Many people love the natural sunlight in their homes, but windows and roofs prevent that from coming. Not anymore, as there are skylights available to let them enjoy the natural light coming from the sun directly in their living rooms, bedrooms, or whatever area they want to have the light in. A skylight is ideal for providing lighting, ventilation, and views.

A skylight can also be used as an emergency egress. If you are interested in buying a skylight, then don’t decide until you go through the best skylight reviews consumer reports comprising of 10 top products available on the market. Be smart, be sensible, and check out the best products before you decide on which skylight to buy.

Reviews Of 10 Best Skylights Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. ICON 01819 Skylight Sl1422W

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

If you want to buy a skylight, which is durable and long-lasting, then don’t look beyond ICON 01819 Skylight. Made up with highly robust polycarbonate material, this skylight is going to remain as it is for years to come because of the shock-absorbing nature of the material. It won’t break when dropped off or stepped on accidentally. The skylight is available in three colors, smoke, transparent and translucent, so get the one that suits your style the most.

The neo angle style of this skylight fits all standard skylight gaps, which measure 22x14 inches. A notable feature of this skylight is the amount of natural light it lets, but many people believe that it is the installation, which makes this product worth buying because it is so easy and quick to install this skylight. The only downside to this unit is that it is not UV-resistant.

2. Sun-Tek Mobile Home Skylight 20594

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

Check out this skylight by Sun-Tek, which measures 16x32 inches, thus making it fit over an opening measuring 14x30 inches. The dome of this skylight is sapphire shaped, which can be mounted on the surface. PolyDome Skylights are 30 times more resistant to impacts when compared with acrylic skylights.

The impact resistance grows to 250 times when compared with glass, so you can imagine how tough the material is. These skylights are UV stabilized as well, which allows them to deliver long-lasting protection. With the ability to withstand the temperature of as low as -60 degrees to as high as +250 degrees, you should not question the durability of the product.

3. RecPro RV Skylight V1422WHOD

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

An amazing option for food truck owners, this skylight is all-weather resistant, thus allowing owners to use the product throughout the year because it won’t corrode at all. The material used in this skylight is heavy-duty, hence long-lasting. With this skylight at your disposal, you don’t have to look for another one for a long-long time.

The white color of this skylight helps it trap more light compared to the smoke-tinted skylight. The white shade also brightens up space a lot more along with regulating the heat. Installing this skylight is pretty simple, as you just need to follow the instructions given in the manual.

4. Natural Light Energy Systems 10-Inch Tubular Skylight

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

This skylight comes with UV protection, which prevents fading on clothes, rugs, and furniture. Featuring a unique condensation release system, this skylight won’t let the moisture to build upon itself, thus lasting for a longer period. As far as installation is concerned, it won’t take too much time as well, since all the instructions are given in the manual that comes in the package.

The product is watertight, thus letting you use it in rains as well. The skylight has qualified for Energy Star, plus it is NFRC Certified too, so it won’t consume too much energy. As if these features weren’t enough, the company provides a 25-year warranty on the product as well.

5. ICON 01856 Single Pane Exterior Skylight SL2222C

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

If you haven’t had a chance to replace your old skylight in a while, then you should change it now and that too with ICON 01856 Single Pane Exterior Skylight. This product will make your RV look refreshing. If you like waking up to the natural sunlight, then get this skylight along with the best sunrise alarm clock.

Where an alarm clock will just help you wake up, this skylight will give your living space the warmth of the natural sun’s light. These skylights come in three designs, smoke, clear and translucent white. Installing the skylight is very easy, but make sure you have the company’s sealant because that will be required for installation.

6. Specialty Recreation N1422D 16" x 24" Flange Skylight

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

If you want a rectangular shaped skylight, then this one can be a good option. The unit is made of heavy-duty plastic, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The impact-resistant nature of the skylight guarantees great value for your money. The eye-arresting design of this skylight is among its top features. Choose the spot where you will want to install this unit and it will be the center of attraction.

You can invite your guests to your RV and be all proud, thanks to this amazing skylight. The material used in this skylight makes cleaning a breeze as well. Installing this skylight is anything but daunting, thanks to the absence of metal flanges. There is no mounting hardware, so you’ll have to buy it separately.

7. VELUX FCM 2246 0005 Skylight

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

Install this skylight above the vertical windows of your living room to give a unique and beautiful look to it. The exterior of the Velux skylight features a streamlined design, which won’t block your roofline. The company provides a protective aluminum cladding in neutral grey color, which will most likely fit your roof. All the tools and equipment that you need for the installation are included in the package except the flashing and blinds. As far as the warranty is concerned, then you will get a 10-year warranty on this skylight.

8. Natural Light Tubular Skylight Kit

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

Get this tubular skylight kit to bring the soft sunlight into any room of your house. This product will be installed on the pitched roof and asphalt shingle roof in less than 2 hours. Tubular skylights have only advantages over traditional skylights and even incandescent. The skylight won’t cost a dime as it operates during the daytime, plus it won’t contribute to heat gain or loss as well, as you would see in standard framed-in skylights. If you want to generate electricity from the sun’s energy, then you should invest in the best solar lights. This skylight is made to withstand tough weather conditions, even hurricanes, so you don’t have to worry about it.

9. Specialty Recreation K1422ELP Low Profile Single Pane Exterior Skylight Kit

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

Made with top quality polycarbonate material, you won’t get a skylight as durable as this one. The outer layer of this skylight is quite thin, but it holds up well against the harsh weather conditions. The skylight can withstand hailstorms and ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. The glass design of this skylight not just lets you see the sky clearly, but also allows an adequate amount of low natural light.

This rust-resistant skylight doesn’t use metal flanges, plus you will get all the screws you need to install the unit. You will have to buy a sealant separately to complete the installation process. All the instructions related to installation are provided in the manual that comes along with the product.

10. ODL EZ14SCANH 14-Inch Tubular Skylight

Best Skylight Reviews Consumer Reports

OLD Tubular Skylight Kit is a giant sun tunnel, which will intimidate you at first, but after you install the product, you will be nothing but amazed by the performance of this skylight. It’s 48-inch highly reflective tubing delivers the sunlight from the acrylic dome, which by the way is UV-protected. Your space is going to lighten up with the beautiful sun rays, and whoever looks at the sight will be left vowed.

However, make sure to install the product properly because if there is any issue with the installation, then you may not be able to get the results that I’ve described here above. The product is less effective in areas where it remains cloudy most often than not. Another thing that you must be careful about is the sealing of the seam of tubes because if it is not properly sealed, then air and insects will sneak in and cause damage.

Summing Up

After going through all the Skylight reviews consumer reports, you must have understood that not all skylights are the same, and neither do they offer the same features. But, that is good because people have different requirements, so a variety in the product’s design, features, and functionality provides people with an opportunity to identify the product that suits their requirements and budget. If you have done the same, then how about you take one more step and buy the best skylight to enjoy natural light in your house or RV for years.