When you need to do chores at home or in the garage, it often happens that you can't find the tool you need. For this reason, there are ready-made tool chests on the market, filled with a wide selection of tools including power tools that serve to cover the needs of the worker or do-it-yourself lover. Many people today, thanks also to the easy availability of special materials at online stores, cultivate hobbies, from construction to small carpentry up to real renovations. If you are looking to buy a highly efficient tool chest, then you can check out tool chest reviews consumer reports to find the best product according to your requirements.

Reviewing 5 Best Tool Chests

1. CRAFTSMAN Tool Chest With Drawer Liner Roll CMST82764BK

tool chest reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for a tool chest that is built to last, then check out this product from Craftsman, which boasts 20–24-gauge steel construction. The tool chest also features a full-extension drawer with a ball bearing that slides smoothly, and it weighs around 50 pounds. Your tools will remain safe in this tool chest, thanks to its keyed internal locking mechanism.

The company has provided a hinged cover with the tool chest that holds the chest lid open when in use. The inclusion of a drawer liner roll will also make it easier for you to place your tools safely. The tool chest comes with a 3-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. 

2. STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest 037025H

tool chest reviews consumer reports

Stanley brings to you an elegant tool chest, which comes with a large pull-out handle made of steel that adds to the durability of the chest. You can easily maneuver the tool chest using that handle, thanks to the soft grip it incorporates. The tool chest also features a portable tote tray, which is deep enough to accommodate any kind of tool you use. The lid of the tool chest features a couple of grooves measuring 2x4 inches.

You can easily move the chest from one place to another, thanks to the heavy-duty wheels attached at the base. As far as the dimensions of the tool chest are concerned, then it has an assembled length of 15 inches, assembled width of 20.47 inches, assembled depth of 34.25 inches, and assembled height of 18.9 inches. In a nutshell, there is enough space in this tool chest to keep all your necessary tools.

3. WORKPRO 24.5 Inch 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

tool chest reviews consumer reports

WorkPro has designed a highly sturdy tool chest, which is made of high-quality SPCC steel. The company has done a black coat paint finish that prevents damage and corrosion, so if you are looking to use it in a workshop or garage, then you can easily. The tool chest consists of a spacious upper case and a bottom cabinet to let you segregate the tools according to your requirements. The upper case also consists of a top drawer along with 3 large drawers. The top box incorporates an anti-theft bolt that helps you keep valuable tools safely.

The top toolbox of the lower cabinet can be removed and used as a workbench. The bottom toolbox features more storage space to accommodate larger tools and equipment. The top box can also be placed in the bottom box from the side. The base of the tool cabinet comes with 4 durable universal wheels out of which two are equipped with non-slip locks. Using these wheels, you can easily move the whole cabinet to meet different scenarios. You can also use the tool chest in the garage, barbershop, studio, workshop, etc.

4. Workington Portable Metal Tool Chest With 4 Drawers

tool chest reviews consumer reports

Have a look at this tool chest from Workington, which is made from a premium quality 22-gauge steel metal that adds sturdiness and durability to it. The tool chest consists of 4 drawers to keep a variety of tools safely. Boasting a portable design, you can use this tool chest in several ways. Equipped with a top handle allows you to easily move the tool chest from one place to another.

The inclusion of a full-length piano hinge also adds to the comfort while using the tool chest. For added security, the tool chest features a double latch system, which along with the inclusion of a padlock keeps your tools safe inside the tool chest. The movement of the drawer is smooth and effortless, thanks to the use of a ball bearing, and it will continue to remain the same for years.

5. ERGOMASTER 5-Drawers Rolling Tool Chest Cabinet          

tool chest reviews consumer reports

Ending my list with Ergomaster rolling tool chest cabinet, which is fully capable of organizing and storing tools in a better way. The cabinet is ideal for several projects, be it home improvement, DIY projects, auto mechanics, and more. The tool chest features a large bottom cabinet, top box drawer, a couple of trays, and five drawers resulting in ample storage capacity to store a variety of tools with ease. You will like the design of the tool chest, which allows you to detach the entire storage cabinet into 2 boxes for separate use or use together as per your needs.

