Nothing seems to be more refreshing than sitting in front of a fan in the scorching heat of summer months. For this specific purpose, standing fans were developed. These fans are not just effective against the unbearable heat, but they offer several other benefits. If you are interested in buying a pedestal fan but don’t know where you start your search from, then you can begin with reading the reviews of the best pedestal fan consumer reports. Check out this amazing guide to quickly select a suitable pedestal fan that meets all your requirements.

Reviews Of 5 Best Pedestal Fans

1. PELONIS PFS40D6ABB DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal Standing Fan

best pedestal fan consumer reports

Have a look at this pedestal fan from Pelonis, which boasts a DC motor for incredible power. The motor allows the fan to function far better than most competitors but is very quiet (noise level - 38dB). The motor is highly energy-efficient, as it allows you to save up to 35% of energy costs. The fan is perfect for a bedroom or nursing room. The fan boasts 12-speed settings and a 12-hour timer to customize your breeze needs. The fan consists of 5 high-quality blades that provide an excellent cooling effect when combined with an air conditioner.

The oscillation and tilt angle of the fan is around 85 degrees and 24 degrees. Other notable features of the fan include remote control, a blue LED display, and auto power-off functions. The range of this fan is up to 6 meters and you can also adjust its height from 3.5 to 4 feet. The fan stands firmly on the heavy-duty base that keeps it stable during operation. The company provides a 1-year warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

2. HONEYWELL Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan With Remote Control

best pedestal fan consumer reports

Honeywell is a renowned brand when it comes to tower fans and pedestal fans, and this model is no different. It features a double-blade configuration for faster cooling. The fan comes with 3-speed settings, thus letting you choose the setting according to the size of the room. The company provides remote control with the fan using which you can control several of its functions easily.

The inclusion of an auto-off timer helps save a significant amount of electricity. There are 3 breeze options in this fan, which include constant, variable, and breezy, which you can select using the remote control. For a better airflow in your room, trust no other but Honeywell.

3. Lasko 1885 Cyclone Pedestal Fan With Remote Control

best pedestal fan consumer reports

If you beat the heat without a mini split or window air conditioner, then you need a highly efficient fan because it gets very hot from May to August, especially in the southern states of the US. This is where the pedestal fan from Lasko comes into play. It has got a tilt-back head and optional oscillation that directs the air at you. This is a 5-blade fan that comes with 3-speed settings to provide you with a cool breeze in hot and humid months of the year. Equipped with an electric plug-in motor, this fan throws an incredible breeze on the lowest setting.

Assembling this fan won’t take more than a few minutes, as you just need to attach it to its sturdy base. The fan features a 4-hour programmable timer and remote control, which makes using it a lot more convenient. The fan is very lightweight and portable, thus letting you move it from one room to another effortlessly. You won’t get a better fan if you need white noise to sleep, thanks to the height and less noise level of the fan.

4. Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan With Remote

best pedestal fan consumer reports

Have a look at this 2-blade oscillating pedestal fan that comes with automatic oscillation. You can easily adjust the height and vertical angle of this pedestal fan. The company has designed this fan in such a way that it offers maximum cooling with minimum noise. It features a top-quality silent motor that efficiently operates at a low noise level.

You will find 3 power settings and as many breeze modes in the fan. The breeze modes include normal, sleep, and nature, with each mode having a wide oscillation to cool medium to large rooms. Other major highlights of the fan include an auto on/off timer, easy digital operation, and remote control to change modes from anywhere in the room.

5. Comfort Zone HBCZST161BTEBK Oscillating Pedestal Fan

best pedestal fan consumer reports

Ending my list with another high-quality pedestal fan, which is equipped with 3-speed options that allow optimal airflow in a room of any size. The fan comes with a 90-degree oscillating head to deliver air in all directions. The performance of this fan is enhanced by its large blades that ensure easy movement of air in larger rooms. The efficiency of this fan comes from a highly powerful motor that is installed in the fan.

The motor helps in cooling but without making any noise. As far as assembling is concerned, then you can quickly assemble the fan and bring it to use. Despite having powerful cooling, the fan doesn’t weigh too much, thus making it easier for you to move it from one room to another. You will get a quick folding base in the package, which you can use to keep the fan in an upright position. The company is so confident in its products that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee on them, which also includes this pedestal fan.

How To Choose The Best Pedestal Fan

To choose your pedestal fan, you will need to check a few characteristics. Indeed, certain criteria will help you find the model best suited to your needs. So here are some tips to help you choose.


There are different sized pedestal fans, and while they are all adjustable in height, some are taller, and others approach tabletop models and are quite small. A large enough fan will send air more easily to a certain height. It all depends on how you want to use it. For a bedroom, to be above the bed, the fan must be high enough.

