A walker is an accessory that allows people who have difficulty walking or standing on their own. If you or anyone you know has difficulty getting up and walk or problems maintaining balance, then a walker can be of great use. For mild leg injuries, one can opt for the best cane, but for severe leg pain, a walker is required to stand and walk. A standard walker is generally in the form of a metal frame with 4 supports that keep the user in an upright position in the most comfortable way.

It has handles at hand level, at waist height, and makes it easy to lean on. However, there is a rolling walker available on the market as well, which comes with a seat and controls to make things a lot easier for the users. If you want to buy a walker, then you can go through consumer reports walkers reviews and choose the best walker for your requirements.

Reviews Of 5 Best Walkers

1. Drive Medical 10210-1 Deluxe 2-Button Folding Walker With Wheels

consumer reports best walkers

This is a standard walker from Drive Medical, which comes with a vinyl contoured hand grip and durable wheels. When you position yourself on this walker, your arm will extend down to ensure that the handle comes at the height of your wrists. You can flex your elbow from 20 to 30 inches after placing your hands on the handgrip. Each side of this walker operates independently to allow seamless movement through confined spaces and better stability while standing.

The walker is equipped with easy push-button mechanisms that you can operate with your fingers or palms. The inclusion of a rear glide cap makes it easier for you to slide the walker easily over most surfaces. The walker is made of 1-inch industrial-grade aluminum that makes it durable and lightweight. Don’t use the walker on stairs or escalators and keep it away from furniture, throw rugs, doors, liquids on the floor, etc.

2. Drive Medical 10257BL-1 4-Wheel Walker With Seat & Removable Back Support (Best Rollator Walker With Seat)

consumer reports best walkers

Now, this is a rolling walker from Drive Medical, which also offers excellent support with maximum comfort on all sorts of terrain. The walker comes with deluxe loop locks that assure exceptional safety and non-marking wheels that offer stability on all types of surfaces. Equipped with a padded seat with a backrest, this walker promises comfortable rides.

You can adjust the handle heights to make your ride a lot more comfortable. You can easily transport and store this walker by folding or removing the backrest, which makes the walker compact. The walker also features a convenient pouch where you can keep your personal items.

3. Able Life Space Saver Lightweight Folding Mobility Rolling Walker 4200-B

consumer reports best walkers

What I like the most about this roller walker is its ability to be folded up to 25% of its actual size. This feature makes it easier for users to store and transport the walker. You can collapse the walker with a touch of your finger, which is what makes it quite popular among customers. You can use this walker to run errands, travel, or get around the house. The compact and lightweight design of the walker makes it easier for you to load and unload it. The walker weighs just 8 lbs, yet it is very durable.

You will receive the walker fully assembled, so you can take it out of the box and start using it. You can adjust the height of the handle from 32 inches to 38 inches, thus making it ideal for people with a height of 5’6” to 6’3”. The walker comes with 6-inch wheels that offer stability and security over different types of surfaces. The compact 24x24 inch footprint of the walker allows you to maneuver it through doorframes, hallways, and bathrooms.

4. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker (Best Walker For Seniors)

consumer reports best walkers

KneeRover brings to you an affordable mobility solution in this knee walker that is ideal for people with a broken ankle, broken leg, broken foot, ankle, or foot surgery. The roller walker comes with 4 rubber wheels with each having a diameter of 7.5 inches. For safety, the walker has dual adjustable locking handbrakes and dual brakes on the rear wheels.

The walker is also equipped with handlebars with a quick-release folding mechanism for easy storage and transport. You will enjoy comfortable rides on this walker, thanks to a padded knee platform and handlebars. Despite being a lightweight unit (only weighs 21 lbs), the walker has a large weight carrying capacity of 300 lbs. The walker is perfect for people having a height of 4’6” to 6’6”, which covers kids and adults. For elders, it is also recommended to have a medical alert system wrapped around the wrist to manage any precarious situation properly.

5. NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Walker 4900BK (Best Rollator Walker For Rough Surfaces)

consumer reports best walkers

Check out this compact yet highly versatile walker, which can easily be maneuvered in small spaces. The walker is very easy to assemble and fold, so once you are done using it, you can fold it down in seconds and store it in one corner of any room of your house. The compact size of the walker makes it easy to store as well. You can store several things in the walker, thanks to a tray, large basket, and zippered storage pouch. The walker is equipped with 8-inch rubber wheels with 1-¾ inches wide base that allows the walker to move on any surface.

