Saunas have been a part of our world for the past many decades. While some of us might be aware of saunas from a very small age, but many came to know about it at a very late stage. If you are familiar with saunas, then you will agree with me on the fact that saunas offer a great way to rejuvenate mind and body. Traditional saunas exist since the 1890s, but nowadays, saunas are equipped with all sorts of technologies. If you are planning to have a sauna installed in your house, then you will find a number of options in ‘Infrared saunas’.

Yes, that’s right, traditional saunas are no longer in use. Now, infrared saunas are used for quick and long-lasting heating. There is no comparison between traditional heaters and infrared saunas because the latter one is a lot more advanced and capable. To find out as to which is the best infrared sauna consumer reports, kindly check out the next section in which we have discussed reviews of five top infrared saunas that are being sold online.

Reviews Of 5 Best Infrared Saunas Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Canadian Hemlock Wood Sauna 

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First of all, let me just applaud the company for using such a durable Canadian wood in this product. That makes the overall structure extremely formidable. Now coming to what this infrared sauna has got, then it comprises of 7 far-infrared heaters made of carbon fiber, which will heat up the sauna quickly and distribute it evenly as well. This results in maximization of the heating areas, resulting in a comprehensive operation of the unit. You can place this sauna anywhere you want, as it won’t consume much space in the house. The unit sports a transparent door, which is made up of safety glass capable of tolerating high temperatures that is generated inside the sauna.

Moreover, the person taking the sauna can easily see what’s going outside through the door. You can assemble this sauna without using any tool, and the same goes with disassembling, as you can easily buckle the panels. You will get a high-quality sound system in the unit, which comprises of two top-class speakers along with an amplifier that makes use of a 3.5mm aux plug. The sound system also includes a volume rocker and an on/off switch. You can use the system with a portable radio as well.

You will really like the interior of this amazing sauna unit because it is lined with LED lighting, which will save you more than 50 percent off your electricity bills and illuminate the unit much better than conventional bulbs. You can control this unit easily, courtesy of digital control panel, so adjust to a certain temperature and duration settings without any issue.

2. Durherm Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna

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This is another sauna for health-conscious people, as it has been designed in such a way that it generates heat waves that emit more negative ions and infrared heat than any other sauna. Durhem has always been known to manufacture products that are equipped with advanced technologies. This sauna is no different, as it incorporates a cutting-edge technology and a wide array of useful features. The first impression of this sauna will make you feel like as if it is a large quilted bag with a canvas folding chair, which you can place inside your house.

The quilted fabric offers better heat circulation and the integrated footpad tent offers optimum heat to your lower body, thus letting you have the maximum benefits. The sauna consists of three separate heaters that are made up of superconductive material and ultra-thin tourmaline panels, which help reduce the power consumption, but doesn’t affect the functioning of the unit. This sauna can be easily cleaned, unlike many other sauna units. This sauna consists of powerful tourmaline crystals that fast-track the elimination process. Apart from that, the sauna emits low EMF, thus making this product safe for users as well as the environment.

3. Dynamic Saunas 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

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An environment friendly sauna system, this sauna is designed using reforested Canadian Hemlock with the walls of the sauna being double paneled by making use of the thickest wood planks on the inner side. The entire motive of doing so is to ensure that the sauna retains more heat and consumes less energy. The best operation of this sauna system can be achieved at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, despite its ability to go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Talking more about the heat, the sauna system consists of half a dozen of low EMF infrared carbon heating panels, which will evenly distribute the heat throughout the unit. Moreover, these are energy efficient panels, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. These panels won’t experience any major wear and tear, so you don’t have to change these panels ever. Compared to the ceramic tubes, the heating panels are 30 percent larger, thus penetrating the skin a lot deeper, around 40 percent more.

To control the temperature of the sauna, play your favorite music or see the time, you get dual interior & exterior soft touch control panels along with beautiful LED displays. The sauna consists of built-in MP3 auxiliary connection speakers that have a loud and clear sound output. Overall, this sauna system is excellent for homes with limited space.

