When you have kids at home, you definitely need a variety of games and fun tools to keep them busy. One such tool is a trampoline, which I’m sure you must have jumped on when you were a child. I’ve always liked jumping on trampolines and I still do. If you were thinking of having something as exciting as a trampoline for your kids, then it’s the perfect time to do so. I would also like to add that a trampoline is not just for kids, but you as an adult can have fun on it if you want. Trampoline is also considered a workout tool, so if you think you didn’t get enough chance to jump on trampolines in your childhood days, then you can definitely get one for yourself and your kids. To find the best one, go through best trampoline reviews consumer reports in the section that follows next.

Reviews Of 7 Best Trampolines

1. Skywalker Trampolines Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Safest Trampoline Consumer Reports

best trampoline reviews

If you are looking for an interesting thing to gift to your kids, then there is nothing better than a trampoline from Skywalker. Sporting a patented enclosure, there won’t be any gaps between the net and jumping surface, thus ensuring complete protection for your kids.

As far as the design of this trampoline, the company has made sure of the safety of the jumpers by including a 360-degree padded handlebar, which stabilizes kids in case they get imbalanced. Even the enclosure net is sewn to the jump mat, eliminating gaps.

The net of the trampoline is made of polyethylene, which is tightly woven in order to keep the limbs from being caught. The company has not made used springs, instead used stretch bands for enhanced safety. The company offers a 3-year warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on other parts.

2. Springfree 11-Feet Square Trampoline With Ladder And Basketball Hoop

best trampoline reviews

This is another model for those who have less space at home. The trampoline is rated for 220 lbs, which shows it is a small-sized model, but then, those who are looking for a small-sized trampoline will find it ideal. Boasting a strong build, you can expect this trampoline to last for more than a decade.

The frame of the trampoline has three layers of anti-rust coating, plus the flexinet of the trampoline is protected against UV rays and tearing. The quality of the trampoline can be judged from the fact that it can withstand chilling winters to sizzling summers without any issue.

As the strong and durable frame of this trampoline situated even below the jumping surface, your kids even after losing control won’t be injured. I really like this product, as it is small, fits backyards where there isn’t much space to play with and is an economical unit. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the entire product, which adds to the credibility of the brand.

3. Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline

best trampoline reviews

Zupapa trampoline is available in three sizes, i.e., 12 inches, 14 inches, and 15 inches. Purchasing this trampoline is going to prove a great investment because it comes with a wide range of accessories as well such as, trampoline ladder, safety pad, enclosure net, T-hook and cover to protect the trampoline for rain.

The reason why this trampoline ranks at the top of my list is simply due to the fact it accompanies all the necessary accessories that a user need in the first place. The trampoline is made up of durable material, which allows it to withstand weight up to 300 lbs. The trampoline is even great for those who want to buy a high-end trampoline because it has got everything that they need. The only drawback of the unit is the complicated installation process.

4. Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure With Spring Pad

best trampoline reviews

If you have hyperactive kids at home, then you’ll love having this trampoline in the backyard of your house. You can easily keep them busy playing on this trampoline without worrying about any damages to it. The trampoline is easy to install and the whole unit is quite reliable.

The enclosure frame of the trampoline is stabilized by T-sockets, which also prevents the unit from twisting. The net of the enclosure interlocks to the jumping mat by making use of the patented buttonhole feature that attaches the enclosure net to the surface made for jumping at each V-ring eliminating gaps. The surprising part of this trampoline is the price it is available for, as not many trampolines stand out on all the parameters as such a nominal price.

5. Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline

best trampoline reviews

This trampoline may not be as big as normal trampolines that people tend to buy, but that won’t affect your fun at all. Being a 12-inch trampoline, it will still be able to provide you with the fun you deserve to have. With 72 springs connected to the unit, your kids will love jumping on this trampoline.

The small size and price of this trampoline make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a stable trampoline where kids can have a great time, and you don’t feel as if you have spent way too much on a product that you probably won’t use even once.

