As we grow older, our body starts losing the strength and stamina, which we once were extremely proud of. Well, that’s life and nothing can be done about it. If you are at that stage of your life where you can’t walk properly or can’t walk at all, then you must use certain machines to help you move from one point to another and so on. You will have to use a lift chair to come down the stairs or go up. In a similar way, you can buy a mobility scooter to move from your home to a nearby market or anywhere of your choice. Some mobility scooters are so portable that you can fold and transport them from one place to another. Now comes the question as to how to buy a mobility scooter, then for that, you can take a look at mobility scooter reviews consumer reports that consist of 12 most amazing products. Go through the reviews and zero-in on the best product.

Reviews Of 12 Best Mobility Scooters

1. Pride Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter 

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

Pride Travel Pro is the best mobility scooter ratings consumer reports. A 3-wheel electric scooter, Pride Travel Pro Mobility is a lightweight unit that is easy to maneuver. You can take this scooter in the tight spaces and ride at a speed of 4 mph. The unit weighs just 275 pounds, which makes it one of the lightweight mobility scooters. The unit operates on battery power and on a full charge, it can ride up to 6.3 miles. The scooter is equipped with flat-free tires along with forward and reverse controls, so you don’t have to worry about manually pulling the scooter.

The company has provided a faux-leather seat in this scooter, which is comfortable and can be adjusted to accommodate users of different body structures. Then, you will find padded armrests for added comfort, and the good thing about these armrests is that they can be folded for easy entry and exit. On the front side of the mobility scooter, you will see a basket, where you can store your belongings while riding. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then that would be its inability to move on tough terrain such as grass.

2. Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

This mobility scooter can be your perfect companion on outdoor trips because its compact and portable design allows you to carry it anywhere. Moreover, assembling and disassembling this scooter can be done quickly and easily. The swivel seat is comfortable and adjustable, plus the inclusion of a fold-down backrest gives perfect support to the back. The scooter sports four anti-tip and non-marking wheels. If you like to go on trips and want to take a mobility scooter with you, then this product can be a great option. The scooter weighs 300 lbs and can run for around 15 miles on a full charge. Moreover, it has a very ergonomic throttle control, which lets you control the scooter quite easily. The inclusion of interchangeable color panels that hide scuffs or scratches made on the panel.

3. BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

Now, this is a heavy-duty 4-wheel long-range mobility scooter, which comes with an 18-inch seat, which is extremely comfortable. Then, there is a superb spring suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride. The unit is portable, easy to assemble and disassemble. The company has provided an LED headlight and taillight, which allows you to ride the scooter in the dark as well. The scooter weighs 330 lbs and can run for 18 miles on the full charge. The color panels are interchangeable, which lets you hide any scuffs and scratches that occurred on the panel. At last, the company offers 1-year hassle-free in-home service plan, which instills a sense of confidence in users regarding the product.

4. Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

There are certain go-to products in every niche, and as far as mobility scooters are concerned, Pride’s Go-Go Ultra X is one such product. The scooter weighs less, hence portable, plus it covers longer distances compared to many other mobility scooters. Assembling and disassembling of the scooter is also easy, thanks to its auto-latching lockup mechanism. Moreover, the unit separates into five lightweight pieces, which are easy to store and transport. Other features of the unit include a top speed of 4 mph, distance of 6.9 miles and a super-comfortable seat.

5. Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter For Adults

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

Pride Mobility is a brand that is known for manufacturing sturdy and durable mobility scooters, and the one I’m reviewing further solidifies that claim. It’s a heavy-duty option, which delivers excellent performance. With a weight capacity of 325 lbs along with the maximum speed of 4 mph, there is nothing more that you as an adult would ask for in a mobility scooter. Two sets of interchangeable colored panels have also been provided in the unit, one in red and another in blue. It seems like a well-thought-out product because you get to see LED lights on the front for riding the scooter in the dark along with a deck basket for keeping your belongings. A charger is also provided in the scooter using which, you can charge your battery pack. When you are done using this mobility scooter, you can easily clean it with your car vacuum cleaner.

6. MovingLife ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter Electric Scooter for Adults

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

MovingLife has really upped its game with ATTO electric scooter, which comes with breath-taking features and incredible craftsmanship. The scooter is designed to run on different types of surfaces including pavements, footpaths, sidewalks, bridleways, pedestrian areas, and even street crossings. This is a lightweight mobility scooter, which can be quickly folded for easy storage and transportation. In this scooter, you will get a comfortable seat, the height of which can be easily adjusted. Then, there is decent deck storage and built-in USB charging port. The design of the scooter allows you to customize it in your own unique way by adding accessories that you think will be useful to you at the time of riding. The battery life of this scooter is also very long, so you can cover quite a distance on a single charge. The company offers a 3-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

7. Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

Take a look at Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter, which is a lightweight scooter having a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Boasting a simplistic design and lightweight frame, this scooter is ideal for users who are always on the go. For a comfortable riding experience, you need a comfortable seat, which this scooter has got along with the height adjustability feature. Then, there is a basket attached to the front of the scooter where you can keep your belongings. The company has added all the necessary features in this scooter that an average mobility scooter rider would need.