4. Sante Fe Infrared 3 Person Carbon Sauna

Best Infrared Sauna Consumer Reports

I don’t think there is any other infrared sauna system that is as good as the one I’m going to discuss right now. It is packed with some of the best features that this niche has to offer and it doesn’t take much space in the room you decide to put it in. Don’t underestimate the machine despite its small size because it can easily fit in 3 persons.

Now, let’s discuss how hot does it get; so it can operate at a temperature of around 141 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to 7 carbon heaters that are installed in the unit. The unit is going to heat up fast, but I won’t say the same thing for the power bill. The temperature can be easily regulated with the help of dual interior and exterior controls, plus you can easily adjust the lighting as per your mood. For entertainment, you are getting slots for inserting CDs and MP3 plugin.

The interior of this unit consists of soft backrests, towel hooks, and a magazine rack to make the overall sauna experience as comfortable as it gets. The transparent door of the unit adds to the elegance of the unit, plus it allows users to see what’s going on outside whilst enjoying the sauna. You can easily assemble this unit, thanks to the sturdy hemlock tongue and groove panel, which by the way look great as well.

5. Western Pacific 4 Person Outdoor Sauna

Best Infrared Sauna Consumer Reports

This sauna is specifically designed for outdoors. You can easily install it in your backyard garden and enjoy a perfect sauna bath at your will, without making any compromise to your house space. The wooden panel is made from hemlock wood, which is 100% waterproof. Even the material used in the roof is 100% waterproof, thus providing an all-round protection to the unit from the water. To see what’s happening outside, weather-sealed glass doors and windows have been installed.

The sauna sports a digital control panel that can be easily used to adjust the temperature, play/change music with Mp3/auxiliary input. For a great sound output, you will find two quality speakers installed in the unit. If you are more into reading, then you will get an ample amount of light with 4 LEDs that are added in the sauna.

The sauna operates at temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and it takes just 30 minutes to heat up the unit. Moreover, the inclusion of half a dozen of ceramic heaters and a couple of heaters under the sitting area ensures even distribution of heat. You can soak in the benefits of a sauna and serene beauty of nature at the same time with this sauna unit.

How do Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared saunas emit infrared rays that penetrate inside your body, thus offering a great deal of relaxation to your body. Don’t worry about the infrared radiations, as these are totally safe for your body. The sitting area is surrounded by carbon fiber based panels, which offer direct heat to the body. As your body heats, the surrounding environment also is heated up and spread evenly throughout the cabin.

With the increase in heat, your body sweat profusely, which leads to a reduction in toxins from the body and triggers a sense of relaxation by your nervous system. The sauna therapy takes 15-20 minutes and the moment it ends, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to get going in a smooth fashion for multiple days.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Infrared Sauna:

Name & Reputation Of The Company

You need to check as to how long the company has been there in the field. A company having a good name and reputation is where you need to invest your money in.

Wood Cabinet

Check as to what type of wood and materials have been used in the sauna. Make sure that the wood is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any toxic materials.


You need to pay attention to the heating element, whether it is originally designed to be used in the health industry. Moreover, the heater emits low EMF because high emissions are dangerous for you as well as the environment.

High Emissions

The heating element should emit infrared in order to easily penetrate your body. The high efficiency of the heating element is also a feature that you should look for.

Final Verdict

Infrared saunas can be an incredible machine to uplift your health, but you need to make sure that the quality of material used in the sauna is top-notch. The sauna must generate a high amount of heat in a short period of time and it should be distributed throughout the sauna. If you are looking to get an infrared sauna that provides the maximum health benefits and is also safe for the environment, then you must go for it. For that, you need to go through the reviews of the best infrared sauna consumer reports. You don’t have to spend long hours scouting for the right sauna system when you can select the product in a matter of a few minutes.