6. ACON 14-Feet Air 4.3 Trampoline With Premium Enclosure

best trampoline reviews

When your aim is to get a trampoline that has good size and all the features you need in the first place, then this trampoline from ACON will be a great choice. Made up of the heavy-duty galvanized frame, this trampoline is built to last.

The trampoline is 3ft off the ground and has 96 springs, which allows your kids to jump as much as they want without thinking of any damage to the trampoline or themselves. The total load limit of this trampoline is overwhelming 800 lbs, the highest on my list of top trampolines.

7. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline 

best trampoline reviews

This is an excellent trampoline for exercise and recreational activities. Boasting a strong frame with an enclosure net attached, this trampoline will keep you safe while you bounce on it. The trampoline comes with a 360-degree swivel handle to ensure decent support to novice jumpers. The inclusion of 30 elastic stretch bands ensures good bounce off the surface.

Each enclosure pole in the trampoline are padded with foam and are placed far away from the attachment net to ensure the safety of the jumper. The mat is made up of polypropylene, which is an anti-slip material. This is the best exercise trampoline, which you can buy right now.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Trampoline

There are definitely a few important factors to consider before putting your money on a trampoline. Those factors are:

Safety: When buying a product like a trampoline, safety can’t take a back seat no matter what. You need to look for safety enclosures, and if the trampoline doesn’t come with one, then better give it a pass There has been a new technology used to make trampolines, i.e., springless trampolines.

The springs are responsible for the ‘bounce’, but at the same time, those springs also increase the risk of injury. Even if the trampoline has an enclosure, the kids can hurt themselves after being caught through the gap. Therefore, check these things if you want to ensure the safety of your kids while they enjoy jumping on the trampoline.

Price: Once you have thoroughly checked the safety aspects, it’s time to look at the price of the trampoline because it is not going to come for cheap. You need to be sure about certain things before paying for a trampoline such as size, shape and overall quality of the trampoline. A small-sized trampoline will cost less, but then, it will fit fewer people. So, make sure you have answers to such questions.

Size: The size of a trampoline matters a lot because a small-sized trampoline may not be good enough if you have 4-6 kids at home. In a similar way, a large trampoline for just 2 kids will be a waste of space and money. So, identify the trampoline that suits the number of kids you’ve at home.

Shape: Trampoline comes in various shapes with the round shaped trampoline being the most traditional. Gymnasts prefer rectangular trampolines because they want a firmer and stronger bounce, which is not possible in round trampolines. Then there are square shaped trampolines, which are identical to rectangular trampolines in terms of functionality. You will also find oval and octagon hybrid shaped trampolines as well, which behave like round trampolines. Therefore, it is now your decision to make as to which shape of trampoline you want to go with.

Why Do You Need A Trampoline In The First Place?

There could be several reasons for buying a trampoline, but let’s go through the three most common reasons you need a trampoline for.

Exercise: I’m not sure if you know this, but jumping on a trampoline is good for your physical health. As you jump on the trampoline, your blood starts pumping throughout your body, plus bouncing on the trampoline is a low impact workout, yet you are keeping yourself active, which is good.

For Fun: Most people buy trampoline these days for their kids. Jumping on trampolines is great fun and your kids will do it all day long if given a chance. Many more things can be done on a trampoline than just jumping. You can go check several trampoline games on the internet to keep the excitement high in your kids.

It is not just your kids, who could have fun on the trampoline, but adults like you can also have a great time on it. There are many trampolines having the capability of holding weight for the whole family, so you need to look for such trampolines if you are interested in having fun with your kids.

Summing Up

A trampoline can be a great addition to your house, especially when you have kids. A trampoline will act as a fun tool for your kids, but then, there are trampolines available on which you can perform a few exercises as well. You will have to choose whether you want to buy a trampoline for kids, for yourself or both. To make the right selection, go through best trampoline reviews consumer reports consisting of seven top products that are being sold like hot cakes all around the world.

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