We all think our home is the safest place for our family until we hear the footsteps in the middle of the night. It is good that you have installed a simplisafe at multiple spots of your house, but you need to ensure that your precious belongings, your assets are safe, which could be your jewelry sets, cash, your property documents and other things that you think are valuable to you. For that, you can only trust the best home. If you understand the seriousness of the matter, then you would definitely be interested in buying a home safe, but which one is good, you may ask. Well, take a look at the 10 best home safes consumer reports and find it out yourself.

Reviews Of 10 Best Home Safes

1. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad (Best Home Safe Against Burglary)

best home safes consumer reports

If you want to buy a fireproof combination safe, then don’t look beyond SentrySafe SFW123DGC Safe, which offers up to 1 hour of protection against fire up to 1700 degrees. You will get 1.23 cu. ft., space inside the safe, which is good enough to keep all your precious belongings such as jewelry, cash, confidential documents, and more.

The safe is not just fire-resistant, but impact-resistant as well, as it has been thrown from a height of 15 feet and nothing happened to it. ETL certification validates that claim too. For additional security, the safe has got 4 live locking bolts along with a combination lock, which you can set with three numbers. This safe will give burglars a tough time because it won’t open that easily no matter how smart and experienced the burglars are.

2. AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe 50SAM

best home safes consumer reports

This is another product from AmazonBasics, and just like its siblings, it is too quite easy to use, thanks to programmable electronic keypad and handle. The safe is built from heavy-duty carbon steel construction, which makes the unit durable. Then, there is an 8-gauge steel door protecting your belongings from everyone. On the steel door are attached two live-door bolts for added security.

The safe includes pry-resistant hinges, which are made up of 14-gauge steel, and these hinges are completely hidden. You can hang the safe on the wall or floor, thanks to the inclusion of pre-drilled mounting holes. The company has made arrangements for the worst scenarios as well, such as keypad not working by incorporating an emergency backup key.

3. TIGERKING Security Home Safe

best home safes consumer reports

Starting with the construction of this home safe, then that includes highly durable steel material, which is thick, reliable, and long-lasting. The safe features 6 live-locking bolts, which provides the best protection from forced entry. Coming to the interior of the safe, then you will get a large space, as this is a 2.05 cu. ft., capacity unit. Therefore, you can store cash, jewelry, pistol, documents, and even a laptop inside the safe. There are shelves inside the safe, which are fully adjustable and removable. The inside locking box provides an additional layer of protection.

The safe comes with a digital lock, so you just need to set the combination and use it whenever you want to open the safe. Then, there is an override key included in the safe to give you access to the safe in case you have forgotten the combination. The safe also comes with a secondary lock for added security. If someone tries to open the safe and enter incorrect combinations three times, then it will activate the alarm system, which can only be stopped after entering the correct combination.

4. AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

best home safes consumer reports

If you are looking for a compact, yet highly durable safe lockbox, then you can consider this one from AmazonBasics. It has a 0.5 cu. ft., capacity and can accommodate a variety of items such as legal documents, cash, jewelry, passports, and more. The safe is entirely made of steel and incorporates a scratchproof carpeted floor. You can access your belongings inside the safe only digitally, and if you want to reprogram the controls, then you can definitely do that.

There are two override keys, which can come in handy in precarious situations. The lock to this safe is electronic, so nobody is going to barge into your safe and steal stuff. There are two live-door bolts attached to the safe along with pry-resistant hinges. The interior shelf of this safe is fully adjustable and if you don’t need the shelf, then you can easily remove it. The company provides mounting hardware, which can be used to bolt the safe to the wall, shelf, or floor.

5. SereneLife SLSFE14 Safe And Lock Box 

best home safes consumer reports

Take a look at this safe box, which is constructed using reinforced solid steel. The door and the locking bolts of the safe are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and offers a splendid finish to the safe. The safe is easy to install, thanks to pre-drilled holes for floor and wall mounting. The package includes mounting bolts and 4 AA batteries to control the digital panel.

You can easily access your valuables stored inside the safe, even if you have forgotten the combination, thanks to mechanical override function. With this safe, you will get two keys for manual access. The safe’s combination comes with a digital touch control pad for enhanced security. You will have to use your thumb to open the safe while making sure that the thumb is dry. You can keep a wide range of your personal belongings safe in this safe.

6. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe

best home safes consumer reports

This is among the top-selling safes on the market right now. It is equipped with an easy-to-program digital keypad, which makes locking and unlocking the safe a breeze. You just need to enter the right combination and the safe will open. Then, there are two emergency keys included in the safe to help you open the safe in case you can’t remember the combination.

Coming to the capacity of the unit, that sits around 0.2 cu. ft., which allows you to keep a few of your precious belongings safely. The mini safe box is constructed from reinforced solid steel, whereas the door and locking bolts are made from corrosion-resistant steel and have a powered finish. The safe features a magnetic lock for auto-locking, which enhances the security manifolds.

7. SLYPNOS Electronic Digital Security Safe Box Lock Box

best home safes consumer reports

This is another highly durable safe, which is made up of solid steel. There is a powder coating done on the safe, which adds to the reliability of the safe and makes it last long, really long. The safe features a soft carpeted floor, as an additional protective layer to prevent your precious possessions from getting damaged. The company has used 2mm thick solid steel for constructing the safe’s body, while it’s front door is 4mm thick.

The safe comes with 3 live-door bolts, which are 20mm thick, which along with pry-resistant concealed hinges offer top-notch security. You can mount this safe into the floor, shelf, or wall, thanks to the 4 bolts that come included in the package. The inside of the safe features a shelf to properly organize your belongings, which is also fully adjustable.

In case, you don’t need the shelf, then you remove it as well. As far as opening the safe is concerned, then there are two sets of codes to open it, which are personal code and master code. If you have guests in the house, who want to keep their things in the safe, then you can tell them a personal code while keeping the master code to yourself.

 In case, you forget both the codes, then there are two override keys for manual access. The safe incorporates digital keypad with the water-resistant film along with three indicator lights to make it easy for you to access the safe. In the package, you will get pre-drilled holes for floor or wall mounting, 4 AA batteries, and mounting bolts

8. Stalwart Extra-Large Digital Safe-Electronic 65-EA-50

best home safes consumer reports

Get this electronic digital safe by Stalwart to protect your precious belongings and documents. You can keep a wide range of things in this safe with peace of mind, thanks to its extra-large size.

The safe is passcode protected, which is what makes it ideal for home and business. You can mount the safe to the wall or floor, wherever you feel more convenient. The company provides two manual override keys with the unit to help you retrieve your belongings whenever required.

9. BARSKA Large Biometric Safe (Best Biometric Safe)

best home safes consumer reports

This is a beast of a safe, which is constructed from solid steel and best quality biometrics. The safe boasts foolproof fingerprint security, and it can save up to 120 fingerprints. The safe has a capacity of 1.45 cu. ft., which is good enough to keep all your cash, jewels, documents, laptop, and even handguns.

The advanced fingerprint lock is quick to react, thus letting you access the safe in just 2 seconds even in the dark. The quality construction of the unit makes it immune to prying, tempering, and lock picking. The safe incorporates a concealed keyhole along with keys to manually access the safe in case you forget the combination. Or, you can connect the emergency battery pack for the same.

10. First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe (Best Fireproof Safe For Crash)

best home safes consumer reports

Check out this incredible home safe, which is packed with ‘Ready-Seal Technology’, a patented mechanism to ensure that all that is inside the safe remains locked without bolting down the safe. The safe’s interior has a capacity of 0.94 cu. ft., which is sufficient for keeping a variety of precious items in a secure manner. The safe features 4 live-locking door bolts for added security, as those keep the door locked firmly in its place.

With the inclusion of a combination lock, you can set your own code to access the safe. In case, you forget the combination, then the company has added two emergency override keys on the exterior of the safe in a concealed manner. The safe is capable of withstanding fire up to 1700 degrees for up to 1 hour while maintaining the internal temperature at 350 degrees. The safe besides being fire-resistant is waterproof as well, thus keeping your belongings safe even if it is fully submerged in water. The safe can float, thus making it easier for you to locate it during floods.


There is no denying the fact that a home safe should be there in your house if you want to ensure the safety of your valuable assets, and the reviews of 10 best home safes consumer reports must have helped you get as close as possible to making that final decision. However, if you are still confused, then just think what types of assets you want to keep in the safe, and based on those, you can decide as to which home safe suits you the best.