Regular sports activities are good for your health and improve physical fitness. Nevertheless, many people still wonder why they do not exercise. This is mainly due to lack of time or other excuses. Fortunately, there is a proven solution: having your own weight bench for training at home. The permanent availability of the training device makes it possible to integrate the exercises into the daily routine, even with a tight time window. With a weight bench, you not only build muscle, but you can also improve your endurance. If you have a home gym, which was missing a weight bench, then you can buy it now after reading reviews of best weight benches consumer reports in the following section.

Reviews Of 5 Best Weight Benches

1. Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench SB-315 (Best Workout Bench For Home)

best weight benches consumer reports

Get this flat utility bench from Marcy, which allows you to perform a full-body workout to get a great physique. You can try different exercises on this weight bench, thanks to its durable construction. The heavy-duty steel tube frame of this bench allows it to withstand a weight of up to 600 lbs. Besides a strong construction, the bench is very comfortable to use, as it is equipped with high-density foam and boxed upholstery.

The heavy-duty stainless steel tube construction of this weight bench is reinforced with powder coating that prevents the bench from wear and tear even when you use it to carry out strenuous workouts. The company provides a 2-year warranty on the weight bench that covers all manufacturing defects.

2. FLYBIRD Adjustable Strength Training Bench For Full Body Workout

best weight benches consumer reports

Flybird is among the most popular manufacturer of weight benches. The company has been manufacturing fitness equipment for 20 years, so you can buy this weight bench without thinking twice. The company has chosen commercial grade steel to make this weight bench, which undergoes thousands of weight tests before rolling out the product into the market. This weight bench is designed with a unique frame that has a triangular structure, which makes it quite durable. The weight bench can withstand weight up to 700 lbs.

Then, there is a 2-inch soft foam padding on the seat and on the 10.6-inch upgraded backrest, which makes the whole workout experience a lot more comfortable. The weight bench is fully adjustable, and you can adjust the seat positions at 3 levels whereas the back position can be adjusted at 7 levels. The bench comes to you fully assembled, so you don’t have to do any assembling after receiving the package. Moving this bench from one room to another is also easy, thanks to its compact size. The frame of the weight bench comes with a 1-year warranty while the warranty on pads is of 30 days.

3. Bowflex Weight Bench Series (Best Adjustable Bench Bodybuilding)

best weight benches consumer reports

Have a look at this heavy-duty weight bench from Bowflex, which is very easy to adjust and use. It comes with an easy button that allows you to easily click, lift and go with this stow bench. Boasting a space-saving design, this weight bench can be kept in one corner of any room, and it won’t bother you at all. You can adjust this weight bench is up to 6 positions, which include flat, decline, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees.

Even the seat pan can be adjusted for sit-ups and incline exercises. The company has used commercial grade steel to make this weight bench, thus ensuring longevity. The durable construction of the weight bench allows it to withstand a weight of up to 600 lbs. Therefore, you can consider this product if you indulge in strenuous workout sessions regularly. Make sure to drink muscle milk protein shake before starting the workout session to get the necessary energy to lift heavyweights.

4. DERACY Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout

best weight benches consumer reports

Deracy brings to you a highly efficient weight bench, which can allow you to perform several upper and lower body exercises. This has been made possible because of the fully adjustable weight bench, which has 3 levels of seat adjustments and 7 levels of backrest pad adjustments. The weight bench is made of commercial-grade, heavy-duty steel and boasts a unique triangle structure that allows it to withstand a weight of up to 660lbs.

A thick layer of foam is added to the seat as well as the backrest, which lets you exercise for longer periods. With the weight bench, you will get installation tools and a manual describing how to assemble the bench easily. The weight bench also comes with a back wheel using which you can easily move the weight bench from one room to another. The company provides excellent support to its customers regarding all problems arising in the weight bench.

5. Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench (Best Weight Bench And Rack)

best weight benches consumer reports

Have a look at this weight bench, which is made of a 2.5” square tube of steel that makes the bench durable and sturdy. The bench also features attachments and accessories to allow you to have a full-body workout. Equipped with a U-shaped front-leg stabilizer, this bench is meant to keep you stable and safe during workout sessions. It comes with racks, which incorporate safety hooks on catches and a safety grip to protect your hands from being pinched while re-racking.

