We all want our clothes to be spic and span, but we don’t want to waste our time ironing them. To solve this problem, steam irons were developed, which make use of water steam to quickly get rid of the wrinkles. However, not all steam irons are the same, as there is a difference in heating time, heat settings and types of fabrics that can be ironed. If you want to find out the best product for yourself, then you will have to make some efforts for it. Or, you can be smart and go through the reviews of five of the best steam irons consumer reports and quickly move onto the purchasing part rather than getting stuck in comparing products.

Reviews Of 5 Best Steam Irons

1. Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron

best steam irons consumer report

PurSteam 1700W Steam Iron is being sold more times than any other steam iron not just because of its high power, but Rapid Even-Heat Technology. If you want to iron a piece of cloth that is full of wrinkles, then this iron will do it in the shortest possible time. The steam iron is fast, safe and economical. A 3-way automatic shut off feature is added to the unit that ensures safety against unfortunate accidents. The steam iron is made of durable materials, with the soleplate being carved out of a high-quality stainless-steel piece. The inclusion of an intelligent self-cleaning function will also be beneficial for you on many occasions. In a nutshell, a highly considerable steam iron.

2. Beautural 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen

best steam irons consumer report

Another high-performance steam iron on the list and this one is generating even more power, 1800 watts to be precise. Not just that, the steam iron features an LCD screen with 9 presets. Moreover, an anti-drip system has been incorporated into the machine, which prevents leakage during operation. The steam can be given in three ways, which are spray, bursts, and mist. Moreover, you can operate the iron vertically as well as horizontally, which adds to the convenience. The inclusion of a self-cleaning system allows the unit to defuse calcium deposit in order to increase its lifespan. The stainless steel soleplate is coated with dual-layer of ceramic to provide a smooth glide on all types of fabrics. This is an advanced steam iron with plenty of unique features.

3. Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron 

best steam irons consumer report

Let’s begin with the best feature, this steam iron is ‘CORDLESS’, yes, no cord to interrupt while you iron your clothes. That’s a big relief if you hate corded irons. Besides that, you will find several other exciting features such as automatic shut-off, fingertip controls, a base with retractable cord and a durable carrying case. The steam iron has two steam levels, low level for delicate fabrics and high for sturdy fabrics. You can also choose ‘No Steam’ option, just in case you want to iron a piece of cloth without steam. Other features of the unit include an electronic temperature control panel for setting up precise temperature, curved stainless steel soleplate for easy gliding of the iron over fabrics and detachable water tank.

4. BLACK+DECKER D2030 Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron 

best steam irons consumer report

Another top-class steam iron for review. Despite being a China-made product, the brand ‘BLACK+DECKER’ is very popular in the US because they make good quality products such as grind and brew coffee maker, food processor and toaster oven, etc. This steam iron is no exception, as it is packed with many amazing features such as the LCD display, heave soleplate, and easy handling. The unit incorporates a 1500-watt of the motor, which ensures fast and effective ironing of clothes. Features like Anti-Drip system and Auto Clean system ensures that the entire operation of ironing clothes is mess-free.

If the iron is not in use, then it will shut down on its own, thanks to Automatic Shut Off System. Last but not least, all these high-end features are coming at a very economical price, which is why BLACK+DECKER steam iron ranks high on the list of top steam irons.

5. Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron

best steam irons consumer report

Fast heating and fast ironing, this is what you get with Maytag M400 Steam Iron. Want to iron a big pile of clothes, don’t worry, this steam iron will do it for you. With a proficiency of removing vertically positioned items like curtains make this steam iron the most preferred choice for many. The steam iron heats in just three seconds, so you can quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes that you’re supposed to wear at work. The inclusion of a high-quality thermostat allows you to set the precise temperature based on the fabric you’re working on. Other features of the unit include a self-cleaning system, anti-drip mechanism, three-way shut off and a big water tank of 8.1 litre.

How To Choose The Best Steam Irons 

When buying a steam iron you need to be aware of characteristics such as iron type, weight, amount of steam and even design. These features make all the difference and guarantee wrinkle-free clothes. Therefore, here are the key points to keep in mind when choosing the best steam iron!

Choose by Steam Iron Type 

Before buying your steam iron, you should keep in mind that there are two types: the standard and the vertical. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and this is what will be discussed here below:

Steamers: For Delicate Clothes 

Steamers in practice are not irons, as they do not have a metal surface that heats up. In fact, they flatten their clothes by steam released at a constant temperature. With the help of best steamers, the clothes are ironed vertically, hanging on the hanger itself. That is, they do not require the use of ironing boards! Perfect, isn't it?

In addition, they have the advantage of deodorizing clothes and some models come with accessories to remove wrinkles from clothes hanged vertically on the hangers. There are options that can be used horizontally as well.

However, this type of ironing is only suitable for clothes with thinner and more delicate fabrics, such as blouses and dresses. They are also useful for removing small wrinkles from clothes that have been forgotten in the closet, but you can hardly untangle jeans. That is, it is a practical option, but does not completely replace the standard type iron.

