Having a swimming pool at home allows you to spend a playful time with your family. But, what if your children and pets decide to spend time in the pool in your absence? If you can’t even think of it, let alone seeing it happening for real, then you will have to make sure that the swimming pool is properly fenced. There are pool fences available in the market today, so you don’t have any issue securing your swimming pool. I have done all the legwork for you by identifying the best pool fences, so the only thing left for you is to go through reviews of 10 best pool fences consumer reports in the section below.

Reviews Of 10 Best Pool Fences

1. Life Saver Fencing DIY Pool Fence V110P-5

best pool fences consumer reports

Get this pool fence from Life Saver, which boasts DIY installation. It won’t take much time for you to install this pool fence, and once it does, you can ensure safety for your kids. The pool fence features tension-based support with every pole having a 0.5-inch stainless steel pin, which can be easily inserted on the surface. The poles coming with this pool fence are evenly spaced and have a height of 4-feet, hence making it a perfect pool fence for industrial use.

You can easily install this pool fence to ensure the safety of your children, and once they are gone, you can quickly remove the fence as well. The whole fence is immune to corrosion, hence making it a long-lasting product. Moreover, it doesn’t have sharp points or hooks, which could injure your kids. The company offers a decent warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

2. WaterWarden WWF200 Removable Outdoor Child Safety In-Ground

best pool fences consumer reports

Water Warden is an excellent pool fence, which measures 4x12-ft to ensure that your entire pool is covered. This is only the fencing, so you won’t get a safety gate or drill. The black color of this pool fence doesn’t just give the unit a glossy finish but also protects it from fading. Another notable feature of this unit is that it comes with everything you need to install like, the hardware, measuring template, installation video, and all other instructions.

It is not just the installation of this pool fence, which is easy and quick, but its removal as well. You can install or remove the fence by yourself. For installing the fence, you will just have to drill small holes and that’ll be all.

3. GLI 30-0410-BLK IG Safety Removable Fence

best pool fences consumer reports

Check out this pool fence, which comes preassembled to make your installation quick and effortless. A 4-ft tall fence, you can install it to prevent your children and pets from getting into the swimming pool unsupervised. The fence has a 10-ft long section, which comes with all the hardware, template, and instructions you need to install the fence.

The affordable price and quick installation make this fence a lot better than conventional nets. The surface of this pool fence has been chosen wisely by the company to prevent people from climbing the fence and use the swimming pool without your permission.

4. Giantex DIY Pool Fence for In-Ground Swimming Pool OP3189

best pool fences consumer reports

This is yet another highly durable pool fence, which has dimensions of 4x12-ft. The entire fence is made of aluminum, which adds to its strength. If you have an in-ground swimming pool, then this is the best pool fence for it due to its quick and simple installation. Install the fence to prevent your children and pets from entering the pool area. If the pool fence is bigger than the overall area of your pool, then you can reduce the length of the fence to fit the size of your swimming pool.

Just like the installation, removing this pool fence is also quite easy, as you can do it without any difficulty. You can quickly put up and take down the fence depending upon your requirements. An instruction guide and essential hardware accompany the pool fence, which makes installation a breeze.

5. Life Saver Pool Fence DG DIY Drill Guide Removable Mesh Safety Fence for Pools

best pool fences consumer reports

Get this pool fence for your backyard pool. This is a DIY pool fence, which means, you can install it on your own to ensure the protection of your kids and pets. You will just have to drill a few holes in the concrete to set up this pool fence, which won’t be difficult at all, as the marks and measurements are already provided.

The pool fence comes with a bubble level to make installation a lot easier. You just need to arrange for a rotary hammer drill with masonry bits of 5/8-inch x 14-inch size. Just as how easy the installation of this pool fence is, its removal is also quite simple.

