Winters doesn’t mean that you need to stay inside and binge watch TV lying in your electric blanket. You can enjoy time with your family and friends even after the sunset, without worrying about the low temperature. You must be wondering how that is possible. Well, you don’t need to light a fire because that will leave your patio with a heap of mess to clean afterward. A simpler and sophisticated option would be to get a patio heater. A patio heater is a perfect tool to keep yourself and all other people that you have invited to your house warm. Having a patio heater will prove to be a lot more convenient because it doesn’t leave any residue, and you can turn it on or off at will. Now, let us come to the main question, i.e., which patio heater is the best.

If you are already in the process of getting a patio heater for your house but are not able to find the right one, then allow me to help you with the same. You can just go through the best patio heaters reviews consumer reports in which I’ve discussed five top products. Who knows you might get lucky and find the ideal patio heater.

Reviews Of 5 Best Patio Heaters

1. AmazonBasics Havana Commercial Patio Heater - Best Propane Patio Heaters

best patio heaters reviews

Bestseller on Amazon, this patio heater allows you to have fun outdoors when the temperature is low. The strong heating output of the unit allows it to provide the heat, which is required to make it comfortable for you and your guests to sit in the open and have fun. The unit has a heat capacity of 46,000 BTU’s, which is ideal to cover the small to medium sized area.

The best thing about this heater is its ability to move, courtesy of the wheels at the bottom of the unit. You can move the unit from one place to another without any difficulties. The sleek look and soft golden glow of the patio heater will catch all the limelight at the party, as your guests will keep looking at this piece of beauty.

The beauty of the patio heater is backed up by durable steel construction, which makes the unit durable. A powder-coated bronze finish on the patio heater is just like an icing on the cake, as it doesn’t just add to the beauty of the patio heater, but safeguards it from all types of weather as well.

The base of the unit is sturdy, but it can be made sturdier by filling it sand. In case, the unit tips over, it will shut down itself automatically, thus saving all those who are sitting close to the unit. The unit incorporates a 20lb gas tank, which provides up to 10 hours of non-stop heat. To adjust the intensity of heat, you can use heat control knobs, which are given on the unit.

Note: Make sure to remove the blue protective film wrapped on the heater’s reflector before starting the unit or else that film will catch fire.

2. Fire Sense Hammer Tone Patio Heater

best patio heaters reviews

If you are bored with the dull look of your patio, then you should definitely consider this patio heater, as its beautiful design will definitely steal the show. It is not just a highly attractive unit, but extremely durable as well. It will stay upright for as many hours as you want, thanks to its sturdy base.

Even if the winds start to blow, you can expect this patio heater to stand firmly, but you’ll have to fill a few lbs of sand. Having a high heating capacity of 46,000 BTU’s, the unit will not disappoint you in terms of keeping you warm in mildly cold nights.

The patio heater has been constructed using high-quality steel and on top of that, bronze powder coating has been done that keeps the unit shining and protected in all weather conditions. The patio heater is equipped with a patented reflector dome, which transmits heat evenly throughout the space.

3. Premium Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheel LP Propane Heat CSA Certified

best patio heaters reviews

If that is not a problem for you, then you can definitely consider this patio heater, as it has everything that you need in a top-class patio heater. Boasting a high heating capacity of 48,000 BTU’s, this patio heater will keep you warm all night long, provided you have got the sufficient supply of propane. You can place this patio heater around the patio or pool deck and it will keep everybody warm. Moreover, you can move the unit from one place to another, courtesy of wheels that are attached to the base of the unit.

As far as construction of the unit is concerned, then it sports a high-quality iron base along with a double-layered protective head made up of stainless steel. To control the intensity of heat, you can use the knobs attached to the unit. You can easily light the unit using a valve knob and ignition button. The company has also taken full safety measures by incorporating a feature that shuts off the valve of the unit in case of the heater tips over.

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit for Patio & Backyard

best patio heaters reviews

This patio heater will surprise you with its combustion airflow efficiency despite sporting a very basic design. Made up of stainless steel, the unit is capable of withstanding the intense heat coming out of it. Therefore, you can light the fire inside the unit and enjoy smoking your favorite food on the best smoker in your backyard garden.

The wood-burning efficiency of Solo Stove can be determined from the fact that properly burns all types of dry hardwoods and softwoods. A highlighting feature of this unit is the ability to heat up quickly unlike conventional stoves, which take a few minutes before you could see flames. Moreover, it doesn’t produce as much smoke as you would see in other units, thus saving you from red eyes and choked throats.

Once you are done partying, you can quickly wrap up everything including the Solo Stove Burner, as it cools down rapidly once you stop supplying wood to it. Just wait for a few minutes, and then, you can pack the burner and keep it at a safe place. You can also clean this burner in a matter of a few minutes, as there are only ashes left inside the burner, which you need to collect and throw in the trash bin. It is a great product when you have a group of 4-6 people on a mildly cold night.

