No matter if you are a regular commuter or an adventurous driver, you must ensure the safety and performance of your car’s engine because if the engine is in shambles, then your car can betray you anywhere on the road. Adding the best synthetic oil for the health and well-being of your car is good, but you must not stop there. You must get the best oil filter as well because it will help remove contaminants from the engine of your car, which accumulates over time. Motor oil needs to be filtered because if the oil remains unfiltered, then it will become dry and saturated, which can make your engine wear down rather quickly. To get the best oil filter for your car, you need to check out the oil filter reviews consumer reports comprising of the top 10 products.

Reviews Of 10 Best Oil Filters Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Fram PH7317-12PK Oil Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

Get this bestselling oil filter from Fram, which is designed to be used with all types of oil, be it synthetic or conventional. The oil filter comes with a sealing gasket, which is internally lubricated for quick and easy filter removal. Coming with a Sure Grip coating, you will expect a non-slip finish, which results in easier installation and removal. The oil filter efficiently traps and holds dirt, thus allowing your car to deliver excellent performance. If you want to prolong your engine’s life, then you have to invest in a premium product like Fram PH7317-12PK Oil Filter.

2. K&N PS-7020 Pro-Series Oil Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

This is a high flow filter, which if you install in your car will bring a huge change in the performance. The oil filter is designed for conventional as well as synthetic oils. The oil filter also comes with a high-quality filtration media for increased capacity. The filtration offered by this oil filter is truly exceptional. The company offers a highly reliable maintenance system for all K&N Filters, which helps restores the airflow in the most efficient way. In the package, you will get an air filter oil and air filter cleaner. You can get an aerosol spray oil or squeeze bottle oil with the oil filter.

3. Cummins Onan 122-0836 Oil Filter

Best oil filter reviews consumer reports

Get this oil filter, which is compatible with all the top generator models. The oil filter comes with valves, which lets the oil to bypass the filter along when the weather is cold or when the filter is plugged. If your car doesn’t start after replacing the old oil filter with a new one, then you should recharge the battery with the best car battery charger because your car could be down due to an exhausted battery. This is a canister style unit, which comes without an anti-drain back valve. As far as the generators it supports, then those include Marquis Gold Gasoline/HGJAB and LP/HGJAB, Emerald Advantage LP Vapor/HGJAC, and Gasoline/HGJAC and Marquis Platinum LP/HGJAA and EFI/HGJAA. People mostly buy 25 units package because they want to keep using this product in their generators.

4. WIX Filters - 57356XP XP Spin-On Lube Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

Get this oil filter from WIX, which comes in a pack of six. This is a small yet highly powerful oil filter, which has a diameter of 2.685 inches and a height of 3.402 inches. The oil filter comes in black color. Coming to the usage of this oil filter, then it is ideal for city driving, heavy loads, and even extreme driving conditions. This is a spin-on style filter, which comes with an anti-drain back valve and synthetic wire backed media. The inclusion of a rubber gasket adds to the efficiency of the product.

5. Fram PH8A-12PK Oil Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

Fram is one of the most reputed companies when it comes to oil filters, and this product is no different. It comes with an internally lubricated sealing gasket, which makes removing this filter a breeze. The unit is engineered for synthetic as well as conventional oil types. Moreover, the oil filter efficiently traps and holds the dirt.

The oil features a special blend of fibers and resin, which develops a proprietary filter media for capturing 95 percent of dirt particles, which can damage the engine of your car. Then, there is a Sure Grip coating on the filter, which creates a non-slip finish for easy installation and removal.

6. HYUNDAI Filter Assy-Engine Oil

oil filter reviews consumer reports

The best thing about selecting an OEM is that it is of high quality and extremely reliable. This oil filter is perfect for Hyundai cars, and you don’t have to think twice if you should get this product or not because it will work excellently with your Hyundai vehicle. It is your right to protect your investment, and sometimes, it is very difficult to choose the right parts.

However, there is no need to worry, as this oil filter is exactly what you need when you are driving a Hyundai vehicle. If you are looking for a replacement filter for your car, then get this product right away. For more information related to the details of parts and accessories of your car, you can get in touch with your car manufacturer.

7. Honda 15400-PLM-A02 Oil Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

If you are driving a Honda car and want to replace its oil filter, then you got to buy this particular product. This is an OEM part, which is specifically designed for Honda cars, be it Civic, Accord, Fit, or any other Honda car. This is a highly efficient oil filter, which traps up to 99 percent contaminants to ensure that your engine remains in a working condition and protected.

Once you install this filter, you don’t have to think of replacing it again for another 10,000 miles. With this oil filter in your car, you can drive with confidence. Moreover, the oil filter operates with any type of oil, whether conventional or synthetic, which shows how versatile it is. Coming to the drawbacks, then people who drive Honda Civic may find removing the filter slightly difficult.

8. Fleetguard LF16035 Oil/Lube Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for a Cummins-approved filter, then your search ends here. The oil filter RAM trucks because of their durability and low filter restrictions. The oil filter comes in a fluted shell, which makes it easy to remove. The filter element prolongs the life of the filter along with a reduction in the oil change intervals. The company has used ‘StrataPore’ material, which improves the filtering process.

The multi-layer containment offers longer life along with more efficient filtering. Coming to the drawbacks, then some users got the unit without a rubber gasket, so make sure the same doesn’t happen with you. Also, the filter may not fit that easily with the RAM 3500.

9. Bosch 3974 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

Bosch is another premium brand, which is packed with ‘Filtech Media Technology’ to prohibit 99 percent of contaminants from the engine of your car. The filter sports a durable steel base along with plates and housing to prevent the unit from being warped. At the same time, these prevent leaks and poor fits as well. As a result, you can drive with confidence because you know that this product is a perfect fit for your vehicle. Then, there is a lubricated gasket on the filter, which prevents it from drying out.

An anti-drain back valve is also included in the filter, which ensures a supply of clean oil as you turn on the ignition on your vehicle for a quick and smooth start. The trapped contaminants will not get inside the engine, thanks to the efficient end caps present in the oil filter. These caps are combined with relief valves, which ensure better oil flow. The only drawback of the oil filter is the larger out shell, which some people may find problematic.

10. Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter

oil filter reviews consumer reports

Get this oil filter if you want to buy an excellent product to keep the engine of your car safe and in proper working condition. The unit features silicone pressure-relief valves, which help maintain the supply of oil in adverse conditions. It also prevents the contaminated oil from recirculating in the system. The filter media efficiently collects and traps dirt and other particles dangerous for the engine.

The unit is easy to install and use, plus it prevents dry starts. The inclusion of silicone anti-drain back valves offers added protection to the oil filter. The oil filter is engineered to meet or should I say, exceed OEM standards. The unit is going to last for a long period of time, thanks to its rust-resistant finish. Moreover, it is a US-made product, which reaffirms the quality and performance.

Final Verdict

Get the right oil filter to ensure that your car remains up and running for several years. Choosing the best oil filter is not as difficult as it may seem, but you must know which oil filter suits your car the best. You need to know that not all oil filters are compatible with your car, but that is where the oil filter reviews consumer reports helps you. If you have gone through the list, then you are in a better position to decide which product is well suited for your car.

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