Golf is among the most popular sports in the US. However, not many people practice golf in the country when compared to other sports because it requires the purchase of specialized equipment, which include golf clubs, golf shoes, and of course, golf balls. The total cost of golfing can be prohibitive for some, but for many people, it is their favorite sport that they enjoy playing whenever they have some spare time.

No matter if you buy the best golf rangefinder and the best golf push cart, until and unless you have the right golf balls to play with, you won’t find much success in golf. Choosing the right golf ball will help you achieve a lower score and make your golf experience even more enjoyable. So, you must buy the right golf ball set for yourself, which you can do by going through consumer reports golf balls reviews in the section down below.

Reviews Of 5 Best Golf Balls

1. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK (Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers)

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Supersoft is among the most popular golf balls for the past several years, and now the balls have become a lot better with the company adding an amazing cover, flight, and core technologies into the balls. The hybrid cover on the golf ball comes with an innovative PARALOID Impact Modifier, which is made by DOW chemical.

The golf ball boasts multi-material construction that allows it to travel at greater speeds from high launch with low spin, brilliant greenside control, and a soft feel. The soft compression core of the golf ball allows maximum transfer of energy to increase ball speeds along with promoting a high launch and low spin while using longer clubs to let the ball cover more distance. Even the HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to minimize the drag and improve the lift for better carry and higher flight.

2. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer)

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Check out these golf balls, which come with a 2.0 ZG Process solid core, which allows the balls to go larger distances. If you are playing golf for quite some time, yet hasn’t been able to get the kind of speed and spin that you were looking for in the first place, then you should try playing with these golf balls. For additional speed and lower long game spin, the golf ball comes with a high-flex casing layer, which is quite resilient as well.

The golf ball comes with a softer cast urethane elastomer cover, which increases greenside spin for a much better short game control. You are less likely to find golf balls as aerodynamic as these balls, thanks to its spherically tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design, which helps improve the distance along with providing a consistent and penetrating flight.

3. TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls (Best Golf Balls For Distance)

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This is another top-class golf ball manufacturer. You can buy TP5 and TP5x golf balls from this company, which comes with Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, which unlocks much better aerodynamics along with promoting maximum carry distances. Not just that, but with these golf balls, you will get a steep angle of descent for extra stopping power, especially when you are using long irons. You will not get a spinning tour ball as soft as TP5, which has an incredible stopping power inside 100 yards.

The golf ball comes with a soft cast urethane cover, which creates a much better greenside spin for enhanced control and precision to get as close as possible to the pin. The golf ball features a larger and more reactive core to store and release energy more efficiently. As a result, the ball gets a spring-like effect that leads to faster ball speeds and more coverage of distance. This golf ball has improved a lot over the years, so make sure you consider this one when making your final decision.

4. Polara Self-Correcting, Anti Slice Golf Balls

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If you are looking for self-correcting golf balls, then you have got a pack from Polara, which can help you with your problems with hooking or slicing off the tee. The golf ball is made with unique 2-piece construction that comprises an outer cover and central core. To play with this golf ball, you need to point the arrow on the golf ball right at the target or you can line it up with the fairway’s center after which, you need to play the golf ball where it is lying. Or, you can readjust the orientation of the ball to ensure that the arrow points at your target.

The self-correcting golf balls fly incredibly straight due to less aerodynamic lift compared to other golf balls. With less aerodynamic lift, you will be able to fix your hooks and slices along with getting reduced ball flight. This anti-slice golf ball is different from a normal golf ball because when you swing anti-slice golf ball and normal ball with the same swing, then the normal will go up to 100 ft., while the anti-slice will travel only 25 ft., thus keeping you in the fairway rather than in the rough. These golf balls are meant for recreational golfers, so don’t take them for tournament play.

5. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (Best Golf Balls For Accuracy)

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Here is another golf ball from TaylorMade, which has an ultra-soft feel and the ability to travel distances. The golf ball boasts 2-piece construction, which along with 77 compressions offers your golf ball the maximum speed. The golf ball features a 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern, which is designed to bring down the drag and encourage fast ball speeds off the tee. Another notable feature of this golf ball is that it provides high-velocity performance on all shots to ensure that the ball goes greater distances. The inclusion of a REACT Speed Core along with low-drag aerodynamics offer golfers an incredible golf playing experience where everything is about speed.

