Winter is coming and many of you will be going for winter sports. For those who do not ski, you can go hiking and snowshoeing. Gear up for long walks in the mountains and take full advantage of the scenery by choosing the equipment that will suit your level and the types of walks you like to do. It's a durable piece of equipment: instead of renting it every year, switch to buying with quality snowshoes at a low price! I have compiled a list of the 5 best snowshoes that you can check in consumer reports best snowshoes reviews. You can also check out the buying guide after the reviews to make an informed decision.

Reviews Of The 5 Best Snowshoes

1. G2 Light Weight Snowshoes Set With Trekking Poles

consumer reports best snowshoes

One of the most durable snowshoes sets available on the market, the G2 lightweight snowshoes set uses high-quality HDPE as its deck that offers a decent floatage in snowfield that helps users conserve their energy and move ahead smoothly. The snowshoes can work in a low-temperature environment, thanks to their fast ratchet binding. You just need to lift the one-pull buckle to fasten the snowshoes, which is even easier at a time when your fingers are numb due to extreme cold weather. The company has added improved crampons in these snowshoes, which are made using top-class aluminum.

These crampons offer brilliant grip in ice or snowfield, thus keeping you away from unknown perils. The snowshoes come equipped with soft EVA foam, which offers a warm and comfortable feel, thus protecting your feet from the effects of freezing temperatures. The snowshoes also feature a heel lift and flexible pivot bar to make you feel more natural in different types of terrain. The snowshoes are available in different sizes, so you can choose the correct size and enjoy hiking in winter. If you plan on sleeping outdoors, then make sure you have the most comfortable sleeping bag, which is capable of withstanding temperatures in negative.

2. Yukon Sno-Bash Kids Snowshoe For Boys And Girls 80-7006

consumer reports best snowshoes

If you are looking for snowshoes for your child, then you can consider this particular snowshoe set from Yukon. It weighs just 2.2lbs, thus letting your child enjoy walking on all types of terrain in the winter season. The snowshoes have a large frame that can support a weight of up to 100lbs. The use of durable 6000 aluminum in making these snowshoes keep them durable yet very lightweight.

Your child will like the funky graphic design engraved on the snowshoes, which looks beautiful. These snowshoes come with ripcord binding, which can be easily pulled to fasten the shoes. This binding works with all types of boots. Another top feature in this snowshoe set is the inclusion of the Energy Flex Axle System, which molds the shoes so that they move with a natural stride of the users to give them a comfortable feel while walking, jogging, or running, etc.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Snowshoes For Women & Men

consumer reports best snowshoes

Check out this quality and durable snowshoe set, which has a size of 21 inches and a weight range between 80 and 160lbs. It is very easy to put on and take off these snowshoes, thanks to the fast pull binding buckles. The presence of heel bindings in these snowshoes allows you to climb hills and other types of terrain with utmost comfort. The shoes feature aluminum alloy teeth to get better traction and grip on the snow.

The inclusion of a gently upturned round tail delivers maximum floatation and quick movement even in heavy snow conditions. The company has used 6000 series aircraft-grade aluminum frame along with DuPont pivot, forged aluminum alloy crampons, and high-density polyethylene decking for a comfortable experience in all kinds of terrains. The recreational snowshoes are made for both men and women, thus letting them enjoy climbing, hiking, or walks around the park.

4. Gpeng 3-in-1 Xtreme Lightweight Terrain Snowshoes

consumer reports best snowshoes

The first notable point about these snowshoes is the sizes they are available in, which cover people of all sizes and weights. The snowshoes are made with aluminum alloy, which makes them lightweight yet durable. The presence of double ratcheting bindings in these snowshoes gives a comfortable fit and maximum efficiency on all types of terrain. The inclusion of a gently upturned round tail delivers maximum floatation and quick movement even in heavy snow conditions.

The use of a strong metal frame allows these shoes to give you a stable platform whereas a premium quality PE decking generates maximum floatation. Other features of the snowshoes include heel straps with quick-release buckles that keep your feet in place. The snow boots are equipped with a one-buckle tightening mechanism along with a TPE heel strap to provide maximum support in different types of terrains. In the package, you will get a pair of snowshoes, snowshoeing poles, and a carrying bag.

