A hair dryer is a perfect machine when you want to dry and style your wet hair in a jiffy. However, is a hair dryer a product that comes into the category of ‘one product fits all’? Of course not, so you need to buy a hair dryer that suits the length and texture of your hair and not to forget, your budget. The market is flooded with hair dryers with each having a unique set of features to offer to the users. If you are a frequent user of your hair dryer, then it is important that you have an efficient and reliable air-drying option available. Having a hair dryer that has a wide range of features and temperature settings is always an option worth considering. The sole motive of this entire discussion is to provide you with the details of the best hair dryer consumer reports. Taking the discussion forward, it’s time to check out the reviews of 10 top hair dryer contenders that can make it to your dressing table.

Reviews Of 10 Best Hair Dryers

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

The major highlight of this product is its weight, which is extremely light for a hair dryer. Despite its less weight, the dryer is quite powerful as it sports a 2000-watt motor, which is capable of drying your hair within minutes (talking about long hair here) to get ready on time on those rushed mornings. The unit gets the desired power from its titanium technology.

This is an ionic hair dryer, so you can expect shinier, silkier and smoother hair once you are done with drying the hair. You can change the speed and heat levels quite easily as the company has provided 6-speed and heat settings. After using the dryer, you can take out the cover on the filter in order to clean it. This particular step helps keep the performance of the dryer and prolong its life as well.

2. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

Want to have an ultra-lightweight yet highly professional hairdryer? Check out Rusk Engineering W8less Dryer, which operates on 2000-watt power. As a result, you get the quick drying of your hair. Weighing just 1 lb, this hairdryer is easiest to maneuver compared to other units. Coated with both ceramic and tourmaline, you can expect properly dried and smooth hair after using this product. Ceramic alone is ideal for fine hair, but when combined with tourmaline, it’s effectiveness increases manifolds. The combination of ceramic and tourmaline allows the dryer to be used on curly and afro hair.

The presence of tourmaline ensures the integrity of your cuticles by smoothening and sealing the breakage, thanks to its ability to naturally condition the hair. The time taken to dry hair is also reduced up to 50%, thanks to the negatively charged ions produced by tourmaline. The hairdryer comes with seven heat and speed settings, which along with the ‘cool shot’ button makes it a highly versatile unit. Besides the hairdryer, the package includes a concentrator nozzle for styling the hair.

3. GHD Helios Hair Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

Check out this piece of beauty, which you will want to keep looking at rather than using it to dry your hair. GHD has made an extremely lightweight unit, which allows you to use it for as long as you want, as it won’t cause pain to your hands and wrists. The hairdryer is packed with a brushless motor designed for speed, which can be further enhanced by connecting a contoured nozzle to the hairdryer. By connecting the nozzle, you will get concentrated airflow traveling at 75 miles per hour to expedite your hairstyling.

The company has developed this hairdryer keeping your styling experience in mind, which is why you will find cutting-edge technologies in the device such as, ‘bespoke acoustic system technology’, which keeps the noise level to the minimum while you’re using the hairdryer. The brushless motor of this hairdryer is quieter than motors used in other hairdryers and works twice as long as other motors. The presence of unique aerodynamic technology makes it possible for you to carry out intuitive styling with accurate controls to get salon-like results.

4. Sam Villa Professional Light Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

Sam Villa has developed a hairdryer that is known for its soft touch, but then, it can help you create the hairstyle of your choice in a matter of a few minutes. Despite being a compact hairdryer, it can give you salon-like results in no time. If you are interested in getting perfectly styled hairstyles, then you should get this hair dryer for sure.

With this hair dryer, you will get a removable filter, nozzle, and diffuser. The secret behind getting salon-like-shine is the presence of ceramic and tourmaline, which results in the release of negative ions, which make the hair look silky, shiny, and smooth. The hairdryer also boasts ‘Evolution Turbo Compressor’ technology to dry your hair in the most effective manner.

5. RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Dryer is specially designed to reduce hair drying time. The company has added both ceramic and tourmaline in the unit, which upon heating up will emit far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into the hair. The quality materials along with incredible technology in this hairdryer allow it to deliver frizz-free hair along with an unmatched shine besides drying your hair quickly.  To use the hairdryer, you can rinse your head with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Then, you can use this dryer to create different hairstyles with ease.

6. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

Take a look at this Italian-designed hairdryer, which scores full marks on looks as well as performance. A sleek, sculpted hair dryer, you can use it to dry your hair in around 30 percent less time than other units. The hairdryer works great on thick hair, thanks to the presence of ionic and ceramic technology, which efficiently hydrates the hair to ensure that their integrity and shine are preserved.

A professional looking hairdryer, you will find many salons using it because of its incredible performance and low noise levels. The hairdryer boasts 3 heat and 2-speed settings, which along with the ‘cool shot’ button make it a complete hairstyling unit. With the unit, you will get two concentrator nozzles. The absence of a diffuser is the only drawback of the unit.

7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Consumer Reports

Revlon is a brand that every hairstylist would know about because it makes quality products that can be used in daily lives without any issue. This one-step hair dryer and volumizer is a proficient heat tool that styles the hair as soon as it dries. A unique round design of the dryer dries up the hair quicker than any other hair dryer in the same power and price range. Talking more about the power, then you are looking at an 1100 watts machine that will deliver sufficient heat to dry the hair without causing any severe damage.

