The last thing you will want anyone to notice in you is the hair peeking out from your nostrils. If you want to avoid such an embarrassing situation, then keep aside those scissors, which you have been using all this time and get something good and efficient. You are lucky to be born in this era because there are so many different products for getting rid of facial hair. You can use the best beard trimmer for styling your beard in case you are a man, or you can use an electric razor if you’re a woman, so there are plenty of products available for removing facial hair. However, when it comes to nose hair, you need to buy the best nose hair trimmer consumer reports. Consider yourself fortunate that you don’t have to scour the web to find the best nose hair trimmer, as I have done all the legwork for you. Therefore, you just now have to read the reviews of 10 best nose hair trimmers and buy the most suitable product.

Reviews Of 10 Best Nose Hair Trimmers

1. Philips Norelco NT3000/49 Nose Hair Trimmer 3000 (Most Powerful)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

If you want a device that quickly gets rid of your nose hair, then you should try Philips Norelco NT3000/49, which offers fast and soft trimming of nose hair. The best thing about this trimmer that it doesn’t pull the hair, so you won’t have teary eyes while using this product. The trimmer sports ‘advanced trimming system’, which not just ensures fast trimming of the hair, but the protection of your skin from the sharp blades. The trimmer has been designed in such a way that a unique angle is created for reaching deeper into the nose for trimming hair that otherwise can’t be trimmed.

You will also be relieved to know that the trimmer won’t result in unwanted growth of nose hair. The efficiency of this trimmer comes from its stainless steel blades, which are corrosion-free, a lithium AA battery that delivers excellent power to the trimmer and two interchangeable trimmers for accurate trimming. When you are done trimming your nose hair, you can wash the unit in the water for easy cleaning. You will also get two eyebrow guards along with 3 and 5 mm combs.

2. Panasonic Men’s Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer ER-GN70-K (BEST OVERALL)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

Panasonic is a brand that gives tough competition to Philips Norelco when it comes to personal care products. Now, take a look at this nose hair trimmer, which operates at 9,400 cuts per minute, which simply means, the trimmer trims hair growing on your ears, nose, and eyebrows quickly and lets you move on with other tasks in no time. Besides trimming nose hair, the trimmer can be used to trim thicker hair that usually appears on shoulders. You will love this product so much that it will become your favorite grooming tool. A notable feature about this product is its ability to be used on dry as well as wet skin.

The trimmer features a built-in vacuum, which allows the product to suck up the majority of your cut hairs along with preventing that itchy, uncomfortable feeling that people usually get while getting their nose trimmed. The unit operates on two AAA batteries, which keeps it running for about 40 minutes. The fast trimming rate of this trimmer comes from its stainless steel dual-edge blade. While everything is good about this nose hair trimmer except one thing, i.e., power lock, which turns on the trimmer inside the bag without even coming to your notice.

3. ToiletTree Products Water Resistant Stainless Steel Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer (Most Premium)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

When you unbox this nose hair trimmer, the first thing you will notice is the premium feel of the product. Then, the smooth trimming mechanism will excite you and compel you to use it more and more. The nose hair trimmer makes use of a high-quality stainless steel blade, which offers fast and pain-free trimming experience. The trimmer penetrates deep inside the nose, trimming hairs that otherwise are impossible to trim, and this happens because of the lightweight rotary cutting mechanism.

The hairs are cut from the top and the sides, thus giving you a comprehensive cleaning. It doesn’t just remove nose hair, but the hair on your ears, eyebrows, and beard too. The trimmer can even be used in the shower, thanks to its water-resistant design. The inclusion of an AA battery ensures that you successfully complete the nose hair trimming procedure.

4. Philips Norelco NT5175/42 Nose Hair Trimmer 5100 (Safest Option)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

It’s a Philips product again, and just like its sibling, this nose hair trimmer is precise, comfortable and safe. The efficient blade of the trimmer offers fast and pain-free trimming regardless of which type of hair you are trying to remove. It efficiently removes nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, neck, sideburns, stubble, and beard. Despite sporting sharp blades, you won’t feel the pain and your skin too will remain safe, thanks to the use of ‘Advanced Protective Technology’. A skin-friendly detailer and a comb with rounded-tips accompany the main unit, which is used for trimming hair in delicate parts. Once you are done trimming your nose hair, you can easily clean the device in the sink, thanks to its water-resistant feature.

5. Smity Nose Hair Trimmer (Best Unisex)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

If you are looking for a nose hair trimmer that can be used by you and your spouse, then Smity Nose Hair Trimmer is what you should go for. It is uniquely designed to suit both men and women. A battery-operated unit, Smity Nose Hair Trimmer features an AA battery, which lets you trim all your nose hairs without having to charge the unit. Women are going to like the safety cone-tip design, as it allows the trimmer to reach the inside of the nose with much ease. The trimming operation will be fast and comfortable, thanks to the stainless steel dual-edge blades and 360-degree cutting system.

A highlighting feature of this product is the powerful motor that it is equipped with. This motor runs at about 7,500 RPM, so within a few seconds, you will be able to get rid of all the unwanted hair from your nose, and a built-in LED light literally makes sure of that. The body of this trimmer is primarily made from ABS material with slight metallic touches. Moreover, the unit is waterproof, which means, you can easily clean it under the running water after using it. Along with the product, you will get a mini-cleansing brush, head replacement, and protective cover.

6. Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer for Men Women (Most Comfortable)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer is another unisex nose hair trimmer, which not just trims the hair off the nose quickly, but in the most comfortable manner. A great amount of thought has been put in to assemble this trimmer, which is what helps it deliver pain-free trimming. The unit can handle all sorts of facial hair, so you can use it to trim your eyebrows, ear hair and beard to some extent. The amazing capabilities of this product come from its spinning blades system, which incorporates dual-edge spinning blades that quickly trims the hair and with minimum pain.

The efficiency of the trimmer is further extended by the built-in LED light, which lets users trace hair on the skin, which otherwise could easily remain hidden and uncut. The blades of this trimmer will remain in a mint condition even after months of use, thanks to their water-resistant feature. The only drawback in the unit is that it heats up quickly, so you must handle it with care.

7. Cleanfly Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer for Men (Most Versatile)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

Cleanfly is another brand that is known for manufacturing world-class nose hair trimmers. The model in the discussion has a longer runtime compared to other nose hair trimmers in the same price range. The battery-operated unit can easily work for 45-60 minutes, with the duration further extended with the help of USB charging. The inclusion of a spinning blade system empowers dual-edge blades, which by the way rotates in 360 degrees to effectively eliminate all the unwanted hairs from your nose. With a high precision level, your hair will be removed without causing any pain in your ears.

Besides a high-performance blade, the nose hair trimmer comes with many other accessories such as an eyebrow, ear hair, and beard clipper blade. With these specialized tools, you will now be able to trim all the unwanted facial hair with ease. The company is highly confident about this product, which is why it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on it in case you don’t like it. Then, there is a 12-month quality guarantee in which the company repair and/or replace the product in case there are any manufacturing defects.

8. ToiletTree Products Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer (Most Durable)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

The nose hair trimmer makes use of a high-quality stainless steel blade, which offers fast and pain-free trimming experience. The trimmer comes with a built-in LED light, which lets you trim even those hairs inside your nose, which you won’t even get to know were present. The hairs are cut from the top and the sides, thus giving you a comprehensive cleaning, thanks to the rotary cutting mechanism.

You will experience a pain-free trimming because it’s premium quality blade will not pull the hair or inflict any other damage to your skin. Besides trimming nose hair, you will be able to trim the hair on your ears, eyebrows, and beard too. The trimmer can even be used in the shower, thanks to its water-resistant design. The inclusion of an AA battery ensures that you successfully complete the nose hair trimming procedure. A premium travel case makes it easier for you to carry this trimmer on trips.

9. KEDSUM Professional Portable Manual Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer (BEST MANUAL/MECHANICAL)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

KEDSUM Portable Manual Nose Hair Trimmer is a result of a unique experiment, which combines traditional mechanical movement with the latest technology. With the majority of nose hair trimmers boasting their cutting-edge technology and amazing features, this stainless steel nose hair clipper has gained the attention of many people due to its manual functionality.

This nose hair clipper can be inserted into the nostril without much effort and then, you can cut through the coarse by just a simple press of the levers given on either side of the clipper. The unit features a blade, which spins in a rotary type action, thus letting you trim even the most rigid nose hair. Donning a novel approach allows this unit to deliver much better results. It is a highly portable unit, which doesn’t rely on batteries. It is so small that you will feel as if you can’t have a good grip on the unit, but the reality is exactly the opposite.

Being a mechanical device allows you to completely submerge it in the water for thorough cleaning. Moreover, the use of stainless steel in the construction of the clipper makes it immune to oxidation or rust. Talking about the drawbacks of the unit, then there are a few, which are, limited cutting motion, as the entire power depends upon the output from your fingers. Such a disability can lead to poor results with respect to nose hair trimming. The company offers an 18-month guarantee on the product, which is something that all customers will appreciate.

10. Conair Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer (Best Travel Friendly)

best nose hair trimmer consumer report

The compact size of this hair nose trimmer makes it a perfect companion for users who want to take their grooming kit with them on trips. The trimmer is just a few inches tall and has a slender body, which allows it to fit into a small Dopp kit or gym bag. Another feature that makes it travel friendly is the turning on the mechanism of the trimmer, which involves twisting a specific section of the unit instead of a push power button, which is found in most nose hair trimmers.

The trimmer works on an AA battery, which has a long runtime, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a separate AC adapter. The battery lasts for around 3 months before you will have to replace it with a new one. With the noise hair trimmer, you will get a travel pouch and a detail trimmer/shaver to help you trim with different types of facial hairs. When done using the trimmer, you can wash it under the sink due to its waterproof nature.

Summing Up

As I conclude my reviews of 10 best nose hair trimmer consumer reports, I put the ball in your court because it is you who will have to take the final decision, whether you want a men-only nose hair trimmer, a unisex one or a manual nose hair trimmer. No matter which nose hair trimmer you choose, one thing is sure that as long as your selection comes from the 10 products I have reviewed, you will have no issues with the product’s quality. Once you have decided on the product that you need in your grooming kit, you can proceed with the purchase.