Almost 1 in 5 coffees consumed in the world are found to be instant coffee. It has a more stimulating effect compared to other varieties of coffee and is differentiated precisely by its processing and preparation processes. Another benefit of buying instant coffee is that you don’t need to buy a coffee maker to brew the coffee. All you need to do is add the coffee into your coffee mug, pour hot or cold water depending upon the type of drink you want to make, stir and enjoy.

If you have a coffee maker, don’t worry, you can still use it to prepare different types of coffee or use it when you don’t feel like having instant coffee. Instant coffee is available in three forms, granular, sublime, and powder, and you can determine the most suitable type of coffee for your daily coffee requirements by going through the reviews of the 5 best instant coffee consumer reports followed by detailed buying guide.

Reviews Of 5 Best Instant Coffees

1. Rapidfire Ketogenic Coffee N10794

best instant coffee consumer reports

If you love Hazelnut flavor in coffee, then you should buy this green mountain coffee from RapidFire. This ketogenic coffee consists of MCTs from coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and a hint of Himalayan salt that gives you a satisfying cup of coffee that also helps you burn fat, thanks to its low-carb properties. The coffee contains a high volume of MCTs and healthy fatty acids that enhance your body’s production of ketones to ensure better metabolism, brain function, and weight loss.

The coffee contains no soy, gluten, or artificial ingredients. Your ketone energy is metabolized instead of stored as fat. This coffee is ideal if you are looking to shred that extra fat off your belly and become slim. The coffee only has 100 calories per serving and you will feel full after consuming it. Just add 2 tbsp., of coffee mix with 8 oz., of hot or cold water and drink it every morning to get top results.

2. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Colombia Coffee

best instant coffee consumer reports

Starbucks brings to you one of its most amazing Columbia coffee that is made of top-quality Arabica coffee beans. What you will like the most about this coffee is its signature nutty flavor, which remains in the mouth for a long. To make the coffee, you just need to tear open the packet, pour the coffee into your favorite coffee mug, add hot water and wait for 10 seconds.

Stir the coffee and enjoy nice and hot coffee in the comfort of your house. This coffee comes to you in single-serve, ready-to-brew packets, thus letting you enjoy the coffee anywhere, anytime. One box of Starbucks Columbian Coffee contains 50 packets, so you can enjoy the coffee for a few weeks.

3. Maxwell House International Café-Style Instant Coffee Beverage Mix

best instant coffee consumer reports

Maxwell House International has come up with a café-style instant coffee that has a creamy flavor. If you love coffee but don’t have time to grind and brew it on your best grind and brew coffee maker due to time constraints, then you should buy this instant coffee from Maxwell House International. The rich and creamy flavor of the coffee remains consistent till the last drop. The coffee easily dissolves in hot water or milk, so if you don’t have a brewer, don’t worry, you don’t need it anyways.

The smooth texture of the coffee results in rich and creamy coffee without doing much effort. The company delivers coffee mix in re-saleable canisters with each canister having around 9 servings. This is a certified Kosher instant coffee, so if you buy only Kosher products, then this coffee is perfect for you.

4. Medaglia D'Oro Espresso Style Instant Coffee

best instant coffee consumer reports

If you like Espresso style coffee, then you should get a jar of Medaglia D’Oro Espresso Style Instant Coffee, which comes in a pack of 10 jars, each having 2 oz., of coffee. The jar consists of a mixture of premium-quality espresso coffees, which are double roasted to give you the traditional flavor of espresso coffee.

Preparing this coffee is very easy, as you just need to add boiling water and that’s it; your coffee is ready. The company has used the finest quality coffee beans, which are roasted and ground for a rich aroma and robust flavor. You will like the consistency in flavor, which comes from the selection of quality beans and then, processing them in the most suitable way.

5. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals

best instant coffee consumer reports

Folgers is another top brand that is known for producing instant coffee. Check out this product, which contains 6-12 oz., flip-top jars of Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals that are very easy to open. This is a medium roast coffee from Folgers, which has 100% authentic flavor and a rich aroma to mesmerize you. The coffee can get ready in seconds and that too without a coffee maker. You just need to add hot water or milk, then wait for a few seconds, and finally, stir to get the coffee of your choice.

Instant Coffee Buying Guide

Unlike a few decades ago, the instant coffee market offers a wide range of different products. The consumer has a real choice between a whole range of different preparations.

Different Types Of Instant Coffees

The coffee you taste is obtained from a long, high-tech process that you will be hard-pressed to imagine. Processing and storage define not only the quality but also the type of coffee.