You can keep the dryer close to the roots of the hair to create volume. If you want to straighten the curls, even then, this hair dryer is extremely useful. You can create waves as well, which gives you a sleek look. The hair dryer makes use of negative ions that saturates the airflow to smooth and condition the hair as it dries. You can easily detangle the hair using the mixed bristle brush and get your hair styled in a minimum amount of time.

8. Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

When discussing the best hair dryers, it is quite obvious that Revlon products will take multiple spots and it is going in that direction only. Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer is designed to give you smooth hair in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, this hair dryer adds that required shine to any type of hair with any texture and style. The operation of this hair dryer is premised upon infrared heat, which efficiently dries the hair without inflicting much damage from the heat.

Moreover, the unit is also packed with ‘Tourmaline Ionic Technology’, which smooth the hair and reduce the frizz from the hair. Drying the hair frequently can cause damage to the hair and scalp, so to avoid that, the company has added a 3X ceramic coating. You can change the speed and heat level in the dryer as well, as it comes with 2 speed and heat settings. Overall, a great hair dryer for daily users and even those who want their hair styled for special occasions.

9. Infiniti Pro By Conair Hair Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

If you are looking for a hair dryer that can get you a salon-style hair, then this Infiniti Pro by Conair is the hair dryer to go with. You can easily dry your hair 50 percent faster than many hair dryers at the same price and power capacity. With two speed settings and three heat settings, you can style your hair as you like. I have really liked that ‘cool shot button’, which allowed me to set my favorite style and keep curls intact for a few days.

The hair dryer uses ionic technology that keeps the hair smooth and frizz-free. Moreover, it protects the hair from excessive heat damage as well. If you are fond of getting those wavy and curly hairs, then this hair dryer is for you as it incorporates a diffuser that helps you do those styles. Moreover, you can also get straight & sleek styles, courtesy of a concentrator.

10. Conair Vagabond Folding Handle Hair Dryer

best hair dryer consumer report

Let’s just address the unique feature of the product first, i.e., its foldable handle. A foldable handle allows you to take the hair dryer to the office, gym and many other places. This hair dryer weighs just 1lb, which according to me is the lightest when it comes to hair dryers. You can easily add it to your handbag as it won’t consume much space. The hair dryer has two heat and speed settings to get you that perfect hairstyle that you’ve been looking for. You can easily switch the voltage levels of the hair dryer using the switch given at the bottom of the dryer.

How To Choose The Best Hair Dryer?

As all hair dryers have a sole purpose, i.e., dry and style the hair, so how does an average user determine the right product? Well, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying a hair dryer.


If you have a thin, fine, dyed or damaged, then you should get a hair dryer that works at cooler temperatures such as 70 degrees Fahrenheit or so. If your hair is thick and coarse, then you can easily use a hair dryer in which the temperature goes from 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


A hair dryer that generates faster speed will definitely dry the hair quickly. This also means that the user won’t have to bear the heat long, thus preventing any excessive damage to the hair. Most hair dryer manufacturers aim to have a speed of 45 miles per hour in their hair dryers.

Time To Dry

The reason to buy a hair dryer is to dry up the hair as quickly as possible. If the hair dryer is taking 15 minutes or so to dry the hair, then that is no quickness. So, only put your money on the hair dryer that quickly dries up the hair.

Quality & Features

The build quality of the hair dryer is of paramount importance. It is going to be a plastic body, but it still needs to look and feel durable and elegant. Moreover, it should have a few features to give something extra to the users instead of just dry hair. Features such as diffusers and concentrators have become quite common in a hair dryer, so look for these (if not getting more) in the hair dryer you are looking to buy. Some hair dryers come with many useful features like ‘cool shot button’, ‘foldable handle’, ‘multiple voltage level adjustment’ and so on.

Types Of Hair Dryers

You will be surprised to know that there are different types of hair dryers available on the market with each one having a different set of features.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

As the name suggests, these dryers are made with solid ceramic plates, heaters or disks. These hair dryers use infrared heat to dry the hair both on the inside as well as outside. This happens when the molecules from inside of the hair are stimulated. As the hair comes in contact with the ceramic surface, the heat is generated. It is then distributed evenly, resulting in a shinier, silkier and frizz-free hair.

Ionic Hair Dryers

These hair dryers break down large droplets of water into small drops, then these small drops get easily absorbed directly into the hair. What this does is this makes hair look shiny and prevent frizz as well.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

These hair dryers’ uses crushed natural gemstones to produce the heat. Tourmaline has the ability to produce infrared energy, which will transform even damaged hair into a shiny, silky and healthy hair.

Final Verdict

Getting beautiful hair is everybody’s dream and with so many hair products available on the market, hair becomes more damaged instead of getting beautiful. One of the most important products when it comes to maintaining the health of hair is a hair dryer. With so many hair dryers available on the market, it becomes a tedious task to find the best hair dryer consumer reports, but you will get all the help you require from this review guide, as I have discussed 10 of the best hair dryers that are available online. Go through the reviews and decide which hair dryer suits you the best.

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