A tired body needs nothing except a good massage. While there may be many massage parlors in your city, but can you afford to go there every time, I guess not. Therefore, you need to find an alternative to the massage parlors, which is present in bringing the massagers to your house. In this way, you will be able to get the best massage whenever you want and for as long as you want. When it comes to in-house massaging machines, you will be spoilt for choices, as there are so many available at your disposal.

Products like massage chairs can be bought, which allow you to sit back and relax while the massaging mechanism does its task in a sublime fashion. You can also consider getting a back massager in case, your back and neck hurt the most. There are plenty of options to choose from, but if you are looking for a product, which can be handled easily, then you should perhaps take a look at the best handheld massager consumer reports in which 10 of the best products are reviewed in detail.

Reviewing 10 Best Handheld Massagers

1. Renpho Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

best handheld massager consumer report

Being the main earner for your home, you have the right to stay fit and healthy. You can’t let the tiredness and fatigue get the better out of you. Investing in a quality massager is something that you should do on a priority basis and if you were looking to buy a handheld massager, then please consider Renpho Handheld Massager. The product is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which houses a powerful motor along with a long-lasting Li-ion battery for powerful deep tissue massage to help you relieve from muscle tensions, knots and all sorts of body pains.

A long and durable handle allows you to reach any part of the body with ease. The powerful motor of the unit rotates at the speed of 3600 RPM, which results in a perfect deep tissue massage. It also stops automatically after 20 minutes of use to prevent overheating. With this massager, you will get 5 interchangeable massage heads for massaging different parts of the body. The round ball head is made of hard plastic, which you can use for deep tissue massage. For softer massage, you can attach rubber-coated 3-point heads. The built-in battery runs for 120 minutes nonstop, after which, you will have to recharge it. Overall, a brilliant unit, which delivers what it says.

2. VIVREAL LY-651A Handheld Back Massager 

best handheld massager consumer report

Another top-class product, which has the ability to relieve you from different types of body pains. The massager features an ergonomic motor, which is made up of copper, thus having a longer life and better performance. Then, there is a Li-ion battery, which offers a runtime of 100 minutes. A good thing about this unit is that it shuts down after 15 minutes of using to avoid overheating.

As far as the massage modes are concerned, then it has got six of them, which target different body parts effectively. The unit has got six-speed settings to choose from. Being an electric percussion massager, safety is of paramount importance, which is exactly what you get in this machine.

3. WuBeFine Massage Gun Professional Handheld Deep Muscle Massager 

best handheld massager consumer report

This massager is in the form of a gun, which also means it is a much better handheld device. The massage gun sends pulses of pressure, which penetrate deep into the muscle tissue causing great relief to the person suffering from muscle pain. The unit features five massage heads to target different parts of the body. Moreover, it has 30 variable speeds to choose from, so you can select the speed that you’re most comfortable with.

A 24V brushless motor aids in the proper functioning of the massage gun and that too without producing much noise. The massage gun is easy to use, thanks to the ergonomic silicone handle attached to the main unit. You can also carry the unit easily by putting it inside the carrying case, which comes along with it.

4. MIGHTY BLISS Deep Tissue Massager 

best handheld massager consumer report

This is another high-quality product, which is bound to give you huge relief from muscle soreness, stiffness, pain, knots, and many other issues. The massager comes along with 6 versatile heads, which can deliver excellent massages in different parts of the body. Despite being a deep tissue massager, it doesn’t weigh too much and is quite portable as well.

It even rates low on the noise level, which is an excellent feature. Sporting a cordless design allows you to carry the unit anywhere. Even the battery life of the massager is around 2 hours, so you don’t have to worry about charging it during outdoor use. The powerful motor of the massager rotates at 3700 RPM, which delivers intense massaging.

5. IntiMD BFGun HyperDrive Percussive Therapy Muscle Massager Gun 

best handheld massager consumer report

IntiMD BFGun is a massager gun, which is equipped with HyperDrive Percussive Therapy to deliver instant relief from different types of body pains. The massage gun sends short yet effective pulses of pressure, which penetrate deep into the tissue resulting in the repair of tissues. The massage gun due to its linear percussive action results in increased blood flow in the areas affected by pain.

You will feel an instant change in the motion and function of that particular area. Another benefit of percussive massage is a gentle stretch it offers to the muscles and connective tissues, which in turn enhances its performance and responsiveness. Overall, a great product for fitness professionals and athletes who want something nice and effective for pre-work warm-ups and post-workout warm-downs.

6. Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Massage

best handheld massager consumer report

If you are looking for a hi-tech handheld massager, then this model can fulfill your requirements, as it comes with a microchip programming for producing rhythmic pressure to deliver a soothing massage experience. If you love the sensation of hand kneading, then this massager will imitate it like no other unit. If you don’t like intense massage, then don’t worry, you can easily adjust the speed and pressure of the unit to match your needs.

You can even get a head massage with this massager, as it features a hand massager with deep infrared heat energy. The subtle heat offered by this massager reduces numbness, soreness and fatigue from fingers along with enhancing blood circulation. Sporting three air pressure options, you won’t find a better hand massager than this one. Running on AA batteries makes this model portable and travel-friendly.

7. TYMO Back Massager Handheld with Heat

best handheld massager consumer report

TYMO Handheld massager is a premium looking massager, which is no short of amazing features. It is so efficient that sports personalities use it to relieve different body pains. Being a deep tissue percussion massager allows it to deliver professional massage experience. Another great aspect of the product is that you get Spa-level comfort with it and at a place of your choosy, be it home or office.

Coming to the accessories that it comes with, then those include 5 interchangeable nodes, which allow it to target specific body parts for pin-point comfort. If you like the feel of shiatsu massage, then this massager will mimic that to provide great comfort to your body. A fully customized massage experience is what you get with this massager, courtesy of 3 massage modes and 5 adjustable intensity settings.

8. InvoSpa Handheld Percussion Back Massager 

best handheld massager consumer report

While this handheld massager has all the features that you will find in its contemporaries, but what sets it apart from the rest of the lot is the 12 percussion modes, which deliver a fulfilling massage experience. The massager comes with 10 adjustable speeds, which allow you to choose the speed you’re most comfortable with. The flawless mechanism of the massager is managed and controlled by a powerful motor, which delivers 3200 pulses in a minute. You will feel instant relief from pain, which is also the main aim of the product.

The presence of features like deep tissue massage and overheat protection raise the ratings of the product a lot higher. Using this massager is a breeze, thanks to the anti-slip handle it comes with. It offers a good grip, which combines with the incredible design of the massager helps deliver a great massage. You can use this massager on any part of your body, but you will have to change the speed. With this massager, you will get 6 different massage heads for massaging different parts of the body.

9. HoMove Hand Roller Massager

best handheld massager consumer report

HoMove is counted among the top brands for manufacturing handheld massagers and rightfully so. It has developed some feature-packed and affordable units in recent times. The massager in the discussion is a palm massager, which works with focusing on specific acupuncture points. The massager gives you the option to adjust the intensity and pressure on your hands, which in turn helps relieve stress and stiffness. You can change the intensity and air pressure levels to low, medium and high depending upon your comfort.

The massager also has 5 sets of airbags along with 3 sets of air valves, which help render excellent massage to the users. The ability to swing 360 degrees is another notable feature in the unit. It also features a heat setting, which you can turn on if you want to add gentle heat along with the massage. If you don’t want to use this option, then keep it off. This massager is very effective for eradicating pain and discomfort in your hands.

10. WAPIKE Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

best handheld massager consumer report

The final product on the list is from WAPIKE, and this massager is in the form of a gun. If one or more of your body parts are in pain for quite some time, then it’s time to eliminate the pain once and for all. Get this massager gun, which is equipped with deep tissue massage capabilities for bringing a comprehensive relief to the body along with promoting muscle repair, restoring body cells and promoting blood flow.

Sporting a powerful and quiet motor that runs at around 3200 RPM, you can rest assured of a great massaging experience. The powerful motor is accompanied by 6 massage heads and 30-speed levels, so all you need to do is attach the correct massage head and choose the right speed in order to enjoy the most soothing massage. The company has used a high-quality li-ion battery, which has a power of 2000mAh, sufficient to run for 6.5 hours.

An LED battery indicator is also provided, which displays the battery power so that you don’t have to worry about power outages. Weighing just 2.2lbs, you won’t feel any fatigue picking this massager in your hand for massaging your body parts. The experience is further enhanced by the anti-slip silicone grip, which won’t let the massager slip out of your hands while massaging a part that is slightly harder to reach.

Summing Up

In the end, I would only like to mention that no matter if you are dealing with different body pains or you just want to warm up and warm down yourself before and after the workout session respectively, you should get a handheld massager. This product will help you get rid of the body niggle that has kept you away from using your full potential at home or work. You can take the help of the reviews of 10 best handheld massager consumer reports to identify the most suitable massager for your needs.