Winters come along with many inconveniences for the people. While people can remain inside their houses, in front of an infrared heater or a pellet stove and enjoy clear white snow falling from the sky. But, the next morning, it is that snow, which you will have to deal with, and let me be very clear, it is not easy to remove snow from the roads on which you will be driving your car to go to work. If you want to know how to get rid of that heavy, stubborn snow, then you need to get a snow blower. A snow blower is a machine, which clears the snow accumulated on the surface quite comprehensively. Now, if you are interested in getting a snow blower, then you should look at five amazing products, which I’ve reviewed in the consumer reports best snow blowers.

Reviews Of 5 Best Snow Blowers

1. PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Assist

consumer report best snow blowers

An ideal snow blower for home use, PowerSmart DB72024PA is a 2-stage snow blower, which comes with a 6.5 HP engine that gives immense power to clear access roads or driveways. The inclusion of an electric start provides convenience to users because, in cold winter mornings, the most difficult task is to turn on mechanical equipment, but the electrical ones will power on in a second. The unit is 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep, thus making it capable of handling large snow deposits.

The chute can be rotated as per your requirements, but this powerful chute can throw the snow farther depending upon the speed setting you have chosen. Talking more about the settings, then this unit consists of six settings, four forward and two reverse. Despite being a heavy unit, it is quite easy to operate as all of its controls are given on the handlebars. The height and direction of the snow blower can be adjusted, courtesy of the joystick given in the unit.

2. YARDMAX YB5765 22 inch Two-Stage Snow Blower

consumer report best snow blowers

YARDMAX is another top name that comes to my mind when talking about snow blowers. This particular model is available in three versions, 22 inches, 24 inches, and 26 inches. The 22 inches is the one I will be reviewing, so let’s begin. The unit features a 196cc recoil start engine, which along with the serrated steel augers allows you to get rid of tough snow blocking the pathways.

The unit features five forward and two reverse speeds, which you can adjust without breaking a sweat. This is a self-propelled unit, which makes the job of removing snow a lot easier. The ax-shaped housing of the unit allows it to cut through hard snow easily, plus the extended chute has been designed in such a way that it reduces blowback and instead, throw the snow a long way. Even the direction of chute can be adjusted. This is a medium powerful machine, which may not provide you with desired results in case; it snows heavily in your area.

3. PowerSmart DB7624E Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

consumer report best snow blowers

Check out another snow blower from PowerSmart, but this one is a gas-powered unit but has an electric start. The unit is proficient in operating at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The ability to operate on gas, but power upon electrical power puts the frustration of firing up the gas machine out of picture. The 212cc engine along with 13-inch inflatable tires makes it easier for the unit to maneuver in tough snow.

The auger of the unit has the ability to clear a path that is 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep, thus making this unit a must-have in case of blizzards. The efficient chute of the snow blower can stream the snow as far as 40 feet. The unit features six-speed variations, 4-forward and 2-reverse. Operating this machine is quite easy, courtesy of a control panel that is given on the handle. You can rotate the chute up to 180 degrees in any direction.

4. Husqvarna ST224P 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower With Power Steering And Electric Start 

consumer report best snow blowers

Husqvarna is known for manufacturing machines that help people with their day-to-day household chores. This snow blower is a fine addition to the company’s repertoire of excellent products. The unit features a 208cc engine, a power steering, and an electric start. Together, they form a very formidable unit, which is also easy to operate. The snow blower is capable of clearing snow that is 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep at once.

The inclusion of a remote chute deflector/rotator helps throw the snow in the direction of your choice. You will even see an LED headlight in the unit along with heated grips, which makes the task of removing snow from pathways a lot easier in dark chilly evenings. The company offers 3-year warranty on the product, whereas the auger box and engine comes under 5-year warranty. The only drawback of the unit is that it may not work as effectively in extremely cold conditions.

5. Snow Joe iON15SB-LT Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

best snow blower reviews

This is a single-stage snow blower, which is suitable for areas where it snows that heavily because this unit will not plow through feet of snow. If the snow is less deep, (just a few inches deep) and fluffy, then this snow blower will do its job efficiently. It can handle deep snow as well but make sure to operate the unit slowly; as then, it will be easier for it to get rid of the snow. Since it is a cordless unit, it definitely lacks power compared to other units.

