While we are all interested in trying DIY jobs, but we often stuck in between because we don’t know as to what tools we need in order to carry out the job fast and smooth. It happens a lot that we start a job thinking we would do it easily, but end up getting a terrible looking and working product. It is very common to make such miscalculations; however, you can avoid them by getting a miter saw.

This tool is known for its accuracy and performance. Even after you know that a miter saw is all you need, you still can’t relax because there is a copious amount of miter saws available on the market, which will make it difficult for you to zoom in on the right product. To help you find the best miter saw, I have compiled a list of six miter saw reviews consumer reports including their unbiased reviews, so just take a look at these six products and shortlist the one that matches your requirements.

Reviews Of 6 Best Miter Saws

1. DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch 

Best Miter Saw Reviews Consumer Reports

When you test run this machine, you’ll definitely feel, let’s just buy this one because it is so amazing. DEWALT has developed one hell of a saw, which can perform from simple to complicated cutting jobs with ease. The operation is butter smooth and the inclusion of an efficient motor will not make you feel about the materials you put through it. Even the dust collection system on this unit performs beyond expectations, as it collected 75 percent of the sawdust.

With this miter saw, you can easily cut out to 16 inches, courtesy of smooth sliding mechanism. The unit incorporates a 12-inch blade that takes 1-inch and 5/8-inch arbors. The only problem that you could face in this miter saw is the heavy workbench, so if you were looking to lugging it to job sites daily, then that isn’t going to happen. Apart from that, everything is added in this unit to make your life easy.

2. DEWALT DWS70912-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw 

Best Miter Saw Reviews Consumer Reports

Another excellent miter saw from DEWALT, which sports a powerful motor that runs at 3,800 RPM, thus providing excellent performance while cutting. This miter saw features sliding fences, which can easily support base molding up to 4-½ inches against the fence vertically and molding up to 5-½ inches nested. Moreover, it should easily slide out of the way for bevel cuts.

The unique back fence design of the miter saw to cut 2x10 at 45 degrees and 2x14 dimensional lumber at the right angle. You can easily calibrate the miter saw to keep accuracy, courtesy of the adjustable detent plate. You can quickly adjust the saw to common miter angles, thanks to 13 positive miter detents. As a result, you can ensure cutting accuracy and enhance productivity.

You can easily determine miter angles with the help of large red miter pointer. Miters 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right offer increased capacity. You can even make accurate adjustments on the bevel angle, thanks to extra-large and easy-to-read bevel scale. The base of this miter saw consists of a durable aluminum base, which is accompanied by a tall ribbing, which offers strength and rigidity to the overall unit.

3. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel 

Best Miter Saw Reviews Consumer Reports

With this miter saw at your disposal, you can cut without recalibrating. Moreover, the quality construction and XPS crosscut alignment system featuring a bright LED light lets you see clearly, as to where the blade is going to meet the material that you want to cut with the laser guide.

The unit features a powerful motor having a power of 15-amp. The motor rotates at 3800 RPM, thus allowing you to cut a wide range of materials with ease. The tool comes with stainless steel detent plates, a bevel system, fences and reliable guards precision-machined castings, which will fulfill all the demands that you come across at the job site.

The dual-bevel system of the unit features an easy angle adjustment and high-visibility scale, bevelling from 0 to 49 degrees with five positive stops in both left and right directions along with a detent override. With this miter saw, you can perform from easiest to most difficult of tasks with ease.

4. DEWALT DW717 10-Inch Double Bevel, Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Miter Saw Reviews Consumer Reports

DEWALT has really upped its game because there are so many miter saws of this brand that are ruling the markets all over the world. Take DEWALT DW717 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, for example, this miter system an easily cut from crown molding to baseboards and that too in a highly accurate manner.

The unit sports powerful motor, bevel stops, adjustable cam-lock miter handle and a tall fence for keeping oversized moldings, thus making the saw eligible for a host of miter cutting and crosscutting applications. This miter saw incorporates a 15-amp motor that rotates at the speed of 4,000 RPM. This miter saw features an adjustable detent plate that is made up of stainless steel and comes with 11 positive stops.

To carry out base and crown moldings, a tall sliding fence is given in the unit. Other features of the miter saw include four hardened bevel stops made up of steel, adjustable cam-lock miter, adjustable miter capacity for versatility and a tall fence for supporting base and crown molding. This is a compact unit because of its dual horizontal sliding saw rails, which are equipped with unique clamping mechanism along with linear ball bearings for better accuracy and longevity.

5. Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker 

Best Miter Saw Reviews Consumer Reports

Check this miter saw, which is one of the most powerful compound miter saw that comes with a single bevel along with a laser guide to ensure clean and accurate cuts. Despite being a powerful unit, this miter saw is easy to lug around, as it just weighs slightly more than 25 pounds.

The inclusion of a dust bag will intrigue you, but it is not as good as you would have expected. Another point where I feel this miter saw can improve is the center of the table, which is made of plastic, thus it can’t be used for cutting metal. This is a value for money product, which can easily do the majority of house projects without compromising on the quality.

6. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade 

Best Miter Saw Reviews Consumer Reports

This miter saw will remind you of the power-packed DeWalt but in a portable design. The power this miter saw will impress you, as it can easily cut 2x6 and 2x4 sections like a sharp knife cutting a butter brick. Moreover, the unit is ridiculously accurate, and I will rate its accuracy higher than DeWalt, so you can imagine how accurate it is.

The saw features a unique glide, which allows it to move the blade back and forth. This feature makes the unit ideal for those who have limited space in their workshops. You will also get a double bevel along with a vacuum port to allow you to grab as much dust as possible during the operation.

Now, coming to the shortcomings of the unit, then the absence of a laser guide is one feature that you would have loved in it, but it’s not there. Secondly, the unit doesn’t have as smooth of action as DeWalt does, but then, the whole setup of Bosch GCM12SD is quite agile. If you want to have a machine that you can take along easily, then you can buy Bosch GCM12SD.

Features To Take Note Of When Buying The Best Miter Saw

Motor Power

Miter saws are equipped with efficient motors with different power ratings, varying from 10 amp to 15 amp. It is not always necessary to have a saw with a powerful motor because the tools are efficient themselves. It is obvious to see powerful motors in larger saws, so you need to be smart and don’t get attracted by the numbers. Only invest in a larger saw with a powerful motor when you are looking to run it on a daily basis.

Electric Brake

Having this feature will allow you to adjust the speed of the blade easily. After making a cut, when you lift the saw arm, if the blades are without electric brakes, then those will take a lot of time to slow down. As a result, your work can mess up or you can get injuries. With electric brakes, risk of accidents can significantly reduce along with making it easier for you to use the machine.

Positive Stops

Miter saw comes with the bevel adjustment mechanism, so the positive stops are the preset notches in that mechanism. With these notches, you can quickly set the angle of bevel adjustments. If you want to increase your speed and productivity while working with the saw, you need to make use of those stops. To use the tool easily, make sure to check if it has variable stops along with a provision to make custom incremental adjustments.

Easy Blade Change

If you wish to work with a couple of blades or so, then keep in mind to get the best miter saw, which allows you to replace blades easily. This is important when you work with different types of materials that make use of different compound blades.

Work Stand

Miter saws come with different work stands, so you need to check the length and build quality of it before finalizing your decision. Not every stand is made for you, so choose a stand that perfectly fits your working station. Many stands feature specialized extensions to accommodate long pieces, so if you think you need such a stand, then stick to it. Otherwise, you can resort to a stand that you think your miter saw will fit into perfectly.

Laser Guide

It may not be as important as other features, but if you have a laser guide, then you can expect more accurate cuts. You will come across different types of laser guides, so make sure to do some research in order to determine the best laser guide.

Comfortable Handle

To check whether the handle of the miter saw is comfortable or not, you need to hold the saw for a few minutes because that is how you can feel the handle in your hand. If you’re buying a miter saw online, even then, you can check the handle by going to a retail outlet. Once checked, order the miter saw online.

Dust collection

You must pay attention to this feature because it is going to help you keep the workstation clean and protect the tool. Having an effective dust collection system means, no dust is getting inside the miter saw. You will find many miter saws with built-in dust collection bags. A few miter saws have hook-ups for a vac shop attachment. However, this isn’t good protection because only 2/3rd of the dust is captured.

Wrap Up

You can’t think of having an in-house workshop without buying a miter saw because this tool will come into use when you are looking to perform complicated cutting jobs. Miter saws are equipped with a powerful motor, sharp set of blades and dozens of other features, which will make your life a lot easier. Now, the only thing for you to do is decide as to which miter saw is ideal for you, which you can by going through the list of six best miter saw reviews consumer reports. The most popular products are reviewed in the above section, so just take a look at those reviews and make your pick.