As the temperature starts to dip, people start taking all sorts of measures to keep themselves warm and comfortable, which include wearing woolens, setting up an electric fireplace/gas fireplace, and of course, buying and decorating Christmas tree. However, you should add one more thing to this list, which is having a space heater in the room where you sleep every night.

A space heater is a perfect device to keep a room warm and comfortable throughout the night, plus it is very economical compared to heat pumps. If you were looking for a space heater, but couldn’t determine where to start from, then you can take a look at the reviews of the 5 best space heater consumer reports in the section below, which is followed by a comprehensive buying guide.

Reviews Of The 5 Best Space Heaters

1. GiveBest Portable Ceramic Electric Space Heater With Thermostat PTC-905

Best Space Heater consumer reports

This is a portable electric space heater, which you can move from one room to another according to your requirements. Despite being portable, the space heater delivers powerful heat. There are two levels of heat in this heater, level I and level II. In level I, the unit produces heat at 750 watts whereas, in level II, it produces even more powerful heat at 1500 watts. You can adjust the temperature on this heater from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. A smart mechanism has been incorporated into the space heater for cycling it on and off according to the room temperature once it reaches the heater’s set temperature.

The heater comes with PTC ceramic heating technology and a high-speed fan that allows it to heat a room as big as 200 square feet in seconds. The space heater is efficient, quiet, and economical, so you can totally rely on it in harsh winters. You will get a 6 feet long cord along with a 2-prong connection that fits for indoor use. The company has used a flame retardant material to make this heater, thus reducing the chances of fire hazard to zero. The heater shuts down when accidentally tipped over to prevent damage to the property or person. For safety, the heater comes with overheat protection that shuts down the unit to prevent overheating.

2. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater With Remote Control 751320

Best Space Heater consumer reports

Have a look at this ceramic space heater from Lasko, which comes with an elongated heating element that allows wider oscillation and deeper penetration of air velocity to cover more area for better comfort. The company has installed an electronic thermostat that is fully programmable, so you can set a timer for up to 7 hours and choose from 2 quiet comfort settings using the multi-function remote control provided with the space heater.

Despite having such a powerful heating ability and many exciting features, the space heater is very easy to use and transport. You will get the device fully assembled, so you can plug it into the wall outlet and start using it.

3. PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater NY1507-14A (Best Space Heater For Apartment)

Best Space Heater consumer reports

This is another highly powerful space heater, but it operates on oil. The heater comes with 3 heating options, which include 900 watts, 1500 watts, and Mode. Then, there are 5 temperature settings for you to choose from, which include 65, 70, 75, 80, and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The space heater comes with a wide range of features such as a programmable thermostat, LCD screen, 10-hour timer, and remote control. The space heater comes with 4-swivel caster wheels that can be rotated up to 360 degrees, thus letting you move it from one room to another effortlessly.

A power indicator light is integrated into the unit that lets you know when it is ON. For safety, the heater comes with overheat protection and a tip-over safety switch, that shuts off the device when knocked over accidentally. The space heater doesn’t make too much noise while operating, thus letting you sleep without any disturbance. The company provides a 1-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

4. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater HS-1500-PHX-WIFI

Best Space Heater consumer reports

If you were looking for a wall-mounted space heater, then you’ve got one in Heat Storm Infrared Heater, which is equipped with Wi-Fi technology to let you control the temperature using your smartphone. The heater can heat at 1500 watts, which ensures quick and consistent heating of any room in your house. The company has installed a safe-to-touch grill, so your kids and pets won’t incur any injuries after accidentally touching the heater’s grill while it is still on. You will also get a space-saving wall mount in the package, which prevents you from using floor space. As you plug the unit into the wall outlet, you can hide the cord inside the space heater. You can use the heater in your bedroom, office, kitchen and more.

5. Mr. Heater Vent Free Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT (Best Space Heater For Large Room)

Best Space Heater consumer reports

Ending this incredible list with a gas heater from Mr. Heater, which has an energy output of 30,000 BTUs, hence making it ideal for heating spaces as big as 1000 square feet. The heater consists of a blue flame burner that delivers convection heat, which also remains even at all times. The heater has a fuel consumption or burn rate of .030 MCF whereas the elevation is around 4,500 ft.

The company has taken care of the safety aspect as well, which is why you will find an automatic low oxygen shut-off system in this unit. If you live in an area that is 4,500 ft., above sea level, then the ODS system of the unit will shut it down. You will get a thermostat, wall mounting hardware, and legs in the package, so you just need to assemble the parts following an instruction manual and enjoy the warmth on cold wintery nights. The heater uses natural gas, so make sure not to use it in bedrooms, bathrooms, or recreational vehicles (RVs).

How To Choose The Best Space Heater?

Space heaters are available in different styles and models. If you are planning to buy a large-scale heater, then keep in mind it is not that such a device won’t be easy to carry around, but great if you wish to leave it in one spot. When it comes to the most popular space heaters, then those will be the ones with the shape of a tower. But, you can also find space heaters in other shapes, so if you have to choose the best product for yourself, then read the below-mentioned information carefully:

Safety – Just like other heating devices, if you choose to buy a space heater that has been designed poorly or consists of mediocre components, then it could be very dangerous for you and your family. Fortunately, you can find models that are equipped with standard safety features such as automatic timer and tip-over protection, but you may find additional safety features in premium models. Safety is paramount when using a device like a space heater because it has the power to start a fire in case of an accident.

Efficiency – The reason why you are buying a space heater is that it gets freezing in your region in winters. So, you would not like the heat kicking in the device while your teeth are still chattering. You should invest in a space heater that quickly heats up and delivers warmth to whoever is in the room. If you opt for a smaller space heater, then you can expect it to heat up faster, especially in a small room.

Thermostat – Many space heaters available on the market are equipped with adjustable temperature settings, but not every space heater is equipped with a precise thermostat. However, my list of best space heaters features an accurate thermostat.

Extra Features – You will also find many useful features in space heaters such as remote control, which allows you to control the heat and timer according to your choice. Some space heaters boast Wi-Fi functionality as well, thus letting customers control the devices through their smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are space heaters more efficient than central heat?

Of course, space heaters are more efficient because they heat single rooms instead of entire premises, thus using less energy compared to central heat. If you will be staying in your bedroom, then using a space heater will make more sense.

Can I turn my space heater on all night?

Yes, you can turn it on all night without any issue. A majority of space heaters are equipped with safety features to make sure that users don’t hurt themselves on light the place on fire. Some of the notable features include auto shut-off after the time set on the unit and when it tips over. Many space heaters come with a cool-to-touch grill that prevents burns from touching it while the heater is on.

Is it OK to leave the space heater on while unattended?

Yes, there won’t be an issue leaving the space heater on while you are not around, but it’ll be better to turn it off before heading out to prevent any catastrophe in your absence. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to heat a room when you won’t even be there to enjoy the warmth.


A space heater can be a very useful device if you are looking to heat a small place to sleep comfortably at night. Having a centrally heated system is good, but it will be far more expensive compared to a space heater. So, make sure you buy a space heater, which won’t be difficult for you now since you have read reviews of the 5 best space heater consumer reports. Get your space heater today!