A water softener is a product that is responsible for turning hard water into soft water, which you can use for a host of household jobs. Hard water is not good for clothes, let alone your body, so people refrain from washing clothes in hard water. Water softeners are simple devices that can be installed on the sources where water flows into your house so that the water you get after opening the water taps is soft water. Water softener salt plays a pivotal role in the operation of changing hard water to soft water. While the internet is packed with all sorts of water softeners, but it surprises me that there hasn’t been much information regarding the softener salt. This is the reason I took it upon myself to make all you guys aware of the best water softener salt that is available online.

Let us now check out the five best water softener salt that you can buy for your water softener.

Reviews Of 5 Best Water Softener Salts

1. Morton Salt System Saver Pellet

Best Water Softener Salt

Morton is a top brand in the water softener salt niche. This particular product has a patented ‘SystemSaver’ formula, which makes the salt a lot better than the regular evaporated salt that is available on the market. This salt works more efficiently than the salt that is being sold by many other reputed brands. This is undoubtedly the best water softener pellets from Morton, which you can use with Morton water softeners or the softeners of other companies.

These pellets allow the units to work efficiently for multiple years. This water softener salt doesn’t incorporate phosphate and is also capable of removing iron from the water. Using this salt will save you a lot of your hard-earned money because this won’t be consumed in large quantities. Lesser cost, efficient operation and cleaner water, what else you want!

2. Solar Naturals Water Softening Salt

Best Water Softener Salt

These salt crystals have a purity of 99.6 percent. The salt crystals are sun evaporated, so the white color that you see comes naturally in the crystals. No chemical is used to process the salt, so you can trust the authenticity of the salt crystals. These salt crystals can be fully dissolved into the water thus resulting in no residue and bridging in the tank. One bag of these salt crystals can easily last up to 3 months and is perfectly suited for water that isn’t too hard.

3. Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets

Best Water Softener Salt

If in your household, the hardness in the water is way too high, then you need to buy these salt pellets because these are specifically designed for water containing high iron content. If you are not sure whether the water running through the taps of your house contains iron content, then you can check that by the presence of rust in the sinks, fixtures, and tubs, etc. You won’t believe, but high iron content in water is a common problem in cities these days.

These salt pellets are on the higher side when it comes money, but for that higher price, you are getting a comprehensive protection against the iron content that is ruining the charm of your bathroom and kitchen. The water after the treatment will smell a lot better and make your skin softer. You can use these salt pellets with a majority of water softeners, and these will make your tank clean and free of bridging for a long-long time. The company has added a couple of handles on the bag that makes it easier for users to carry these salt pellets from one place to another.

4. Cargill Salt Potassium Chloride Pellets

Best Water Softener Salt

These are not actually salt pellets, as these contain potassium, but even then, you can consider these as the best alternative to softener sodium pellets. These pellets will do a great job in those houses where they take less sodium in meals. You will be surprised to know that these pellets have a purity level of more than 99 percent, which means these will get almost fully dissolved into the water.

Another great advantage of using Cargill Potassium Chloride pellets is that there will be hardly any build-up in the water tank of your house, thus protecting you and your family from any side effects of consuming hard water in any way. Moreover, these pellets can be used with all types of water softeners.

5. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Best Water Softener Salt

We all know how big of a brand Morton is when it comes to making softener salts, but the product that we are discussing here is not a salt, but it is a healthy substitute of it. Many softening companies add ‘too much’ to their water softeners after the softening treatment. The salt can be accumulated into the system and then, it poses all sorts of issues for the people. However, this product consists of potassium, which will not let any such thing to happen. Potassium chloride usually doesn’t have any side effects on the body, but if there is any hypertensive patient in your family, then he/she may be a bit uncomfortable consuming water that has been treated with potassium chloride.

What Things To Consider When Choosing A Softener Salt?

Type Of Salt

There isn’t just one type of salt used in water softeners, so if you are planning to buy a salt for your water softener, then you need to determine whether your water softener is capable of working with different types of salts or is it just made to work with a specific type.

You will have to do some research before you could finally decide on the type of salt that will be good for your water softening system.

In my opinion, evaporated salt is the best form of a salt as it is pure, doesn’t result in salt build-ups in the tank and is quite cheap.


You need to understand that salt is the prime component that you will have to add in the water softener, so you need to pay attention towards the price of the salt because you’ll be requiring a lot of it. Also, check as to how long the salt will last in the tank. Of course, there is no need to go for the cheapest salt, but you need to find a highly capable product that can also last longer.


When using a salt for the treatment of water, you don’t want to have a salt with impurities in it, as it will cause mushy build-ups and bridging in the tank. Then, you will have to invest your time and money in the maintenance of the tank. So, always invest in pure softener salts because they don’t work in a better way, but also inflict less damage to the softener.

Salt For Your Water Softener

What Types Of Salts Are Available On The Market?

You will find three types of salts on the market, which are:

  • Salt Crystals.
  • Salt Pellets.
  • Potassium Chloride.

Salt Crystals

These are found in two different forms, which are; solar salt and rock salt. Where solar salt is produced when the naturally occurring brine is evaporated in the sun and wind giving rise to a brine solution that becomes concentrated over time.

When it comes a solid mass, then it becomes a useful product for the companies who will make water softener salt from it. On the other hand, rock salt is mined from the ground, thus having many impurities.

The impurities present in the rock salt can fill brine tank with debris, which you will have to clean after every few days. The only point that goes in favor of the rock salt is that it is quite cheap.

Salt Pellets

Salt pellets are created when water is poured on the natural salt deposits of the earth. The water dissolves the salt and causes the brine solution to reach the water surface.

Now, the brine is exposed to heat and evaporation, and as a result, you get the purest form of a salt, which is 99.9 percent pure.

This is the reason why salt pellets are preferred in water softening systems. Despite a high price, you will find people showing interest in these pellets because they are as pure as they get.

Potassium Chloride

This is more like an alternative to the conventional sodium-based water softener salts that are available on the market.

The water treated in the water softener that consists of potassium chloride will contain no sodium, thus helping those who consume less or no sodium in their diets.

However, potassium chloride is not as effective as the salt pellets when it comes to regenerating water softener resin. Moreover, it is quite expensive too.


To recap what we have all discussed in the above sections is the review of five best water softener salt that is available on the market and some important tips to consider the best salt for your water softener. We have also discussed different types of salts and their pros and cons, all that with a sole purpose, i.e., to enlighten you on this topic so that whenever you decide to buy a softener salt, you have clarity in your mind as to which product to go with. Ultimately, you have to make the right decision, so use the aforementioned information to your benefit.