What is important for a sound sleep? Many believe that it is a warm, cozy and comfortable surface, which is the most important for having a sound sleep. Being warm becomes even more important during the winter season. While there are many products available for staying warm in the bed such as electric blankets, down comforter and so on, but what about the chills that you feel as you lay down on the bed. It takes time to warm up the bedsheets unless you are using flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are special sheets that are known for their ability to get warm quickly and remain comfortable throughout the duration of sleep of users. If you were thinking of having a unique sheet for a long time, then this is probably the best time to have one. You can take a look at the reviews of seven best flannel sheets consumer reports in the following section along with factors to consider before buying flannel sheets.

Reviews Of 7 Best Flannel Sheets

1. Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

Pinzon is a renowned brand when it comes to flannel sheets, and this product, which is made of 100% cotton is an epitome of flannel sheets. The sheet is warm, cozy, comfortable and breathable, which are the features that we all want to see in flannel sheets. The company has provided a double-napped finish to both sides of the sheet, which gives a velvety touch to the product. The sheet is coming in various sizes and colors, so you can choose the size and color as per your preference. When dirty, the sheets can be washed in a washing machine without affecting the quality of the sheets a bit. The quality of the sheets can be determined from the fact that the sheets meet OEKO-TEX standard factory setting. You can buy this flannel sheet without thinking too much, as it emanates quality and comfort.

2. Pinzon Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

Another excellent cotton flannel bed sheet, the highlight of this particular product is the deep pockets it has. The deep pockets given at the corner of the sheet allow pillow top mattress to sneak into the mattress, thus adding to the comfort. Besides the deep pockets, the flat sheet is quite long and wide to cover the entire mattress. The unit fits even on the high mattress, let’s say the queen-size pillow-top mattress on which a 4-inch foam topper has been kept. The flannel has originated from Portugal, so you can expect this sheet to be ultra-soft and comfortable. When it comes to cleaning this sheet, you can make use of your washing machine, as this product is washing machine safe.

3. Stone & Beam Rustic Buffalo Check Flannel Bed Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

Get this flannel sheet if you want to sleep comfortably in long winter nights. In this sheet, you will get a classic yarn-dried buffalo check, which gives a rustic look to the sheet. Made up of 100% cotton and that too coming from Portugal, the sheet meets the highest quality standards without a doubt. The flannel sheet is breathable and offers excellent air circulation. The warmth of this sheet comes from its double-napped finish.  The sheets come in a reusable drawstring bag, which you can use to store the sheets when not in use.

4. Pinzon Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

We have another flannel sheets from Pinzon, and this one is also a 100% cotton made product, which has come straight from Portugal, a country known for producing top quality flannel. This ultra-luxurious soft flannel sheet features a double-napped finish on both sides, which keeps the sheet warm and breathable. You will also like the velvety feel that the company has given to this flannel sheet. Moreover, it meets OEKO-TEX standard factory setting, which tells a lot about the quality of the product. Being able to be washed in a washing machine makes cleaning and maintenance of this flannel sheet a lot easier.

5. Eddie Bauer Flannel Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

Another 100% cotton product, but the feature that sets this flannel sheet apart is its unique design. The company has ensured that the sheet is developed to the highest standards by developing it through 8-stage brushing process. This sheet despite being ultra-soft is also quite durable, so you will rarely see it pilling away. The sheet absorbs moisture from your body and with every wash becomes softer as well. You can also fit this sheet into your mattress, thanks to its elastic fitting, which covers the entire sheet.

6. Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel 100-Percent Cotton Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

Pointehaven is made of 100% cotton and features a single-ply design. This flannel sheet is known for its utmost comfort and durability, which is second to none. This flannel sheet is available in multiple sizes and designs, so you can decide as to which size and color you want. With this flannel sheet laid down on your bed, you will stay warm and comfortable during the entire winter season. The elastic all-round design of the sheet allows it to fit different mattresses easily, whereas its brushed flannel cotton delivers softness to you. When dirty, you can put the sheet in the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning.

