A post hole digger can be very useful if you are building a fence for your pet or installing a deck to put up a birdhouse or plant a new tree. There are different types of post hole diggers available on the market, manual, electric, and gas operated, so you can decide which one suits your requirements the best. To help make the selection process easier, I’ve compiled a list of best post hole diggers consumer reports, which you can go through to determine the right product as per your needs.

Reviewing 5 Best Post Hole Diggers

1. AMES 2701600 Post Hole Digger With Hardwood Measurement Handle

best post hole diggers consumer reports

This post hole digger is perfect for digging a fence after creating holes and also offers excellent support for a wide range of projects related to mailboxes and decks. The post hole digger is quite durable and comes with a strong, tempered steel blade. It also features an oversized cushion grip, which makes handling and working with this post hole digger a breeze. With this post hole digger, you can dig hole depths a lot more accurately, thanks to the inclusion of a measuring stick. The company has added a durable handle made of north American hardwood for added strength.

2. Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

best post hole diggers consumer reports

Check out this post hole digger, which comes with offset handles to dig post holes up to a depth of 12 inches, which is more than traditional models. The best thing about this post hole digger is that it keeps your knuckles off harm’s way while digging. The post hole digger comes with 14-gauge welded steel blades along with 16-gauge steel shafts that offer excellent durability and last longer than wood-handled tools. Moreover, they won’t be bent like fiberglass as well. The diameter of the blade is more than 6 inches, which allows the device to carry out tasks a lot quicker. The company provides a lifetime warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

3. Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger PD48

best post hole diggers consumer reports

Seymour is a supplier of many top-notch hand tools, which are made with innovative technology. This post hole digger is no exception, as it emanates quality, dependability, and incredible performance. The post hole digger features an extremely sharp blade to carry out the tasks with ease. The company has included a premium fiberglass handle to ensure a strong grip during the entire job time along with unparalleled comfort. The double bolt connection keeps the post hole digger intact for years so that you can keep using it day after day without any issues.

4. True Temper 2704200 Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Digger

best post hole diggers consumer reports

Here is one of the most amazing post hole diggers available on the market, which features Atlas pattern steel blades to create perfect holes. You can dig accurate holes with this post hole digger each time, thanks to the built-in ruler, which allows you to measure the depth precisely. The post hole digger also boasts a cushioned grip that offers better control and comfort even after hours of use. The company has attached 48-inch handles made of fiberglass, which add durability to the post hole digger as they are resistant to weather. You can use this tool to install flag poles, fence posts for swimming pools, and other in-ground structures.

5. Union Tools 78002 Carbon Steel Post Hole Digger With Hardwood Handles

best post hole diggers consumer reports

Last on the list is a post hole digger from Union Tools that are made of carbon steel. The post hole digger comes with a 5.5-inch point spread, which allows you to create deep holes with precision. The blades of this post hole digger are made from single-piece blades of high-quality carbon steel. Even the handles attached to the post hole digger are made of durable hardwood, which adds strength and durability to the tool. It’s a useful tool for digging perfect holes below the frost line.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Post Hole Digger

Before you spend your money on a particular post hole excavator, it is essential to keep certain factors in mind. These will guide you through the selection process so that you end up with a model that is not only functional but also worthwhile.

Type of post hole diggers:

Post hole diggers come in three main types; manual, electric, and gas.

The manual pole digger has a scooping mechanism that requires a little effort to dig. This type is excellent for light to medium diggings, such as planting a few trees or repairing your fence.

Gas post hole diggers are useful for digging larger holes in rocky ground. They are quite powerful and cut through the toughest clay soils without much effort on your part. If you have a rocky lawn, a gas-powered hole digger will move the rocks and drill quickly.

Electric post hole diggers are more like gas-powered ones, simply because they produce no smoke. They work great if you have a power source close enough. What stands out about electric models is their quiet operation. These are effective; however, if you install a perimeter fence around your property, it may be difficult to access a power source.

Type of land

What type of soil does your lawn have? Answering this question will help you determine what type of pole digger to get. Remember that not all models are suitable for all types of floors. On that note, some will dig seamlessly over hard clay while others get stuck in wet, muddy ground.

A good idea is to read the opinions of other users to evaluate the model that best suits the type of soil in your lawn. But, you should generally opt for sturdy models that can adapt to different ground conditions. Even then, using a good weed trimmer to clear the area before digging can help a group determine the smoothness of the pattern.

Hole size

This factor has more to do with the configuration of the post hole digger than the specific model you choose. Why? Most models come with a specific drill bit size. Some come with different interchangeable allowing you to choose the most suitable size.

It also depends on the current project. If you need a backhoe to plant seedlings, a small drill will work just fine. The same goes for choosing one for large fence posts where you would need a bit quite big. Whichever you choose, make sure the digger meets the hole size needs.

Tractor size

Do you intend to use the pole digger with your tractor? If so, you need to consider its size. On that note, you want to find the best hydraulic post hole digger for ease of use and quality results. Don't worry, you can use your standard post hole digger to create a hydraulic one. Here's a helpful example video on how to make one

Features To Look For When Buying A Post Hole Digger

You have your ideal post hole digger in mind, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to. These characteristics affect the operation of the model, its comfort, and the quality of the results it provides.


Most people overlook the impact of pole digger handles, but these are certainly the most important. It is therefore essential to consider the materials from which the handles come.

Old wooden handles become brittle over time and eventually break. This can be dangerous and render your excavator useless. Also, are the handles ergonomic? Do they have a firm grip? Do they come with anti-vibration padding?

High-quality shovels feature reinforced fiberglass handles for added strength. Some come with steel ones, which last even longer with regular use. However, these can be a bit cumbersome to operate, especially on larger projects.

When looking at the design of the handles, I recommend choosing ones that you can pull together without your knuckles bumping into each other. Straight ones work well too, but make sure they're sturdy to withstand regular use.

The length of the handle also matters. A longer handle gives you more leverage overall and allows you to dig deeper holes. I would advise going for handles as long as 60” but consider your height to ensure comfort.

Engine power

This feature is crucial if you are considering gas or electric models. Think backhoes with powerful 2 to 2.5-horsepower engines. That way, whoever you choose can handle just about any task. If you are considering electric models, make sure you have an extension cord that can meet the power needs of the digger.

Drill bits

The drill or blade drill bit is one of the essential components of any excavator. It must be made of quality materials such as high-carbon steel to withstand hard rocks. Nevertheless, it is essential to take into account the different bit sizes depending on the intended purpose. I recommend choosing shovels with interchangeable augers to match different hole sizes.


The weight of the excavator will determine its ease of use and comfort on the hands. Most models are light enough for one-person operation, while others require a second person, especially in more difficult ground conditions.

Sum Up

Having a post hole digger will make your task a lot easier than you could imagine, so what are you waiting for? You should go through the reviews of best post hole diggers consumer reports and choose a product that you think is right for your requirements. You will definitely find your tasks getting completed easier and with great precision using a branded post hole digger.