5. Golden Flame Patio Heater (XL-Series)

best patio heaters reviews

If you are scouting for a beautiful and sleek patio heater, which works efficiently and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, then you should take a look at this Patio Heater by Golden Flame. Having a heat capacity of 46,000 BTU’s, the product is placed right at the top with the most powerful patio heaters. The unit sports a pilotless burner system and doesn’t have a standing flame. Moreover, lighting up the fire in this patio heater is super easy, thanks to its ignition system, which will immediately start the unit. The patio heater doesn’t move from its place unless you decide to move it.  The base is quite sturdy and can become even sturdier by filling it with sand. The inclusion of wheels at the bottom allows easy transportation. If you are looking for a mix of everything, then this patio heater is definitely worth considering.

How To Choose The Best Patio Heaters?

You can’t just buy any patio heater, as there are several factors that you need to consider before you could identify the right patio heater. Those factors are as follows:

Size Of Patio

The type of patio heater you want to buy depends a lot upon the size of your patio or area where you want to place the patio heater. Freestanding patio heaters are the most common type of patio heaters and they generate a lot of heat, but even then, I’d suggest that you should place the patio heater in a covered outdoor area.

Power Source

Patio heaters can run on natural gas, propane or electricity, so which one are you interested in. Let us find out the pros and cons of each of the power sources to give you a better idea as to which one should you opt for.

If you are going for a gas-powered tabletop or free-standing patio heater, then you will have to check the heat capacity of the heater, i.e., the amount of BTU’s. An average tabletop patio heaters can generate from 3,000 BTU’s to 10,000 BTU’s, which is also enough to provide heat to a group of four sitting at a table.

There are more power patio heaters as well, which operate on gas and generate more heat to cover a larger area. For a medium-size patio, a patio heater with 38,000 BTU’s of heating capacity is sufficient whereas, for a large patio, you will need a patio heater having the heating capacity of 48,000 to 58,000 BTU’s.


There are four types of patio heaters available on the market, these are; wall-mounted, hanging, freestanding and tabletop. Let’s discuss as to what each of these types has in the offing.

Wall-Mounted: This type of patio heater is ideal for a small-sized patio, where you also don’t have space on the floor. You can mount the unit on the wall and enjoy the heat along with the company of your friends. A safe option when you’ve got kids as well.

Hanging: When you have a small enclosed space such as gazebo or porch, then you can hang a patio heater from the roof and enjoy the warmth. You can also hang this heater on the dining table outside your house and enjoy the food that you have grilled on your gas grill. However, make sure to hang it low to get the desired heat.

Freestanding: This is the most common type of patio heater, which is known for generating a generous amount of heat in order to cover a large area. Freestanding patio heaters are usually 7-8 feet tall and have a sturdy base. Many freestanding patio heaters also have wheels, which give users an option to move the units from one place to another.

Tabletop: A perfect patio heater for a small group enjoying a meal at a small dining table. This type of patio heater can also be used on one or two single tables around the patio or pool deck as a decorative item.

Parameters To Consider Before Buying A Patio Heater

When considering buying a patio heater, there are several important parameters to take into account:

  • Fuel type: Patio heaters come in a range of fuel options including propane, natural gas, and electric. Propane is portable and easy to use, but requires propane tanks to be regularly replaced, natural gas provides a continuous fuel source but needs a gas line connection, and electric heaters are often cheaper to run but may require an outdoor plug point.
  • Heat output: The amount of heat output you need will depend on the size of your outdoor space, and the amount of warmth you want. A higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating indicates a higher heat output.
  • Safety features: Patio heaters must be used with care as they can pose fire or safety hazards. Look for heaters with safety features such as anti-tilt switches, cool-to-touch surfaces, and auto shut-off in case of overheating.
  • Design and style: Patio heaters come in a variety of styles and designs, including freestanding, tabletop, and wall-mounted. Choose a design that complements your outdoor setting and fits your needs.
  • Cost: Patio heaters vary in price, so consider your budget before making a purchase. Generally, propane and natural gas heaters are more expensive than electric heaters, but may be more cost-effective over time depending on usage.


When you’re looking to add some heat to your patio, there is no other option as good as a patio heater. For a sleek, sophisticated and mess-free heating option, you need to invest in a patio heater. The type of patio heater you want to buy purely depends on you, as there is a broad range of options available such as freestanding, tabletop, wall-mount and hanging patio heaters. Moreover, patio heaters run on different power sources such as electricity, propane, natural gas, and wood. To cut to the chase, what you can do is, you can go through the best patio heaters consumer reports in which I’ve shared five top products. You’ll definitely be able to find a perfect heater for your patio.