Safety Blankets

best fire blanket consumer reports

This is a highly effective fire blanket that can easily extinguish flames at early stages, thus providing great protection against emergency fire. Contrary to the fire extinguishers, a fire blanket keeps the place neat and clean after extinguishing the fire. As far as usage is concerned, then you can use the fire blanket in your kitchen, office, camping, car, fireplace, RV and boat, etc.

This fire blanket is made from 100% glass fabric quality flame retardant material, which works effectively at a temperature of up to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit. To use the fire blanket, you need to spread the blanket wide and slowly to cover the fire, then turn off the stove or the heat source present on the premises. The blanket will douse the fire and then, let the blanket cool off. Then, you can throw away the blanket. You will get 4 packs in the package along with a pair of gloves for safe handling and efficient cleaning.

4. JJ CARE Fire Blanket For Home With 2 Hooks & Gloves

best fire blanket consumer reports

JJ Care brings to you a top-quality fire blanket that can quickly extinguish a small fire without creating a mess that is not possible with fire extinguishers. It will also stop liquid or grease fire by cutting off the oxygen supply. If you want, then you can also use the blanket as a thermal shield. The product is made from premium quality flame-retardant material. It’s a 2-layered blanket where the inner layer is made of fire-retardant film while the outer layer is made of woven fiberglass fabric.

This fire blanket can easily isolate temperatures of up to 1076 degrees Fahrenheit. To use the fire blanket, just pull it down and spread it over the fire slowly to cover it. Then, you can turn off the heat source to prevent the fire from occurring again. You can easily store it on the kitchen counters to use in emergencies. The fire blanket is perfect to use in kitchens, offices, fireplaces, grills, camping, etc. You will get 2 fire blankets in the package along with 2 hooks and gloves.

5. Leberna 5X Fire Blanket Fire Suppression Blanket

best fire blanket consumer reports

Ending my list with Leberna fire blanket that can be used to extinguish the fire in a mess-free way. It cuts off oxygen supply regardless of where the fire has occurred from. The fire blanket can be used as a thermal shield. You should definitely have this fire blanket in your fire safety kit or car survival kit. The fire blanket is made from top-quality flame retardant material in which the inner layer is made of the fire-retardant film whereas the outer layer is made of woven fiberglass fabric.

The fire blanket is capable of isolating high temperatures of up to 1076 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily use the fire blanket by pulling it down and spreading the blanket over the fire slowly. Let the fire douse off and then, you need to turn off the stove or the heat source. You will get a pair of gloves and hooks in the package to let you hang the blanket on the wall or close to kitchen counters, stove, grill or fireplace. This is a reusable product, so you can clean and use it again for dousing the fire.

What Is A Fireproof Blanket?

A fire blanket is a fiberglass fabric material that is simple to use and very effective in controlling the outbreak of fire on an object or a person.

Fast-acting, it smothers the flames by depriving them of oxygen to completely stop the fire.

Likewise, it prevents the spread of fire to other objects or surfaces and stops the emanations of toxic and opaque smoke.

Also, using a fire blanket to extinguish flames on a person's clothing is more recommended than using a fire extinguisher. Indeed, most fire extinguishers combine chemical additives that can injure the victim.

In addition, this firefighting device can also be used as a survival blanket to protect yourself when moving in a fiery environment.

Tips For Using A Fire Blanket Properly

Easy to use and accessible to all, it is not necessary to be a rescue professional to be able to use a fire blanket. Indeed, this device can be used by any person, even non-rescuer or firefighter.

In practice, here are our 5 tips for effectively using a fire blanket on a burning object:

  • Avoid panicking and take the fiberglass fire blanket completely out of its case by pulling firmly on the straps.
  • Take the blanket, making sure to cover your hands to avoid any exposure to protect them during the intervention.
  • Hold the fire blanket in front of you high up without obscuring your view and approach the fire calmly.
  • Carefully cover the flames completely.
  • Leave the fire blanket in place long enough for the fire to be fully smothered and extinguished. Usually at least 30 minutes. And don't try to move it or lift it to see if the fire is out.

In the event of a fire on a person, the procedure to follow is as follows:

  • Lay the person on the ground face down.
  • Wrap him in the fire blanket from top to bottom, making sure to leave his head in the open air.
  • You can speed the process of extinguishing the flames by carefully rubbing over the blanket.

Following your intervention, be sure to contact the fire brigade, even if the fire is "under control". Indeed, the flames may not be completely extinguished and could start a new fire.

Note that the fire blanket is single use only and should be discarded after use. We strongly advise against reusing it as it can be dangerous and ineffective. Before throwing it away, wait for the blanket to cool completely in the open air.

Where To Put The Fire Blanket?

Place the fire blanket in an easily accessible location near locations with a high fire risk. For example,

  • It makes sense to keep it in the kitchen.
  • You can also place a second fire blanket in your car.
  • For ERPs, this device can be placed next to a fire extinguisher.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that a fire blanket is one of the most important items in your safety and survival kit because you never know when the fire breaks out and does all sorts of damage to your property or health. So, you should pick a fire blanket from the list of the best fire blanket consumer reports to ensure quick dousing of fire.