Are you looking for a comfortable piece of furniture that you can show off to guests as well? Then, you should buy a recliner sofa, which works as a regular sofa and when required can be turned into a lounger or even bed as well. It is different from a sofa bed, as it has got many cool features that you or anyone who is sitting on the sofa will enjoy such as cup holders, charging points, comfortable backrest, footrest, etc. Since there are so many options available on the market, you should check out consumer reports reclining sofas reviews to select the best product for your living room.

Reviewing 5 Best Reclining Sofas

1. Signature Design By Ashley Calderwell Contemporary Faux Leather Reclining Sofa

consumer reports reclining sofas

Have a look at this comfortable reclining sofa from Ashley, which promises ultimate comfort to anyone. Not only this sofa is comfortable, but it is extremely stylish, thus enhancing the looks of your living room. The sofa boasts grey faux leather upholstery, which offers a comfortable experience with a corner-blocked frame along with metal reinforced seats.

The sofa also consists of pillow-top armrests, indulgent cushions with bustle back tailoring, pull-tab reclining motion, and contrasting stitching, which add to its elegance. The sofa in reclined mode can go as long as 67 inches. Assembling this sofa is very easy, as you just need to slide the back receivers onto the steel mechanism posts in the base of the sofa followed by pressing both sides to seat back from the top downward at its place.

2. Yaheetech Home Recliner Reversible Convertible Sofa Bed

consumer reports reclining sofas

This sofa bed from Yaheetech also has faux leather upholstery, which looks beautiful and is very comfortable. The company has used a combination of steel, plywood material, and polyurethane to make this sofa bed, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The sofa can withstand a maximum weight of 350kg/772lbs. The sofa comes with a click-clack mechanism, which you can adjust in 3 angles, 105 (home couch), 140 (recliner), and 180 degrees (guest bed).

If you have a small space and still want a beautiful and spacious sofa bed, then the Yaheetech recliner sofa is perfect for you. This sofa bed is designed for entertainment, so if you love watching movies or playing games, then you can bring to use the middle armrest, which folds down to make things a lot more convenient for you. The armrest features 2 cup holders as well, where you can keep your favorite drinks. You will get a couple of cushions in this sofa bed, which you can use as pillows or use to lean and relax.

3. Esright Convertible Chair Bed 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Adjustable Recliner Sofa

consumer reports reclining sofas

This is among the most versatile sofa chair bed available on the market, which you can convert into an armchair, recliner, and guest bed to meet all your requirements. If you are already using a recliner chair, then this multi-purpose sofa will complete your furniture set. The sofa features adjustable folding bed chairs, the backrest of which can be adjusted in 3 levels. It also comes with a handy strap that allows you to easily pull out the leg part with moving wheels to turn the sofa into a bed. The sofa boasts a premium steel frame that ensures durability.

The sofa can withstand a weight of up to 330 lbs. You will also like the inclusion of linen fabric and high-density foam upholstery that offers brilliant support and ultimate comfort. You can accommodate this sofa bed anywhere, be it your living room, apartment, dorm, bedroom, or office, thanks to its compact size. You will get an instruction manual in the package that allows you to assemble the sofa easily.

4. Secsofier Faux Leather Power Reclining Sectional Sofa Set

consumer reports reclining sofas

Secsofier brings to you an elegant reclining sectional sofa set, which is wrapped with ultra-soft faux leather and framed with premium hardwood. The back and seat of the sofa are filled with tempering springs and elastic sponges that provide added comfort.

The sofa can bear a weight of up to 300lbs for each seat. You will like the inclusion of LED floor lights, which you can turn on and off according to your preference. The lights turn on and off from the console given in the illuminated cupholders.

5. Roundhill Furniture Elkton Manual Motion Reclining Sofa With Storage Console

consumer reports reclining sofas

Check out this highly comfortable reclining sofa from Roundhill Furniture, which comes with pillow top arms, cushioned headrests, and manual recline levers that are installed on the sides where you can easily reach them. The middle seat of the double recliner comes with two beautiful and sleek cupholders made of stainless steel.

