Using a rainwater barrel is a simple and effective way to reduce water consumption. The barrel attaches to the downspout and collects rain that runs off the roof. Rainwater harvesting is not new to the world, as our forefathers have been doing it for millenniums for obtaining water for different activities. Now, rain barrels are available in different sizes, styles, and colors, thus letting you choose the best rain barrel for storing water, which would also help you reduce the carbon footprint. To determine the best rain barrel for your house, you can check out reviews of best rain barrels consumer reports, which are followed by an extensive guide to help you choose the right product.

Reviewing 5 Best Rain Barrels

1. RTS Home Accents Polyethylene Flat Back Eco Rain Barrel With Stand

best rain barrels consumer reports

If you are looking to collect rainwater in a highly durable rain barrel, then you should consider this product, which can store up to 190 liters of rainwater that you can then use on your lawn or other places. The flat-back design of this rain barrel allows it to sit firmly against the wall.

You will get a stand in the package, which increases the height of spigots from the ground and make it easier to fill the barrel with rainwater. As far as the manufacturing of this rain barrel is concerned, then the company has used 100% recycled commercial-grade polyethylene, which has been UV stabilized for 12 years for excellent durability and resistance against impacts.

2. FCMP Outdoor RC4000-BLK Flat Back Home Rain Collection Barrel

best rain barrels consumer reports

Have a look at this rain barrel, which boasts a large opening that allows more water to accumulate in less amount of time. The flat-back design of the rain barrel makes installation a breeze. The company has used BPA-free plastic in the manufacturing of the rain barrel, and there are spigots provided on the side of the rain barrel as well, which can be used to connect multiple barrels with the current one for more rainwater storage.

The inclusion of an aluminum mesh screen ensures that the barrel stays clear of debris. The rain barrel comes along with a garden hose, debris screen, hanging hose clip, shut-off thumb valve, overflow hose, and linking kit for attaching other rain barrels. If the garden hose is not the right length, then you can get an expandable hose to make the water reach the garden easily. The capacity of this rain barrel is 50 gallons, which is good enough for watering a medium-sized lawn and garden.

3. Lostronaut Portable Rain Barrel Water Tank 

best rain barrels consumer reports

Next on the list is a portable rain barrel from Lostronaut, which doesn’t need any assembling and offers convenient storage. The rain barrel features a 53-gallon capacity, which is sufficient to water a decent-sized garden. The rain barrel is made of premium quality, 3-ply PVC material that won’t damage or crack easily. Moreover, it features a super-tough zipper as well, which protects the rain barrel from UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

In the package, you will also receive a durable barrel with a filtered intake hole, an overflow spout, a downspout, and high-flow spigot, leakproof washers, and half a dozen of sturdy legs/feet. If you love to maintain your lawn and use things like lawn sprinklers, then having such a rain barrel will definitely be of great help.

4. KMJETNIVY Rain Barrel Upgrade 100G Anti-Collapse Collapsible Rain System

best rain barrels consumer reports

With this rain barrel, you can store between 50 and 100 gallons of rainwater, which can be used for irrigation, car washing, and other tasks. The rain barrel features 3 outlet valves, which are fixed to the barrel, so you need to just tighten it before using the barrel.

As for the construction of the rain barrel, then it constitutes a PVC frame along with anti-corrosion PVC mesh, which offers twice as long service compared to other products. This is a foldable rain barrel, which allows it to be easily stored and carried from the roof of the house to the garage or any other place.

5. RTS Home Accents 551000901A5681 Flat Back Rain Barrel With Stand

A unique thing about this rain barrel is the amazing oak barrel texture molded into the barrel. The capacity of the barrel is also impressive, which is around 190 liters or 50 US gallons. The barrel is made of rotomolded polyethylene, which gives it protection against UV rays, impact, and fading.

The flat-back design of the rain barrel allows it to sit firmly against any wall. The inclusion of a highly rugged brass spigot with a hose doesn’t allow debris to accumulate inside the barrel. The rain barrel also includes a durable stand that raises the spigot from the ground to make it easier for you to fill the watering cans.

Different Types Of Rain Barrels

Water barrels come in various shapes and sizes, offering different functionality depending on your needs. Rain barrels can be aesthetic or practical, or both. Consider style and ease of use to find the model that's right for you.

Plastic Barrels

Plastic barrels are the most popular and economical option. Plastic models are often made with heavy PVC. These barrels are durable and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Cleaning and maintaining them is also anything but difficult.

Wooden Barrels

The wooden water barrels have a classic look and look like authentic rustic barrels. They are among the most expensive models, but they are also more environmentally friendly and stronger than plastic barrels.

Rain Barrel With Integrated Planter

Rain barrels with a built-in planter are a great option for those who want to collect rainwater while enhancing the aesthetics of their yard. This type of barrel allows you to grow your favorite plants and flowers while beautifying your garden.

Flat Back Rain Barrels

Flat-back water barrels are one of the easiest models to install. They sit directly against the wall, right next to the downspout to catch all the rainwater. This type of barrel has a clean aesthetic and prevents water damage to give you long-lasting use.

Collapsible Rain Barrels

Collapsible water barrels are perfect for those looking for a less permanent solution. You can take them to the cottage and fold them up for winter storage. These water barrels are usually made of PVC tarpaulin and are quick and easy to store.

Decorative Rain Barrels

To enhance the decor of your garden, opt for a decorative rain barrel. This type of barrel is offered in different sizes. Some models include an integrated planter and others have a look of stones, pottery, or even a wine barrel.

best rain barrels

Features To Consider When Buying A Rain Barrel


To choose the right barrel size, ask yourself the following questions. How frequent is precipitation in your area? How much rainwater will you use? This can vary depending on the size of your lawn and garden. Then calculate the area of your roof to assess the amount of rainwater you will collect during each rainfall.

Anti-Debris Screens

To prevent debris and insects from entering your water, most barrels come with a stainless-steel wire screen. If your rain barrel does not have one, it is possible to purchase one and they are easy to install.

Safety Of Children And Pets

Modern water barrels are generally designed to be safe around children and pets. Make sure your barrel lid is screwed on tight and hard to remove. So you can enjoy your water without having to worry about the safety of your children.

Overflow System

Since it is not easy to predict the amount of rain that will fall, it is a good idea to have an overflow system on your rain barrel. When the barrel is full, the water is redirected to the downspout. This will prevent messes and water damage.


A rain barrel pump delivers pressurized water from your barrel to your garden. Some barrels come with a pump or you can buy a water catcher barrel pump kit and install it later. This means you can attach a hose and easily water your lawn and garden.

Connectable Barrels

Some water recovery barrels also have the advantage of being connectable. If during heavy rainfall, your barrel is full, the next connected barrel will begin to fill. The connectable rain barrels are very practical to increase your water storage capacity.

Shut-Off Valve And Connection For Garden Hose

A garden hose is the most convenient way to use collected water from your garden. The shut-off valve and garden hose connection on your rain barrel allows you to easily attach a hose and turn it off when you're done.

UV Protection And Durability

Choose a rain barrel made of UV and weather-resistant materials so that it has a longer lifespan.

Summing Up

There is no doubt that rain barrels are truly a useful product for storing rainwater and using it to water your lawn and garden. If you were looking for a solid rain barrel, then now it must be easy for you since you know the best rain barrels consumer reports. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right rain barrel and store rainwater, which you can then use for multiple purposes.