How To Pick a Good Golf Ball?

In playing a sport like a golf, the ball plays a crucial role. The choice of such an essential element must, therefore, be carried out with meticulousness to avoid errors detrimental to the player. Like a buying guide to the best golf balls, this article provides you with reliable advice on the factors to consider when choosing one.

Tips To Choose The Right Golf Ball

Compression and speed

Because the swing speed is generally higher for players with a low index finger, you should choose a ball whose design provides perfect resistance to it. A ball with such a characteristic is essential for preserving your quality of play by preventing it from becoming deformed. As for the compression, you should know that it decreases or increases depending on the swing speed.

Thus, beginners and women should prefer golf balls with compression between 70 and 80. Those with a compression of 90 are more suitable for men and finally, excellent players can turn to compression balls 100 or more. Bear in mind that you will rarely find such information with a price comparison engine. It is best to seek advice from specialists when purchasing.

Number of layers

The number of layers or parts is also one of the criteria that should not be overlooked if you want to know how to buy a better value golf ball. As a general rule, the new generation of products designed by manufacturers has several layers, between 2 and 3. They have the particularity of adding rear effect and are suitable for beginners or intermediate players.

If you are an experienced player, then opt for balls of 4 or 5 layers. These have the advantage of limiting this aforementioned backspin effect. As you can see, the choice of the number of layers is closely related to your level of play. It is for this reason that you absolutely must know this one to buy balls corresponding to your profile.

Level and type of game

Along with knowing where to buy a new golf ball, you should also consider your style and level of play when making your choice. Do not make any purchasing decision without first having thoroughly analyzed the type of practice that suits you in golf. If you can, try the balls on offer before you choose.

Ball fitting is even possible to find a model that meets your expectations for the type of game you play in golf. Regarding your level of play, know that 3 elements allow you to define the golf balls available in stores. These include distance, control, and spin. So move towards remote and/or control versions if you have a large index.

How To Use A Golf Ball?

You recently decided to start learning golf. Therefore, to formalize it, you bought some golf balls. But, unfortunately, you do not really know the practice of this sport. So, to help you better understand how this game works as well as how to use these balls, we invite you to read the various tips developed in these lines.

Read the specifications of your golf ball

There are three kinds of balls. Namely, the balls qualified as "spin", those of "control" and finally you have the models "distance". Each of these types was made for a specific level. Therefore, their characteristics are not the same. Indeed, the number of layers they contain is not the same and in addition, the speed and compression vary depending on the ball. All these details will influence the robustness of the ball, but also the effects that it will offer. To know the copy in your possession, read the description of your balls.

Check if your ball is suitable for your level

After reading the description of your balls, you are a little more informed about the model you have in your possession. On your side, assess your level to find out if your balls are really suitable for your techniques or not. Normally, the higher your level, the more you will need to find a "back effect" or "spin" in your ball. But if you are new to the field, you will need more "control" or even "distance".

Position yourself in relation to the ball

After checking, if the ball is suitable for you, you can start practicing. To do this, place it on its base. Next, bring your feet as close as possible to this point where it is located. Stand straight with your upper body tilted slightly forward. Then hold your club so that it follows the alignment of your left arm. You should know that your hands should be at the level of half of your left thigh.

Learn to hit the ball

If the previous tips indicate how to position yourself in relation to the ball, in this part, we will see how to perform the hitting movement. In relation to this, hold the previous position and then perform sideways movements. So that the ball can go in the direction you are aiming, place most of your weight on your left foot during the movement. It should also be specified that the club must strike at the base of the ball.

Maintain your ball after your round

Once you get home, clean your balls to prevent the dirt and bits of greenery from drying out on them. For this, use bullet washers. These products are visible on the routes. You can also scrub them with a brush dipped in soapy water or send them to the washing machine. Then, to dry them, use a bath towel. In addition, keep them in a dry place without direct sunlight.

Summing Up

It is very important to play golf with balls that give you confidence and make you feel comfortable. Once you've chosen the best ball for your game from the consumer reports golf balls reviews, you need to stick with it and not change it. Otherwise, you will have to constantly adapt to using different balls, which means your game may suffer and you will be less likely to score a good score. Find a sport you enjoy, and your game will improve as you practice.