These wheels give you maximum comfort and control while riding the walker. The brakes installed in the walker come with a 5-year warranty, which shows how efficient and durable these are. The walker is ideal for people with a height between 5’4” to 6’2” and a weight of up to 250 lbs. You can also adjust the height of the handle from 33.25 inches to 37 inches. The company offers excellent support on all its products, so if you come across any issue with this walker, you can contact the company’s support facility without any hesitation.

Why Buy A Walker?

To help people with reduced mobility

The use of the walker is very varied, whether for the elderly, those with certain motor disabilities, or those who wish to rehabilitate following an accident. Practical, easy to use, and above all very safe, this type of equipment offers real balance support to prevent these people from falling while allowing them to maintain certain mobility.

With this paramedical equipment, the user will no longer have any trouble getting up on their own and moving slowly, whether at home, in the street, or even in the park. The wide variety of models of walkers and walkers allows everyone to adopt the one that best meets their needs.

To continue doing physical exercises

As you can see, all walker users, whether it is a fixed or foldable model, with or without wheels, move on foot. Indeed, this device was designed to allow people with reduced mobility to continue to perform physical exercises, which is both good for the body and morale. While they still have the option of getting up and walking on their own, nothing is forcing them to sit in a wheelchair. The prescription of a walker is then very obvious to allow to continue to move the legs while having greater autonomy.

How To Choose A Quality Walker?

Depending on its strength

The strength of the walker is generally one of the most important criteria to be taken into account given the use intended for this type of equipment. This type of device is often designed in aluminum or steel, but each material offers its share of advantages and disadvantages, especially in terms of weight.

Anyway, the main thing is to know the maximum weight supported by the model you have chosen to ensure the durability of the product, but also your safety. Because of this, there are XXL walkers that are much stronger and designed for people with large builds. Moreover, I would advise you not to take a model on which the maximum supported weight is not indicated.

According to its size

Remember that your walker can serve you both indoors and outdoors. This is why you should not leave aside the criteria concerning the size of your future equipment. Too wide it won't get you through narrow doors and hallways, and too tight it will put you in an awkward position.

Note that the average width of a recent house door is 90 cm, which is not always the case in an old house. So be sure to check the width of the doors of your house so that you can more easily choose the walker or the 2-wheeled walker that will pass through them without difficulty. This is a determining factor in the practicality of your device.

According to its settings

While considering a walker, pay attention to a couple of settings. The first concerns the height adjustment of the handles. Indeed, the support handles must always be at the height of the user's hips, hence the importance of a height adjustment system.

The handles will thus be adjusted according to the size of each person to benefit from optimal support comfort. The second adjustment mainly concerns rolling walkers and walkers since it concerns the braking system.

The latter must be easily operable to stop 3 or 4 wheel equipment, which is often the case when the person wishes to take a break en route. Thus, you can choose between standard braking with brake handles, or “parking” braking to immobilize the device.

Depending on the intended use

Indeed, the choice of model will not be the same if you plan to equip yourself with a walker for indoor use and outdoor use. In case you just want to secure short trips around the house, you can perfectly go for a walker without wheels.

On the other hand, it is important to ensure that it is light and very stable. Always for indoor use, but to give maximum support to a person at high risk of falls, it would be best to adopt a walker with large wheels. An efficient braking system is therefore essential. It will be the same for people wishing to use their equipment outdoors, but this time, a foldable 4-wheel walker model is preferred. This will allow easier transportation of the material.

According to its accessories

You can consider adding certain options to your selection criteria to get the most out of your device. Our site advises you to prefer a product equipped with a seat and why not with a backrest, because it is a very practical accessory for a walker intended for long walks outdoors.

A seat will effectively allow the user to take a few minutes break while being comfortably seated on his walker. The presence of a basket or a storage bag is also appreciable for transporting your personal effects or storing your purchases. The tray is also essential for many elderly people, allowing moving and transporting a cup of tea, a dish, and other similar items.

Final Verdict

You should definitely buy a walker for yourself or anybody in your family who is finding it hard to stand and walk on their own. Walkers have the power to make the lives of people with leg/feet/ankle injuries a lot easier, as they don’t have to stress their injured body parts anymore. Choose a walker from the consumer reports walkers reviews and place your order today.

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