While the drawers don’t slide on their own, in case they do, you can stop their movement using the lock bars, which can also be used to lock the toolbox. However, the small lock is not included in the package, so you will have to buy them separately. The tool chest is made of durable steel and comes with wheels at the base that are made of a combination of rubber and plastic material. The use of top-quality material along with solid workmanship make the tool chest strong, durable, and wear-resistant. You will continue using this tool chest for years to come.

Buying Guide - How To Choose The Best Tool Chest?

Choosing which tool chest to buy may not always be a simple decision. In fact, very often the aim is to buy the one that contains the greatest number of tools, but this method of choice is not always the best. In fact, you will notice that many of the tools present are never used, and therefore a higher amount has been spent than is used. Therefore, the best tool chest is the one that best matches your needs, that is, one that offers the tools you think you can use most frequently.

Tool Chests For Professionals

Many of the best tool chests are specifically designed for certain categories of professionals. These cabinets present a series of tools that are suitable for the tasks that a professional must carry out in the context of his work. For example, there are tool chests designed for mechanics, plumbers, and electricians.

There are also other versions for those who have to assemble furniture or do maintenance work on household appliances and so on. These particular boxes are composed of tools that are hardly found in "generalist" ones, precisely because they are used mostly in specific activities. This is also one of the reasons why tapes for professionals cost more than "general" ones.

The Quality Of The Tools

To determine the price of a tool chest is the build quality of all the tools present, in addition to their total number. A tool forged in metal, with a particular handle, which does not allow the tool to slip from the hands when they are wet or sweaty, is certainly qualities that should never be lacking in any tool.

For all those who have moving parts, such as ratchets, robustness when tightening a component is essential so as not to have a piece, which is being serviced, which cannot be closed as it should. Many tools also have chromed parts, which are synonymous with very long life, not having to fear rust even after many years of ownership.

For this reason, with the same number of tools, it is better to choose a branded product, perhaps spending a few euros more than a non-“branded” box. A greater expense than ever as in this case will be repaid by superior quality and therefore with tools that will last over time.

Empty Tool Chest

There are not a few people who prefer to buy empty toolboxes and then fill them with various tools. Those who prefer this type of tool chest are usually because they want to carefully choose the quality of the tools and not rely on a single brand that perhaps produces high-quality screwdrivers but on the contrary offers wrenches of the lowest quality.

When evaluating the empty tool chest, you must first consider how many tools you will be inserting, keep in mind that it is better to choose a version that can contain a greater number of those available to have room for any tools that will be purchased later.

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How To Use A Tool Chest

The Quality Of The Tool Chest

If the quality of the tools inserted is a priority for knowing how to choose a good tool chest, the toolbox itself also deserves special attention. In the choice it is better to lean towards models in aluminum or those in ABS but which have metal reinforcements on the corners and at least the metal profiles.

This allows you to preserve the cassette if you have the habit of "treating it badly", perhaps because it is always running a lot during working hours. The handle is also important: check that it is well fixed to the frame of the box, perhaps with at least four screws (two on each side). This must never give the feeling that it can break or give way because otherwise, a fall could ruin some precious tool inside.

Also, evaluate the internal arrangement of the tools and whether they are easily removable and repositionable. Not least is the possibility, possibly, of being able to add others in addition to those present, perhaps in a predisposed compartment. In fact, most of the tool chests do not offer a drill, for example, but this can be an indispensable tool for various types of interventions, and the possibility of being able to insert it in the toolbox is a considerable plus.

For empty tool chests, it is important to check the maximum weight they can withstand. It would be a shame if, once you have inserted all your tools, the box could not hold the weight, with the real risk that it could break even shortly after buying and using it.

Final Verdict

A tool chest is the most important item for every handyman to carry out a variety of tasks with ease. If you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, then you should buy a tool chest, which you easily can by picking a product from the aforementioned list of best tool chest reviews consumer reports. Just choose the right tool chest that suits your needs and place your order.