7. Stone & Beam Rustic Solid 100% Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set

best flannel sheets consumer report

Check out this 100% cotton flannel bed sheet, which is warm, cozy and comfortable. The sheet is available in many different colors, giving users options to select the color of their choice. If you are looking to buy a flannel sheet, then you will be surprised to find how soft, comfortable and incredibly breathable this sheet is. The flannel has come straight from Portugal, a country that is known for producing high-quality flannel sheets. The sheet is washing machine washable, thus making cleaning a breeze.

How To Choose The Best Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are opted by many people during winters because these sheets are good at insulating heat. The reason why these sheets are so good at insulating heat is due to the presence of small insulating air pockets that the sheets contain. Millions of pockets collect and hold the heat that is generated by your body throughout the night. The design of flannel sheets allows them to retain the heat even after you leave the bed, which is why these are so efficient in warming up your body as you get into the bed. Now that you know the benefits of linen sheets, it’s time to find out as what features to look for when buying such sheets.

Flannel Type

The first thing to check in a flannel sheet is the type of flannel used. There are two types of flannel sheets available on the market, which are, micro flannel and cotton flannel sheets. The difference between the two is that the former one is made of polyester whereas the latter is made of cotton. If you want to know which type of flannel is better in insulating heat, then it has to be polyester flannel.


While selecting a flannel sheet, you should consider the overall weight of the product rather than thread count. For ultimate comfort and insulation, a flannel sheet of 5 ounces is arguably the best, whereas 4-ounce is suitable for micro flannel. You should avoid getting a sheet with fat yarns, as those are difficult to take a nap on. Therefore, keep in mind the weight of flannel sheets more than anything else.


The place where the flannel is coming from is important for you to know. When it comes to the countries that produce the best flannel, those are Portugal and Germany. As far as micro flannel is concerned, China is producing the best fabric.


You need to avoid getting any blends whatsoever, be it cotton-polyester blends or any other type of blends because they may claim to provide a huge level of comfort and warmth, but then there are countless fiber clusters, which are difficult to pull away from the base fabric. These fiber clusters stick to the sheet and make the sheet tougher.

Cotton Flannel

Cotton flannel sheets are thick and comfortable, which allow them to keep up its shape for a long time. Cotton flannel sheets will make users feel drier because of their ability to absorb more moisture than polyester. This type of flannel sheet is breathable and offers users a better sleep. However, make sure to invest in a quality cotton flannel sheet or else you will have to deal with roughening of skin after a certain period of time.

Micro Flannel

The other type of flannel sheet is called micro flannel sheet, which has many advantages over cotton flannel such as soft construction. The main reason behind the added comfort is the inclusion of more thin filaments in the form of bunches. Micro flannel sheets are also easier to maintain especially when you know how to wash them. However, the sheets can become very thin at times, and also become sticky.

Flame Retardants

Many companies make use of hazardous chemicals while manufacturing flannel sheets, such as flame retardants, so you need to stay away from such products. Reason being, such products can affect your sleep in a negative way in multiple ways. Such sheets develop a foul smell after a certain time and not to forget, a degree of discomfort can be felt by users after the first few days of using the sheets.


Flannel sheets like all other bedsheets need to be washed, but the process of washing could be different. When these sheets come at your house, the fibers are already pushed down due to packaging. Therefore, when you wash the sheets a few times, the surface loosens and the fibers are able to retain their intended fluffiness. These sheets will shed lint over time because the fibers pull away from the basic fabric. However, 80 percent of the shedding is going to take place during the first wash cycle.

Wrapping Up

In the end, I would only like to add that you should invest in a cotton-based flannel sheet because that is more breathable, comfortable and easier to clean and maintain. Don’t opt for any blends because those will not remain comfortable for too long, plus they have other drawbacks as well. If you want to quickly make a decision, then I’d suggest that you should opt for a flannel sheet from the list of seven best flannel sheets consumer reports. Go through the review of each product and make a purchase.