The diameter of the ventilation head will also be important. The larger the head, the larger the ventilated area, it's that simple. Generally, the traditional pedestal fan has a diameter of 40 cm, however, we find narrower devices and others a little wider.

Power and airflow

This is obviously a very important criterion. The motor must make at least 40 watts for a blade diameter of 40 cm. Below, the engine may still force a little and it will end up giving up the ghost too quickly. In addition, it will not provide a very large airflow.

A good fan must ensure a flow of at least 50 cubic meters per minute, at maximum power. This is useful for quickly ventilating a room when it is very hot. This allows the temperature to drop a few degrees quite quickly.

Some devices have a Turbo mode, with a flow rate of at least 80 cubic meters per minute. We don't use it often, but it's pretty cool to chase away bad smells or to quickly replace the hot air in a room.

Sound level

This is also an important factor, especially if you want to use it at night in your room. Manufacturers don't always communicate the decibels produced by their devices, and sometimes they don't have to be honest.

All the pedestal fans proposed in my comparison have at least one fairly discreet, or even very silent, first speed. I know this is a big deal for many buyers and so I chose the devices based on their discretion.


The more you move upmarket, the more features manufacturers will offer you to their fans. The most common is a "Turbo" mode, I already mentioned a few lines above. It is rather effective for quickly cooling a room where it would be very hot, and it is not bad either for quickly evacuating odors, like when you are frying something in the kitchen.

A night mode is sometimes present. It is quite simply a fairly smooth speed, sufficient to feel a light breeze a few meters away, and which considerably reduces the noise of the engine. You can then take advantage of the air from the pedestal fan, without being disturbed by noise.

Rarer, some devices offer a compartment for placing pads or a reservoir of mosquito repellent. This is perfect if mosquitoes are very numerous in your home in summer and they adore you. The mosquito repellent is then distributed effectively thanks to the ventilation, and it is even quite effective outdoors.

Finally, there are sometimes timers to program the automatic shutdown, or decrescendo modes with a fan that blows less and less strongly over the minutes, to end up shutting off completely. The latter option is cool for those who want to fall asleep on the fan, but don't want to be woken up too early in the morning if it's cooler.


Even if pedestal fans are not necessarily the most aesthetic, we can still choose a model that is best suited to our interior decoration. Here, I have no advice to give you, tastes and colors are a personal choice. The shape will always be pretty much the same, but some models are more modern than others, the materials vary, and the colors too.

How To Use A Pedestal Fan?

To optimize the interior comfort of a home, it will be necessary to focus on the temperature. In summer, the use of a standing fan will allow the ambient air to be cooled. If you have just purchased this kind of equipment, it is necessary to know some basic information. This will help you to use this device properly in the future.

Try to adopt the device

Upon receiving your fan, first, try to familiarize yourself with it. To do this, carefully read the instructions supplied with the product. This will allow you to get to know the equipment better. Also, check that the voltage of the electric current required is compatible with your installation. If you ever find that the appliance is broken or the cord is cut, do not use it. Instead, contact the seller to return the item.

Determine the location

If after the checks you find that everything is correct, you can use the fan. But before that, first, determine where you will install it. Make sure there is no obstacle between you and the device. This will help you take advantage of the fresh air it emits. On the other hand, avoid placing it right in front of you, as this will not help you cool off further.

Follow the instruction manual

A fan cannot be used just any old way. There are rules to consider to take advantage of it. Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions given in the manual. There are always recommendations to prioritize when using this material. Then take into account all the instructions related to handling. Certain actions or habits should be avoided to avoid damaging this equipment.

Avoid abuse of use

Contrary to popular belief, leaving the fan on for the whole day does not cool a home either. By doing this, you will accelerate the wear and tear of your device. In addition, this practice will not lower the temperature. In the face of all this, avoid leaving the device running when you are not at home. Please use it only when you really need it.

Maintain it regularly

To ensure the proper functioning of your fan, remember to maintain it regularly. Over time, dust and all kinds of dirt build-up inside and out. They must be eliminated to prevent them from causing the device to malfunction. Maintenance is limited to simple cleaning. Equip yourself with a clean, dry cloth. Then wipe down all parts of the device. But before this operation, do not forget to unplug the fan.

Observe the safety instructions

To avoid the risk of electric shock, always unplug the appliance when carrying out any work. Also, avoid installing the fan in a damp room or near the bathroom. Keep this equipment as far as possible from water and heat sources.

If you notice any abnormal noises or odors, unplug the device immediately. Then contact a professional to carry out the necessary work. Use extra care if you have children, as they could accidentally turn on the device and injure themselves.

Wrapping Up

Pedestal fans are available in different shapes and sizes, so the only job left for you after reading reviews of the best pedestal fan consumer reports is to identify the right-sized pedestal fan that fits your needs perfectly. Once identified, you can place your order and bring home a highly efficient fan that will keep you cool in hot summers.