8. Pride Mobility Go-Go LX with CTS Suspension 3-Wheel Portable Travel Scooter

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

Pride Mobility again fellas and this one is a bit different from the products I have reviewed before. Pride’s Go-Go LX with CTS mobility scooter comes with a weight carrying capacity of 300 lbs, top speed of 4.4 mph and 8 miles of range. However, these are not the only top features of the unit, but the major highlight of the scooter is the CTS (Comfort-Trac Suspension) the scooter is equipped with. The scooter can be easily disassembled into five lightweight pieces, which then can be stored and transported into the truck so as to be assembled again at the spot where you want to ride the scooter.

The scooter features flat-free tires, which perform equally well indoors as well as outdoors. The company has even incorporated LED lights at the front of the scooter to allow users to ride the unit in the dark. Then, there is a large rear basket along with a premium armrest bag, which allows you to keep your belongs in a secured manner. As far as warranties on the product go, then you will get a 1-year in-home service from the company, lifetime limited warranty on the scooter’s frame, 6 months warranty on batteries and 2-year warranty on drivetrain.

9. BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter 

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

This brand may not be as popular as Pride Mobility, but that doesn’t mean it is making mediocre products. The product I’m reviewing emanates quality and I would like you to consider it during your purchasing process. The highlighting features of the scooter include outstanding battery, which charges up quickly and gives a maximum range of 18 miles. Then, there is an LED meter gauge, which has been installed on the dashboard.

The role of this meter gauge is to let users know about all the crucial aspects of the scooter such as battery power left, distance traveled and other important details. This is a spacious scooter where you will get enough foot room along with an excellent turning radius. Assembling and disassembling this scooter is quite easy, and so is its storage and transportation. The company offers warranty on all manufacturing defects, more details of which can be known after contacting the company.

10. EW-11 Sport Scooter Euro Style 

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

This is another stylish mobility scooter, sporting Euro design. But, the features it is equipped with will really compel you to go for it. The scooter features a 500-water transaxle motor, which is extremely powerful, but its solid frame supports the motor and other components quite easily. The weight carrying capacity of the unit is 400 lbs, which makes the unit a heavyweight. On a full charge, the scooter can travel up to 40 miles with the top speed of 18 mph. There are three-speed settings as well (low, medium and high), which you can adjust as per your convenience. Other features of the unit include brake lights, turn signals, low/high beam front lights and decorative lights at the back of the scooter. For safety, the company has added a keyless mechanism to start the machine along with an anti-theft alarm

11. Solax Transformer Automatic Foldable Travel Scooter 

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

While it has all the features that all the aforementioned mobility scooters have, but the ones that are confined to this scooter is what I’m going to discuss. The first incredible feature in this mobility scooter is that it folds and unfolds using a remote control. You will definitely like this feature, as it isn’t available in many mobility scooters. The scooter has a weight carrying capacity of 300 lbs with its top speed at 3.75 mph. The operation of this mobility scooter is premised upon a lithium battery, which charges quickly and when it is fully charged can help the scooter cover up to 13.7 miles of distance. The transformer of this scooter can be folded to fit inside a closet, car trunk and laundry rooms. As far as the warranty on the unit is concerned, then you will get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on electronic items and a 1-year warranty on batteries.

12. Victory Sport 4-Wheel Fast Power Electric Scooter Pride Mobility SC710 DXW 

best mobility scooter reviews consumer report

This is one of the top-rated mobility scooters, which you will find on the market. Assembling and disassembling of the scooter is quite easy. The weight carrying capacity of this scooter is 350 lbs, which makes it a heavyweight unit. I really like the ergonomic design of the unit, which is complemented by high backrest, thick and comfortable seating and adjustable headrest. The armrests are also adjustable, so adjust the height and width to your comfort while riding the scooter. The company has provided baskets on the front and at the back, which can be used to store your belongings. The scooter has a maximum speed of 8 mph and a range of 11 miles, which is better than many mobility scooters. A standout feature of this unit is its ability to move on any type of surface even the one with dirt and gravel. You will not regret your decision of buying this scooter, that’s for sure.


Mobility scooters offer a great way for people with walking difficulties to move from one point to another and so on. With a mobility scooter, a person who is unable to walk for long-duration or doesn’t walk at all can easily cover short distances without any issue. I have reviewed 12 best mobility scooter reviews consumer reports, which are packed with incredible features and excellent maneuverability. If you are looking to buy a mobility scooter, then you don’t have to waste your time searching for the best products when you have a list of top 12 products to make the selection process a lot quicker and easier.