5. MSR Evo Trail Hiking Snowshoes

consumer reports best snowshoes

This is one of the most durable sets of snowshoes available on the market, which provides exceptional traction and floatation on rolling terrain as well as snowy trails. The decking of these snowshoes is equipped with brake bars and steel traction rails to give you a strong grip on slippery terrain. The decking also consists of carbon steel crampons, which further improve the grip in tricky conditions.

For such conditions, you should also have the best flashlight to discern what’s ahead of you. The company has provided DuoFit bindings in the shoes that offer an adjustable attachment to a variety of footwear. These bindings are glove-friendly that won’t freeze even when the temperature dips significantly. If you need additional floatation in thick snow, then you can buy 6-inch modular floatation tails. The snowshoes are ideal for people weighing up to 180lbs. The bindings easily fit men’s shoe size between 4.5 and 15.

How To Choose The Best Snowshoes?

Narrow or wide snowshoe

Depending on the type of hike you want to do, you will have to choose between different screen widths. The narrow snowshoes (up to 20cm wide) will ensure you walk without too much difficulty. To be chosen as a priority for short walks on not too rough terrain. If, on the other hand, you go for long hours in powder snow, choose a wide snowshoe (25 cm, it starts to be not bad), with better lift. It will prevent you from sinking in.

Length Of Racket

An important factor in choosing a snowshoe is your weight. The heavier you are, the longer you will need a snowshoe. Approximately 55 cm, will be fine for weaklings under 80kg. A model of 60, even 65 cm will be useful for the strong ones. Be careful while choosing longer models, as they are called skis, and they do not work the same way.

Plastic Or Aluminum Snowshoes

There are several types of snowshoes available on the market these days with plastic models being the most common. These are less expensive and more and more resistant, hence being suitable for almost all types of practices. Models with an aluminum frame and a canvas screen are to be reserved for seasoned practitioners, who are looking for real performance.


Most snowshoes are equipped with a claw in the front, under the kick. Indispensable for trudging on a slope of crusted snow. A few spikes under the sieve are also not too much. Some models even offer claws on the sides of the racket, for those who have decided to go for large 45-degree aisle crossings. Not essential, therefore, unless you are seriously ill.


Most snowshoes are equipped with heel wedges. These wedges allow you to keep your foot flat when you are on a slope and thus make your pushing profitable and therefore limit muscle fatigue. Highly effective in the fight against gravity, essential on a self-respecting racket.

Heel Lift

When we walk, we lift our feet. But unless you're a big slapstick, you'll notice that your heel always comes off the ground before the tip of your foot. Clever racket manufacturers have come up with a concept where the heel of your binding can also be lifted. Note, it is good to be able to fix the heel during descents in powder snow if you feel like sliding.


There are several types. With strap or rack bindings, foot locking system or not, it all depends on the shoe you want to put in your racquet! Just one piece of advice, bring your shoe to the store, to test the size adjustment systems, and to check that your seam will be well maintained. Otherwise, you'll end up barefoot, blisters in the snow, whining. And you won't say you weren't warned.

How To Maintain Your Snowshoes?

First of all, note that the models presented are not suitable for extreme conditions with a glacial climate, in which case we encourage you to really deepen your research for suitable material. For leisure use, the maintenance of your snowshoes is very simple. All you need to do is rinse your snowshoes thoroughly after use (take the opportunity to clean them to find them clean for your next use) and dry them with an old cloth, then store them in a dry place, quite simply in a garage or a cellar for example, probably with the rest of your winter sports equipment!

Sum Up

Snowshoes provide adventure lovers with an opportunity to enjoy the winter season without the discomfort of snowy surfaces that makes walking an arduous job. With snowshoes, you can walk on different types of terrains with ease, thanks to their strong grip and traction. You can easily pick snowshoes from the consumer reports best snowshoes reviews. Once picked, make sure to place an order so you have them before the snowfall.