Are you not in favor of cleaning your house with the help of heavy machines and harmful chemicals? Well, nobody is, but then, people say they don’t have any other option but to use complicated machines and harmful chemicals to get rid of stubborn stains, grime, mold and other unwanted elements off the floor, windows, carpets, couches, and other products.

It’s not that there isn’t a way to clean all these things without making use of bulky and complicated machines or by using chemicals, it’s just that we don’t know what’s the right product is. There is, in fact, a very efficient and reliable product in steam cleaner, which is used for cleaning a variety of surfaces in the most comprehensive manner.

There are so many steam cleaners available on the market that you will definitely find it difficult to zero-in on the right product, but don’t you worry. Just go through the steam cleaner reviews consumer reports and you’ll be able to pick the best product without breaking a sweat.

Reviews Of The 7 Best Steam Cleaners

1. LIGHT 'N' EASY All-In-One Steam Mop With Detachable Handheld Unit

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

A blue-chip steam mop, this all-in-one unit can do the work of five different appliances. So, you will save a hell lot of money with this appliance along with saving a lot of space as well. The product can be used on different types of floors along with carpets, and the end result is just ‘SPECTACULAR’. Moreover, you can also use it on your clothes, as it efficiently removes wrinkles from your expensive attire. Apart from that, the steam mop can be used to clean mirrors and windows, which are always filled with smudges and fingerprints.

The unit features an 11.5-oz water reservoir, which can give you half an hour of steam to clean whatever you want. The steam gets ready in 30 seconds. The unit features a number of attachments, but the one I liked a lot is the special surface scrubbing attachment, which allows me to clean all types of floors in an efficient manner. The company also offers free replacement if customers don’t like the product along with a 1-year warranty, so that shows how confident the company is on its product. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then its 20-ft cord will be a shortcoming for many, while others will not be able to muster up the funds to buy this expensive unit.

2. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

The first thing that you will like about this steam cleaner is its incredible looks. Dupray Neat is the Apple iPhone of steam cleaners because it is so beautiful. However, things don’t stop at looks, but there are many impressive features added by the company in this product such as its powerful 1,500-watt motor, ability to produce steam at a high temperature, i.e., 132 Celsius, 54 Oz internal water tank for supplying steam for 50 minutes. Then, there is 2-meter hose, 16.5-meter power cord and a big kit with 18 pieces to let users clean anything and everything they want. To sum up this product for you, it is a beautiful and feature-packed product, which you must consider.

3. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner 

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

We have one more product on the list from Dupray, but this one is a bit different. The first notable thing about this product is the high cleaning temperature, i.e., 135 Celsius, which not just cleans the surface, but sanitize it as well. The product features a wide range of accessories as well using which, you can use the product to clean a wide range of things. The unit takes less time to warm up, i.e., around seven minutes compared to ten in other cleaners.

Boasting a big 54 Oz water tank allows the unit to provide users with steam for up to 50 minutes. The ability of this steam cleaner to reach temperatures as high as 275F ensures the killing of 99.9% bacteria along with pathogens and viruses. Accompanied with 18 accessories, this steam cleaner is a perfect solution to all your home cleaning problems.

4. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

Check out this incredible steam cleaner, which anyone would confuse with a canister vacuum because the two look identical. However, McCulloch MC1375 is a steam cleaner that comes with 20 accessories, which can be used for different cleaning tasks. This unit has a 48 Oz water tank, and the water can be heated in around 12 minutes. A large water tank means continuous steam for up to 90 minutes.

To get rid of stubborn stains and grease, the unit is fitted with 58-PSI pressure. An 18-ft long power cord is connected with the main unit to allow uninterrupted movement in the room. This is by far the best steam cleaner for carpets. However, it too has some downsides with the most prominent being the long warming up time, i.e., 12 minutes where other steam cleaners are warming up in 10 minutes max. Moreover, it is a bulky product, which requires more space.

5. Linsion Pressure+ Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

The next on our list is Linsion Pressure Plus multi-purpose steam cleaner, which is a powerful unit, to say the least. The unit sports a 1500-watt motor, which provides sufficient power to carry out high-intensity cleaning tasks. A 10-ft cord complements the powerful motor by providing a free movement to the users. The pressure generated by this steam cleaner is around 70 PSI, which is among the highest among the steam cleaners that I’ve reviewed so far. This steam cleaner naturally cleans and sanitizes the dirty areas without making use of harsh chemicals.

On a full tank, the steam cleaner offers 30 minutes of continuous steam. The steam-on-demand feature is a great addition to the unit along with a continuous steam locking switch. Coming to the accessories that come along with this unit, then those include various types of brushes (copper, round, floor, ironing and glass), big nozzle and white funnel. At last, the company offers 2-year warranty on this unit, just in case you come across any issue with it.

6. Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

Dupray was so good that I have a third product from this company on my list of best steam cleaners. The unit is high on power and efficiency, but that increases the price of it as well. With this steam cleaner, you can clean any surface in a comprehensive manner. You can use the product to clean floors in your house, stains on your couch, seats in your vehicles and so on. In other words, you can call it a highly versatile product, which can be used to clean literally any surface.

To help achieve all that the company claims, a number of tools have been provided in the package. I was surprised to see the maximum temperature the water can be heated to, i.e., 347 degrees and that too in eight minutes. To clean things in a more efficient manner, you can add detergent into a smaller tank, as this unit features two tanks. The availability of two tanks means you have twice the steam to work with. Overall, the product is very powerful, efficient, smartly designed and long-lasting.

7. COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner with 18 Accessories

best steam cleaner reviews consumer report

The last product I have on my list is another multipurpose steam cleaner, which comes with 18 accessories. This product heats up to 226 degrees Celsius, which is what is required for deep cleaning and sanitizing the surface. It isn’t just the hot pressure steam, but 4.0 bar work pressure, which works on eradicating stains, grime, grease, and mold from different types of surfaces, be it floors, windows, mirrors, air conditioners, and machines, etc. The steam cleaner features 51 Oz water tank, which heats up in less than 10 minutes and then, you can proceed with the cleaning task.

The inclusion of a comfortable handle, a couple of wheels and rolling caster make it easier for users to lift and move this product. The company has added all the necessary safety features in the product to avoid any catastrophe. To ensure smooth movement in the room, a 16-ft power cord has been attached to the main unit along with a couple of alternative extension steam tubes. Then, there is a 79-inch soft pipe, which offers enhanced maneuverability and gives you the freedom to clean hard-to-reach areas. This product comes with 18 accessories using which you can clean areas inside and outside the house.

How A Steam Cleaner Works

Cleaning the house without chemicals is the promise of the steam cleaner. A steam cleaner works on the principle of hot water vapors, which are emitted in the form of a jet stream to the spot that needs to be cleaned. Such action can remove stains, dirt, grime and several other unwanted elements off the surface. To make a steam cleaner work, water is poured into the tank and the cap is closed.

The water is boiled under pressure by a boiler. Then, the user turns on the switch. Either the wipe is moistened, or a jet of steam comes out of one of the accessories dedicated to specific cleanings. The higher the flow rate, the quicker and more effective the action. In particular, the wipe becomes wet more quickly and then, it will be easier to remove stains or deposits. However, optimal use requires adequate accessories. Be careful, spraying water at this temperature is not suitable for all materials. It is necessary to check the possible applications of the different steam cleaners.

Tip: Steam cleaners are different from floor cleaners, which also have a water reservoir for watering a wipe. However, the water is cold and, above all, these devices use detergents.

Purposes Of A Steam Cleaner

The choice of your steam cleaner will largely depend on the use you want to make of it. It is particularly recommended for tiled or ceramic surfaces: floor, bathroom wall, washbasins. Those who are not versatile are used for cleaning floors. Sleds are more versatile, as are hand-held devices. The latter two can attack smooth out-of-ground elements (work surface), windows and highly localized areas (joints, interstices).

Some models are designed to strip carpets, rugs or fabric furniture but be careful, not all wash properly. On some occasions, you will find the dirt stuck within the fibers. In addition, it is advisable to spray on a small part of the surface that you want to clean, just to be sure that the surface doesn’t deform or discolor.

Uses By Type Of Steam Cleaner

Steaming Mops

  • Hard floors, carpets, and rugs
  • Quickly clean the tile after the meal

Sled Steam Cleaner

  • Hard floors, carpets, and rugs
  • Surfaces in height
  • Bay windows, windows, windshields

Clean several rooms at one time

Handheld Steam Cleaner

  • Bay windows, windows, windshields
  • Clean quickly the work plans

Note: Some uses are prohibited:

  • Do not scrub your oven or any device connected with a steam cleaner. Humidity and electricity do not mix well, and you may get an electric shock.
  • Do not wash your hardwood floors or furniture. This material can become deformed or inflated with water.

Different Types Of Steam Cleaners

There is no standard shape and size of steam cleaners, they come in different types and are used in different applications. Let’s check out different types of steam cleaners and their uses.

Steam Mops

When you see steam mops, you will certainly remember the best vacuum cleaner that is present in your house. These units don’t suck up dirt, but they clean floors with the pad that is attached at the bottom of mop. When it comes to maneuverability, no other steam cleaner beats them.

Handheld Steam Cleaners

These steam cleaners are also great when it comes to maneuverability because of their smart design and less weight. These units produce a concentrated burst of steam, which comes out of the nozzle or the variety of attachments that are given along with the product. Handheld steam cleaners have a small water tank and are used for cleaning small areas such as kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles and other hard-to-reach areas of the property.

2-In-1 Mop And Handheld Steam Cleaners

These units consist of two products, an upright steam mop, and a detachable handheld steam cleaner. Together, they offer a comprehensive cleaning on a variety of surfaces. The only downside to these units is that they are heavier and pricier than other steam cleaners.

Cylinder Steam Cleaners

In cylinderical steam cleaners, you will the main body along with a mop head and hose, which are connected and attached on the wheeled base. Moreover, you can connect more accessories as per your choice and get done with the cleaning job you were delaying for all these days. These units have larger water tanks, which means more steaming time. To be more precise, the steam time is thrice as long as compared to steam mops.

Points To Check Before Buying A Steam Cleaner

Removable Or Fixed Tank

A removable tank is more convenient than a fixed one. Some devices have a light indicator to indicate a low water level, but enjoying it at a glance during the action is more convenient.

Length Of Wire

Check the length of the wire: the longer it is, the easier you will clean without having to change outlets or use an extension cord. In return, the device will be heavier and difficult to store.


The ability to wrap the wire on the device makes it easier to store the steam cleaner. The same is true for maintaining the broom models in a vertical position.

Standard wipes

Check that standard wipes can be placed on the floor brush. Some fastening systems require the use of dedicated wipes, which complicates refueling. Removable wipes with the foot avoid bending down to remove it.


Make sure the steamer is easy to handle, such as weight, carrying handles, directional wheels for base units... all aspects that will facilitate regular use.

Wrapping Up

Steam cleaners definitely offer a unique and excellent way of cleaning different types of surfaces, but buying the best steam cleaner is a difficult task, especially when someone doesn’t have any prior knowledge about the product. To help you with that, I have laid out steam cleaner reviews consumer reports, which cover different types of steam cleaners and their unique features. Moreover, there is a detailed buying guide given as well to inform you better about this particular product. Now, I presume that you are familiar with steam cleaners and can buy the most suitable steam cleaner for your daily house-cleaning job.