However, cordless also means that you can use this machine more freely than corded units. Moreover, it doesn’t make as much noise as heavy units, so your neighbors won’t be ringing at your door complaining about the use of snow blower. Other features of the unit include ability of the unit to throw away the snow up to 20 feet and fold-down handle. As far as drawbacks are concerned, then there is just one, the chute may go a bit awry and inability to work on gravelly driveways

What Is The Best Snow Blower To Buy?

Snow blowers of good quality are selling today at more competitive prices than ever before. Whether you're shoveling by hand or treating your old snow blower to work another year, it's a good time to upgrade your equipment. However, since there are now a lot of choices on the market, you should do some research before making a purchase decision.

What Kind Of Snow Do You Have?

It's something you have to think about - how much snow falls on your land. A light snow blower should cost you about $300; a device capable of blowing a few feet of snow every day can cost you up to five times that price. You must also think about the texture of the snow you receive. Wet snow requires more power than crazy snow or powder. If you use a light machine for slush, you may block it.

One-Phase Snow blowers: These are lightweight machines capable of blowing less than 6 inches of snow. They are not equipped with motorized wheels. You can choose wired or wireless models if you prefer smaller and lighter machines. If you have a terrace or patio to clear, you should consider an electric snow blower. Single-phase models also come with gas engines. These tend to be more powerful than their electrical counterparts, but they can be much heavier. They also tend to clear wider paths and can go further than electric models.

Two-Stage Snow blowers: If you have wet snow or more than 8 inches of any type, you need a two-phase blower with a gas engine. These devices are called "two-phase models" because they have two stages of operation - while a serrated auger picks up the snow, an impeller expels it at high speed.

Three-Stage Snow blowers: These models are even more powerful than two-phase snow blowers - they have an accelerator next to the serrated auger that opens the way. Then there is the lightest model of all, i.e., the snow shovel. It's the right tool for small spaces, like terraces or steps.

What Features Should You Look For In Your Snow Blower?

Once you have chosen the basic model that's right for you, it's time to think about the extras. These are the features, which you must look for in a snow blower.

Heated Grips: Nowadays, every snow blower comes with a safety button - the unit turns off automatically if you do not hold its handles. However, this situation could be problematic when the handles are very cold because you need heat. You must not think that your gloves will keep your hands warm enough; this is never the case when you have to hold a cold metal bar.

Electric starter: If you buy a machine with a gas engine, you want an automatic start by button; you do not want to have to fight the rope on a cold day.

Bench Cutter: Snow banks are difficult to clear with a regular snow blower. If you tend to have snow banks, you need a special function: Blowers with bench cutters can do a quick job in these difficult areas.

Different speeds: You want several speeds forward and one reverse. These are very useful when there is a lot of snow to clear.

Motorized Wheels: If you have sloping areas or a large area to clear snow, you do not want to have to push your machine manually. The drive wheels will make your life easier.

Change of direction: A throttle control can help you steer where you are throwing the collected snow. It helps you to steer the snowfall with thick gloves.

Do's And Don'ts When Choosing A Snow Blower

Do not buy the wrong size: A heavy three-phase snow blower with a 27 "clearance will not help you if you have a small entrance and a garden. Not only will it be difficult to maneuver, but you also will not know where to put it away. A small 16-inch model is also not suitable for a large house.

Make sure the device is easy to handle: A slow, unstable snow blower can make your life miserable. You must buy one that is the right size and weight for the person who will use it. The model adapted to your walking speed can be an even better choice.


If you are fed up shoveling the snow in the morning with a shovel, then it’s time to change that habit. You can make your life easy by purchasing a snow blower, which is fast, efficient and perhaps the easiest way of removing snow from a variety of surfaces. I have reviewed five excellent snow blowers, which are designed differently and work in a distinguished manner as well. You can go through the reviews, which according to the consumer reports best snow blowers and then, pick a snow blower, which suits your requirements the best.

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