You will also find power outlets nearby, which can be used to charge your electronic devices. The sofa consists of 100% polyester upholstery that features charcoal trips on the side and back seat. Bold stitches on the sofa highlight its style. No matter what style of the living room you have, this reclining sofa will further enhance its aesthetics.

What Are The Different Upholstery Options In Reclining Sofa?

When choosing a recliner sofa, it's hard to argue against the importance of padding. The substance of the upholstery affects the durability, comfort, and fashion of the recliner sofa.


It's among the fabric options that are accepted because it's significantly more than fibers. Beyond the durability facet, polyester is better than natural fibers for upholstery because of its water resistance. Water and other fluids are increasingly repelled by polyester and well it will resist stains.

Polyvinyl Chloride:

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a substance for recliner sofa upholstery that advertises leather. PVC is waterproof and stain-resistant compared to other substances. In addition to not massaging liquids, it will not wear off from exposure to liquids against leather.


Polyurethane, or PU, is a plastic substance used in the manufacture of leather. It's a bit like PVC in that it's stain-resistant and waterproof rather than breaking down under liquid exposure. As it improves fighting and cut/puncture resistance 18 times, PU is much better than PVC in terms of durability.

Real Leather:

Genuine leather is produced by taking leftover leather from leather products and often bonding it together with adhesive/thermoplastic. This form of leather is a little stronger, but nowhere near as durable as faux leather, so the chances of damage are there.

Full Grain Leather:

It is one of the qualities of leather used for upholstery. Full-grain leather is softer and much more spongy than full-grain leather and can be pre-treated to give textures. It can be a stuffing substance although constant exposure to liquid harms it.

How To Choose The Perfect Reclining Sofa?

Many sofas recline and you can find a huge range in different fabrics, colors, features, and purposes. Therefore, you need these characteristics to decide which reclining sofa to buy for your living room:


Find a reclining sofa that will suit your living space in convenient space conditions. Depending on the dimensions and layout of the living room and the size of the family, you might want a two-seater, a three-seater, or maybe.

Is your house always filled with friends or relatives? If yes, then you will have to buy a reclining sofa that has extra seating.

The sofa should fit in the living room and remember that you want to consider when it is fully reclined for a space sofa. For sofas delivered in 1-2 sections pre-assembled, remember that you need a door large enough to pass through during transit and delivery to receive it into the living space through the door.


Recliner sofas are available in three mechanisms manual, flexible, or electric, so the question is whether you use a motor or use elbow grease to incline and elevate the sofa.

Lying position

Different reclining sofas have varying reclining positions. While several people bow their backs and feet, with only the base of the seat remaining in position, others raise their feet. Although the latter is much more comfortable than an upright sitting position, the sofa that tilts back is sought after by most users. The advantage of the recliner is that it occupies the living space because you do not need to take into account the length of the sofa when stretching.

Type Of Fabric

Are you currently looking for leather or fabric? Each can depend on the technique you are looking for.

Another choice is the sofa fabric. Reclining sofas are normally constructed from leather, and there is something luxurious about the feel and look of the pure leather sofa. It's not just and the choices come from deep chestnut to cognac that's trendy white in colors to self-indulgent oxblood.

If you place your recliner sofa in a place where its color can fade, then don’t buy a leather sofa, as it may look and feel a bit sticky on warmer days and gets quite cold on colder days. If you are serious about the feel and look of fabric, then you can find many different designs in the market.


Depending on how you use the recliner sofa, additional features such as hidden storage or cup holders in the arms can come in handy. Some sofas come with features like the headrest charging station. All these features add to the convenience but you will have to pay an extra price for them.

Wrapping Up

I hope the aforementioned reviews & consumer reports reclining sofas, and buying guide have helped you identify the right product. If you have chosen a reclining sofa that you wish to buy, then you shouldn’t delay anymore and buy it right away! Bring home an ultimate comfy piece of furniture for your family.

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