A sleeper sofa is one of the most important furniture pieces for your house, but at the same time, it is one of the trickiest as well. The main motive behind getting a sleeper sofa is to lay down on the most comfortable surface when you don’t have the energy to go to your bed and sleep. Finding the best sleeper sofa is not going to be easy, as there are so many brands locking heads with one another. However, I have done all the hard work for you by identifying top contenders in the ‘sleeper sofa’ niche. Therefore, the task left for you now is to go through the reviews of the best sleeper sofas consumer reports and select the sleeper sofa that you feel would go perfect with your requirements and budget.

Reviews Of 5 Best Sleeper Sofas Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa

best sleeper sofa reviews

This sofa emanates beauty and comfort like no other sofa set. You will love the plush cushions, wide track arms and deep seating, as these are also the main features of the product. Sporting a relaxed modern design, you will feel proud after having this sofa in the living room of your house. The sofa comes with seat and back cushions, both of which are reversible and removable, thus making cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. The slate grey color of the sofa with thin white stitching makes it look beautiful.

The poly-foam seat cushions of this sofa are covered with a down ticking that offers a perfect balance of support while allowing your bottom to sink in. While the seats go deep and provide comfort to you, I wish I could write the same for the back, as it is short and not that comfortable.

The 8-inch wide arms can be used as extra seating. The sofa is covered with a soft and smooth fabric that is skin friendly. This sofa lacks customizations, but then, it looks perfect in the current state, isn’t it? The company has used a quality hardwood frame, stain and moisture resistant fabric, poly-foam & down stuffed cushions and low laying legs made out of hardwood, and covered with plastic tabs, which ensures the longevity of the sofa.

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Larkinhurst Traditional Sleeper Sofa

best sleeper sofa reviews

Sporting a traditional design, this sleeper sofa by Ashley will definitely excite you with its timeless look and premium construction. With a thick poly fiber upholstery, corded trim and beautiful nail heads, this sleeper couch is a perfect addition to a classic or traditional style of home décor.

Discussing the construction part in detail, then you will see a corner-blocked wood frame along with high-resiliency foam seat cushions and tight back, which makes it a perfect crashing zone for you. The unmatched comfort provided by this sofa makes it perfect for everyday lounging.

The innerspring mattress of the sofa gives a comfortable surface to you for a sound sleep. With everything being so excellent in this sofa, it all boils down to the space you have in the house, as this sofa is 7.5 long, so make sure you have enough space to accommodate the sofa.  

3. Rivet Revolve Modern Sofa Bed

best sleeper sofa reviews

If your home décor emanates classic looks, then you should definitely get Rivet Revolve Modern sofa bed, as it will perfectly blend with the current settings of your house. It isn’t just the good looks of this sofa that will appeal you, but it’s unmatched comfort as well. The seats of the sofa go deep, and the firm cushions provide an extra bit of comfort to the back.

You won’t experience the feeling of being stuck while sitting on this sofa. Adding to your comfort is the soft and smooth fabric of the sofa, which is stain and moisture resistant. Coming to the construction of the sofa, then you’ll see a solid wood frame, which keeps the sofa intact for a long period of time.

The sofa stands on solid beech wood legs, which won’t crack or warp over time. The pull-out mechanism of the sofa is also simple, as it just takes a second to switch from a couch to a bed.

4. DHP Delaney Rich Faux Leather Sleeper Sofa 

best sleeper sofa reviews

This is a low-maintenance sleeper sofa, courtesy of the luxe leather that this sofa is covered with. The sofa looks expensive and feels premium too, but in reality, it is very economical.

The full wooden frame of the sofa ensures its longevity. The foldable seats along with padded arms aren’t just comfortable but give you the ability to transform the couch into a bed. The sleeper sofa comes assembled, and the only thing that you need to do is attach the legs.

The sofa is ideal for spaces with a masculine edge or for those who will be using the sofa on a daily basis. The traditional looks of the sofa will definitely complement the existing settings of your living room.

The firm mattress is excellent for those with back pain, but some people may find the mattress a bit hard. They can add a piece of memory foam on top of the mattress or by adding a mattress pad before putting bedsheets on. The sleeper can be folded back into the sofa in a couple of minutes.

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper

best sleeper sofa reviews

Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper is not an add-on to your living room, but it can be used as a regular sofa, which you can transform into a bed when required. The sofa comes in dark grey color, which doesn’t just give an elegant look to the sofa but blends well with your living room décor irrespective of what style it dons.

The sofa comprises of an innerspring mattress, which is bigger than twin-sized mattress, but smaller than queen-sized mattress, so it will be barely enough for two adults. The pull-out mechanism of the sleeper sofa is the same as you’d find in most sleeper sofa units.

Just remove the cushions, tug on a bar until the bed frame comes out and then, you can unfold the bed. While the sofa is very comfortable, the mattress can become comfortable after adding a mattress topper. You can also get a mattress protector to protect the mattress from liquids and other elements that are harmful for the mattress.

How to Select The Perfect Sleeper Sofa

Selecting a sleeper sofa couldn’t be done until you consider below-mentioned parameters.


A sleeper sofa is going to consume a decent space in your living room, so make sure you have made arrangements to accommodate the sofa beforehand or else you will have a hard time moving things from one place to another afterward. The best thing about a sleeper sofa is that it adjusts in the confined spaces of the room because of its foldable design.

If you don’t even have the fold out space, then invest in futons as they don’t increase much in width when folded out. If you are dealing with severe space-related problems, then you need to get an extra deep couch to have at least one person lie on it and sleep comfortably overnight.


The sleeper sofa you are planning to buy should match the aesthetics of your living room. Whatever your style is, whether traditional or contemporary, it won’t be that hard to find a sleeper that perfectly suits your style.


A sleeper sofa is of no use if it is not comfortable. The comfort level can be checked by the kind of mattress used. Foam mattresses are a lot more comfortable than coil mattresses, but that doesn’t mean the coil mattresses are uncomfortable because if there are a decent number of coils present in the mattresses, then you will have no reason complain.


It is needless to write, but you should invest in a quality sleeper sofa, the frame of which is made of kiln-dried hardwood, as it is a moisture-free wood. The absence of moisture will prevent the wood from cracking and warping. Once you have checked the quality of the frame, test the sofa for comfort. Pay attention to customer reviews as those will help you big time.

Open-Close Mechanism

Since we are discussing sleeper sofas, the open-close mechanism is of paramount importance, as it needs to be as smooth as possible. Look out for any squeaks or sticks, and if you hear any sound, then take that sofa off your list. Also, check if all the parts are properly installed or not.


If you are buying a sleeper sofa, then you must have felt the need for one in your house, otherwise, you could have adjusted in your regular beds. So, if you want to purchase the best sleeper sofa, then pay close attention to the material used in the frame of the sofa, type of cushions used, open-close mechanism and maintenance. If any sleeper sofa tick marks these four aspects, then that’s the sofa you should be buying. You can go check out best sleeper sofas consumer reports again, as I have already listed five best products for you.