6. Sentry Safety Pool Fence EZ-Guard 4' x 12' Child Safety Pool Fence

best pool fences consumer reports

Just like other pool fences, this one too comes in preassembled parts, which make installation a breeze. The pool fence has a height of 4 feet with its length stretched up to 12 feet, hence accommodating the majority of swimming pools. It also has 5 poles, which are placed 3 feet apart. If the pool fence is larger than the area of your swimming pool, then you can shorten its length as well. Removing this pool fence is very simple and can be done without taking anybody’s help.

The strong construction of this fence increases its longevity. The poles of this pool fence sport a three-layer design in which the bottom layer is made of the stainless rod, the middle layer of PVC, and the top layer of powder-coated aluminum. As a result, you get a 100% rust-free pool fence. The bottom line is that this pool fence will not allow anyone to climb off it to enter the pool without your permission.

7. Classic Guard Swimming Pool Fence Child Safety Pool ZS001-Fence

best pool fences consumer reports

For the impeccable security of your swimming pool, you should get the Classic Guard, which is a durable product. If you have installed the best pool alarm, then that’s definitely a good move, but you can further strengthen the security by installing this amazing pool fence. Five poles are attached to the fence with a distance of 3 feet from each other to make installation effortless.

The poles perfectly attach to the mesh, courtesy of an aluminum-backing strip, which is further tightened by stainless steel screws. This pool fence is tear-free and UV resistant, thus allowing it to withstand the harshest of weather with ease. A durable lining on the borders of this fence prevents it from fraying. The only drawback of this pool fence is its availability in only black color.

8. Life Saver Pool Fence DIY Pool Fence

best pool fences consumer reports

One of the key elements of your swimming pool is the pool fence because it helps protects your pool from unauthorized access. The fence is also equipped with a self-latching and self-closing gate, which enhances the safety of your pool area. With the ability to work with a magnetic latch, double-truss uprights, and self-closing gate hinges. The fence is 4-ft high and features a 2-ft walk-through opening.

The fence is made of aluminum and has got a coating of powdered aluminum as well, which enhances its strength manifolds. Besides aluminum, the pool fence also constitutes of industrial-grade Textilene nylon mesh, which is covered in PVC. The manufacturer offers excellent support to users regarding the installation along with a long warranty.

9. GLI Pool Fence Base Kit NE145 For Above Ground Pools

best pool fences consumer reports

If you have an above ground swimming pool at home, then you should buy GLI NE145 Pool Fence, which is made of sturdy vinyl for added strength and long-lasting use. This is a maintenance-free unit, thus allowing you to use it without any manual intervention. The fence comes with UV protection, which means, the sun’s harmful UV rays will not have any impact on it. In the package, you will get all the necessary hardware, fence posts, and instructions to install the pool fence. Get this pool fence to cover your pool area to ensure the safety of your children and pets.

10. Sentry Safety Pool Fence Visiguard ZS003-DIY Fence Green

best pool fences consumer reports

Just like its sibling, this pool fence too features preassembled pool fencing sections, which include rustproof poles. The dimensions of this pool fence are 4-ft x 12-ft, which makes it ideal for normal swimming pools constructed in the house. The pool fence comes with a safety mesh, which is evenly spaced out at a distance of 3-feet. Stainless steel poles add to the strength of this pool fence.

The unit also comprises a PVC insert along with powder-coated aluminum to ensure longevity. With this pool fence, you will get deck caps, deck sleeves along with an installation template, which can be used to measure the poles. You will require a 0.5-inch rotary hammer drill along with a standard masonry shaft to install the pool fence.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that a pool fence is a crucial accessory for a swimming pool because it ensures the safety of your children and pets who can enter the pool area unsupervised and land into huge trouble. A pool fence will also prevent any unauthorized entry into your swimming pool. Now, the pool fence you want to buy depends upon the size of your swimming pool and your requirements. The reviews of 10 best pool fences consumer reports were meant to help you with the decision-making process, and if you have decided the product, then proceed to the purchase part and secure your swimming pool area.

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