For Sturdier Fabrics Choose Standard Type

Standard steam iron is that most common type, which you hold in the handle and pass the hot base directly to the fabric resting on the board. This iron is not only suitable for ironing small pieces and everyday clothes, but also for clothes with thicker fabrics and difficult to iron, such as jeans.

It is not uncomfortable when it comes to flattening clothes, but it has the disadvantage of requiring parts to be supported and stretched on some surface, which may be impractical when you are in a hurry. However, if you're the type who takes the time to iron all your clothes at once and get everything ready to go, this is the best type!

The good news is that some brands already offer standard-type irons that can be used vertically as well as steamers, and have a steam jet release button! That way you can have a 2-in-1 iron and enjoy all the advantages of both types!

Choose between Corded Or Cordless Iron 

Steam irons can be wired or wireless. While one stands out for its high power, the other offers plenty of practicality. Check it out below and decide which one is best for you!

Wireless Models Offer More Freedom and Convenience

The darling of practicality lovers, the cordless iron comes with a base to support you every time you handle your clothes and to reheat the iron. That's right, this base, which is plugged into the socket, leaves the steam iron at the right temperature to iron the clothes. The need to reheat the iron with each piece of clothing and sometimes even more often can be a nuisance when there are too many items to iron. However, as it is wireless, it offers more freedom of movement, especially for left-handed and not very practical people.

Wired Models Guarantee Continuous Heat, But Attention to Wire Length

The most common type of iron is the corded model. Being plugged into an outlet all the time, it can keep the temperature of your plate virtually constant. This way you can pass several pieces without stopping to reheat. However, when choosing a corded iron, it is important to note if the cable length is right for your home. Cables that are too short limit your space when ironing, so make sure to go for a model that has a cable length of 2 m or more.

Know Steam Quantity and Duration

If steam is the differential of these irons, it is crucial for you to know the amount and duration of it on each model while choosing a steam iron. Steam too weak does not help ironing, just like steam that lasts a short time.

The More Steam The Better

The amount of constant steam is indicated by the unit gram per minute. In the irons specifications, this information appears as “g/min”. A good iron has a minimum of 25g/min, but you will find models of 60g/min or more, that is, with plenty of steam to unravel your clothes faster.

In addition to continuous steam, which is continuously flowing, some models also have the function of releasing a more powerful jet of extra steam to remove stubborn wrinkles. There are models that have an extra steam jet of up to 140 g! Also, check out the possibility of choosing models with this function!

The Larger The Tank, The Longer Continuous Steam Time

Another point to note is the duration of the steam. This duration is proportional to the size of the water tank, i.e., if it is small, the steam tends to be emitted for a shorter time and vice versa. To avoid frequent replenishment, choose a model that has a larger water reservoir. Most basic models have a reservoir of 200 ml or less, while the most advanced models, especially the vertical ones, can reach 2 liters. For standard type irons, prefer options with a capacity of over 200 ml.

Choose Ceramic Based Irons

In the case of a steam iron that has a board, another detail you should consider is the material of the iron base - the part that directly touches the fabric. Many materials are used and each has its advantages. The aluminum ones tend to accumulate dirt and are less efficient than the ceramic ones, which are sturdier and slide more easily through fabrics. Some bases are made of ceramic and quartz, materials that make them extremely scratch resistant and guarantee a smooth slip through the fabrics.

Prefer Models Under 1kg

Most steam irons weigh from 500 g to 1.5 kg. Since ironing is an activity that requires effort, you should consider whether the weight of the product is not causing inconvenience to you- especially if there are too many clothes to iron, or if you want to use the iron upright. Especially in the case of steamers, products over 1 kg are not very recommended.

It is also important to note that when it comes to the standard type, heavier models are better for smoothing out tougher fabrics because the weight of the product puts more pressure on the fabric making it smoother. However, a standard 1 kg iron is much more comfortable and will not be lacking in everyday life.

Check For Button Border

Some garments have many buttons, as is the case with social shirts, for example. When ironing this type of clothing, you may be able to make a slightly stronger movement and the bottom of the iron will eventually pull out a button. But don't worry, many steam iron models have a special edge that fits right under the buttons, preventing damage. If you need to pass many pieces like this, it's important to keep an eye on this feature!

Also, Check Extra Functions 

Be sure to check out the extra functions too! One may be the width of the water tank nozzle. The larger it is, the less likely it will wet the iron body during water replenishment. Another function is that of the water jet, activated by a button. Use it to overcome the most persistent wrinkles on clothes.

Final Verdict

The clothes you wear tells a lot about your personality, so make sure to wear well-ironed clothes because it leaves a good impression about you on others. If your current iron is unable to get you wrinkle-free clothes, then you must get a new iron quickly. The entire world is using steam irons these days, so you can have one of those. To help you out, I have even laid out a list of five best steam irons consumer reports, so just check out the list, go through the reviews and make your pick.

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