Pure Arabica Instant Coffee

Pure Arabica instant coffee comes from an Abyssinian coffee tree, a shrub that can reach 5 to 6 meters tall. It represents two-thirds of world production. Pure Arabica instant coffee is categorized by premium coffees. The level of caffeine in pure Arabica varies between 1.2% and 1.5%.

With a low caffeine content, it's still as great for kids as it is for coffee lovers. It is even possible to consume up to 5-6 cups of pure Arabica instant coffee per day.

Robusta-based Instant coffee

Robusta instant coffee comes from a shrub of the species C. Canephora. It is mainly found in the subequatorial plains of Central and West Africa. This large shrub can grow up to 10 to 12 meters tall.

The central furrow of the Robusta is straighter. Robusta coffee beans are the most widely used in instant coffee production in the world. Instant coffee made from Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica at a rate of 3%. Regarding the taste, unlike Arabica, instant Robusta coffee is more full-bodied and has a powerful taste.

Instant Coffee Made From Blends

This type of instant coffee is the result of the blend of Arabica coffee and Robusta. Its assembly will reduce the bitter taste of caffeine. Depending on the brand, it is possible to mix 100% Arabica and 100% Robusta. Thanks to the convenience of instant coffee and its instructions for use, this type of coffee is available in large hotels.

However, some brands offer blends other than Arabica and Robusta. If you mix Robusta with an instant blend-based coffee and an espresso coffee, you will get an espresso where the cream and smooth foams will be seen around your cups.

Instant Decaffeinated Coffee

If you can't stand caffeine or can't deprive yourself of coffee before bed at night, decaffeinated instant coffee is a great option. Indeed, you can have a cup without necessarily affecting the quality of your sleep. Despite the absence of caffeine, it offers roughly the same nutritional values and contains as many antioxidants as regular coffee.

At times, it is said that decaffeinated coffee is not good and causes major health problems. However, studies about these claims are still ongoing to confirm this hypothesis. The important thing is moderation because it is this, which will be the guarantee of your health today and tomorrow.

Gourmet Instant Coffee

The gourmet instant coffee offers a very varied taste. It can be presented with, among other things, hazelnut, vanilla, almond, or caramel flavors. You can even prepare a Mocaccino or a cappuccino with gourmet instant coffee. It is an excellent accompaniment to desserts, cookies, or pancakes.

It is distinguished among other things by the sweetness and refinement of its aromas. A gourmet instant coffee does not have a strong taste. It is also used to create original recipes such as gourmet autumn coffee. By its name, gourmet instant coffee is intended for gourmets, lovers of creamy and tasty drinks.

How To Choose Your Instant Instant Coffee

The choice of your instant coffee depends on many parameters, mainly the taste and aromas. Here are the criteria you should never neglect to fully enjoy your cup of instant coffee.


The taste really depends on the coffee processing process. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a light coffee or a stronger coffee. Atomized instant coffee is sweeter, while freeze-dried instant coffee tastes a little bitterer after conventional brewing.


Although instant coffee powder already has aromatic molecules after roasting, it is possible to add other natural flavors during preparation. Assembling several aromas in the same instant coffee is not a problem. However, the ideal coffee will have a balanced taste and flavor for a more exceptional tasting of the drink.


There are many varieties of coffee, Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee are the most famous in the market. The former is the oldest offering a smoother and more flavorful drink while instant coffee made with Robusta is intended for those who like a stronger coffee and a more pungent flavor.

Energy Boost

Caffeine is the main energy tone found in coffee. It is known to improve overall strength and has a diuretic effect. This drink increases the work of striated muscles and restores liveliness to tired muscles. To start the day, a cup of coffee with a good dose of caffeine can boost your energy and productivity.

Drying Technique

The first technique is atomization. It is a process of dehydrating coffee after roasting. The powder obtained will then be agglomerated to give a taste of fresh coffee. The second, freeze-drying, consists of freezing the solution from the percolator. This technique then offers an instant coffee having a crystalline structure and more effectively preserving its aromatic qualities.

Summing Up

Instant coffee has many advantages over other types of coffee. Not only it is deliciously invigorating, but it can easily dissolve in both hot and cold water. You can control the quantity of coffee needed to make a satisfying cup of coffee when using instant coffee. So, just pick the best instant coffee after going through reviews of the 5 best instant coffee consumer reports and enjoy intense and aromatic coffee, which is prepared in seconds.