Water is the essence of life, and without the availability of fresh water, human life would cease to exist. However, fresh water is not safe for human consumption unless it goes through a stringent filtration process. While government authorities take necessary measures to eliminate dangerous contaminants from the water, but some manage to escape. To ensure that the escaped contaminants don’t enter into your body, you must get the best water filter system at your home.

While there are several different types of water filter systems available on the market, but the most convenient in my opinion is water filter pitcher. The filter is installed inside the pitcher, which removes all the harmful elements from the water, giving you safe and clean water to drink. Don’t take the risk of drinking water directly from the kitchen faucet, as that could pose serious health issues to you. Go through the best water filter pitcher consumer reports consisting of six top products and their reviews. Choose the product that suits your requirements in the best manner.

Reviews Of 6 Best Water Filter Pitchers

1. Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water Dispenser

best water filter pitcher consumer report

Bestselling product on various top e-commerce portals, Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is a perfect unit for large families. With high proficiency in eliminating the pollutants and foul odor from the water along with enhancing the taste, you can expect safe and clean drinking water from this product. The water filter pitcher suits large families, big offices or people who consume a large amount of water every day. This particular model is known for reducing the amount of copper, chlorine, zinc, mercury, and cadmium in the tap water, leaving you with water that tastes better and has no odor. The pitcher is made of BPA-free materials, so it won’t pose any health issues to you.

The product sports an easy pour spigot along with a flip-top lid for easy refilling of the water. The inclusion of a mesh screen results in effective filtration of water. You will love drinking water from this pitcher because its ion-exchange resin and activated carbon will enhance the taste of water. Installing this water filter pitcher is very easy, plus its 40-gallon filter life will last way longer than the filter of any other water filter pitcher.

2. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher - Best Water Filtration Pitcher

best water filter pitcher consumer report

Its ‘Brita’ again! This brand is definitely doing something special or else why would so many customers preferring to buy Brita water filter pitchers when there are dozens of other brands available on the market. Now, let’s check out this product, which is a 10 cup water filter pitcher that is made from BPA-free materials and has a capacity of filling 10 cups at a time. If you have a small family or 2-4 people, then this water filter pitcher will serve you perfectly. It doesn’t have a fancy look, but it does the job of keeping the water clean and safe. The unit sports a crystal clean container that is topped with a white upper reservoir and a handle.

The lid can be fully opened, thus making water refill a breeze. The simple design of the unit makes cleaning easy as well. The filter incorporated into the unit will filter up to 40 gallons of water after which, you will have to replace it. The filter is apt in reducing the number of toxins like mercury, copper, chlorine, and cadmium, plus it improves the taste and odor of water as well. There isn’t any indication to tell as to when to change the filter, so you will have to keep in mind that the filter is replaced after every 2 months.

3. ZeroWater, ZP-006-4, 6 Cup Pitcher

best water filter pitcher consumer report

We finally have a non-Brita water filter pitcher, and in the first glimpse, this product looks beautiful and efficient. ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher is a 6-cup pitcher that comprises a 5-stage filtration system to clean the water and enhance its taste. The ability of this pitcher to deionize water and remove all the impurities makes it a top contender for your house. The pitcher comes with a TDS meter, using which you can test the purity level of the water. When it comes to changing the filter, you don’t have to rely on calendars or assumptions. You can check the meter and change when it tests 006. You don’t have to pre-soak the filter, thus making replacement of the filters a breeze. The only drawback of the unit is its slow filtering process, but apart from that, everything is awesome in the unit.

4. Reshape Water Pitcher, 3.5 L Capacity & 2 Durable Filters

best water filter pitcher consumer report

The first thing about this water filter pitcher that attracts you is its beautiful black color, which I’m hoping would add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Secondly, it is an Alkaline water pitcher, which efficiently filters and alkalize the water simultaneously. Made up of ABS Plastic, this unit is built to last, plus it is totally safe for daily use. The unit boasts several features, but the one that will grab your attention is the inclusion of two filter cartridges. With a fast filtration rate of 0.33 gallons or 1 liter in less than 15 minutes is just amazing. This water filter pitcher removes harmful contaminants from the water and adds vital minerals, thus increasing the nutritional value of water. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then some users have felt that the filters are a bit hard to change, plus the filtering rate gets slower as the filters become old.

5. Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

best water filter pitcher consumer report

Brita is really souped-up because otherwise, I won’t be having the third product from this brand. Now, what does Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher offer? First of all, this unit is made of BPA-free materials, so it won’t pose any threats to your health. Secondly, it is a 5-cup water pitcher, which means it is more suited for those who are living alone or with their partners.

However, a family of four can also buy this pitcher, but then, they will have to refill it multiple times a day. The unit is proficient in removing the taste and odor of chlorine from the water, giving you a clean and safe drinking water every time. Not just chlorine, but the filter will reduce mercury, copper, and cadmium, which pose a huge threat to your health. Coming to the construction of the unit, then it sports a flip-top lid for easy refilling of water along with an electronic filter indicator to tell the time of changing the filter of the unit. The life of the filter that accompanies the pitcher is around 2 months or 40 gallons.

6. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - BPA-Free

best water filter pitcher consumer report

The name of ‘Aquagear’ will definitely be on the list of ‘most reliable water filter pitchers’. The product I’m reviewing has the best water filter cartridges available on the market right now. This filter pitcher won’t just eliminate the usual contaminants from the water, but will also get rid of tough elements like fluoride and lead. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on the pitcher, so if anything happens to the product, you can get it repaired easily. The unit sports excellent filter cartridges, which remove all kinds of harmful elements from the water, plus they last for around 90 days. Despite having efficient filter cartridges, the water is filtered slowly, so you need to be patient at the time of filling the pitcher with water. The absence of a filter replacement indicator can also leave you disappointed.

How To Choose The Best Water Filter Pitcher

Water being the basic necessity of every human needs to be clean and safe. A water filter pitcher assures people of clean and safe water, but a lot depends on the efficiency of the product as well. If you want to know as to what makes a water filter pitcher the ‘best’. Then take a look at the following factors.

  • Jug Material

The majority of water filter pitchers are made from plastic, thus keeping the weight on the lighter side. However, all plastic is not durable and safe, so if the pitcher is made using a low quality plastic material, then it will result in all sorts of health hazards. The first thing that you need to figure out when buying a water filter pitcher is to check whether the product uses BPA-free materials or not. If it is, then it is relatively safe to use the product.

  • Filter Life

While there isn’t much to install in a water filter pitcher, however, you will have to change the filter from time to time. A filter should last for at least two months, as top quality products incorporate filters that last 4-6 months easily.

  • Capacity

How big or small of a water filter pitcher you need depends on the size of your family. If you are flying solo, then you won’t need a big pitcher for sure, however, if you have a family, then take a look at the water processing capacity of the pitcher.

When you invest in a large capacity pitcher, you save yourself from constantly running into the kitchen to fill the pitcher. While you can easily get water for 3 people with a 5 cup pitcher, but if you can buy a 10 cup jug, then you will save a whole lot more time.

If you think refilling a pitcher is a daunting task that you can’t do for too long, then you should get an under sink water filter. Or, if you have a big budget, then you can opt for a whole house filter system, which will filter the water at the entry point of your house.

  • Ease of Use & Cleaning

Despite the fact that a water filter pitcher contains clean water all the time, it still needs to be cleaned occasionally so that no bacteria, algae or other harmful elements could develop inside the pitcher. Not all pitchers are easy to clean, so choose a pitcher that has a simple design with minimum corners and tubes because that will be easy to clean.

In The End

A water filter pitcher is a great alternative to those heavy and bulky filtration machines that filter the water properly, but consume a lot of counter space and are difficult to clean and maintain. Water filter pitchers are lightweight, compact and easy to use filter systems that you can take along on trips if you want. I have reviewed six best water filter pitcher consumer reports with each product offering something new and unique to people. Go through the reviews and select the product that you think is ideal for your water-related needs.

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