You will get several customizable features in this weight bench including adjustable full-action leg extension, arm curl bar with adjustable foam rollers and leg lifts developer. You will get several accessories with the bench such as arm curl bar, preacher curl pad, spring clip for leg developer, plater adapter, and ab crunch with thick foam grip handles. The weight bench is compatible with a majority of 6 to 7 ft., weight sets. However, make sure that the length between bar collars that you wish to use with the bench should be greater than 38.5 inches.

What Types Of Weight Bench Are There?

A distinction is made between three versions:

  • Flat
  • Bench Inclined bench
  • Negative position

When training in the right positions, different muscle groups are called upon.

Flat bench press

With the flat bench press, you lie down on the weight bench with your back, while your feet are flat on the floor. Now grab the barbell a little more shoulder-width apart and pull it across your chest with your arms straight. Slowly release the weight while squeezing the shoulder blades. To do this, bend your arms slightly until the upper arms are roughly horizontal. The forearms remain in an upright starting position. The weight may lightly touch the chest. Exhale as you lift, inhale as you lower. It is especially important not to bend the wrist. This often results in injury.

Incline bench press

This compound exercise bench effectively trains the pectoral muscles, shoulders, and triceps.

The incline bench press forms the upper part of the chest muscles. To do this, use a 45 to 60-degree angle by adjusting the back of your weight bench accordingly. Dumbbells are the first choice for this exercise so that the arm muscles are also stressed. The procedure is performed adequately on the conventional bench press.

The more the weight bench is tilted, the more the upper part of the chest muscle is used.

Negative bench press

For the bench press in the negative position, tilt the multi-gym down about 10 to 15 degrees. You fix the feet under the integrated cushions at the end of the bench. The bar is well-positioned above the head or neck and is gripped as far as possible. You now guide the bar over your nipples and slowly lower it, the movement phase ending just above the chest. Then push the dumbbell vertically upwards. The arms are not fully sunk to protect the elbows. The breathing technique should be used in accordance with the above exercises. The lower part of the chest muscle and the triceps are mainly trained.

With most of the weight benches in our big comparison, you can do all three forms of bench press.

Weight Benches: What Mistakes Should You Avoid?

As with many other sports, mistakes happen over and over again when exercising with weights on the weight bench. Beginners in particular are often taken in. You start to power on without getting the necessary information. Often, athletes are a little over-motivated and want to see huge muscle gains as quickly as possible. But that's not how it works. I give you the right tips!

Choose the right weight

Especially at the beginning, you must do your workouts with light weights. Although you could handle them easily and would prefer to use higher units. The first step is to internalize the smooth running of the exercise. Over time, you develop the first sensation of which muscle groups react to which stress. If you choose too high weights, sore muscles are your smallest problem. On the contrary, these exercises often end in serious injuries. A conventional dumbbell, also known as an Olympic dumbbell, weighs 20 kilograms. The SZ dumbbell, however, comes with a weight of 10 kilograms. If you have found your optimal balance after a while, you should attach small weights of 2 to a maximum of 5 kg on each side.

The optimal number of reps and sets: At the beginning, it is advisable to do as many reps as possible with lightweights. Eight to twelve repetitions are recommended per set. You can program three to four sentences for each exercise. If you have any problems with a workout, immediately reduce the weight.

Intensity of training

As a newcomer, if possible, limit the training phases to three to a maximum of four times per week. Under no circumstances should you work for more than 90 minutes. In addition, you ideally prefer exercises that use the muscles of the whole body. Thus, all muscles are stimulated evenly.

Perform the exercises with care

When training with weights on the weight bench, it is important to perform the exercises slowly and in a controlled manner. Quick or even brisk handling of dumbbells not only presents a considerable risk of injury - effective muscle growth is almost impossible.

Be in good shape to train

Even if you only have to have a cold, it is highly recommended that you take a break from your workout. Otherwise, an initially mild cold can quickly turn into the full-blown flu or pneumonia. Your immune system is then not intact and is further weakened by physical exertion.

Final Verdict

A weight bench is an important tool when you are working out indoors. A durable weight bench allows you to work on several of your body muscles, provided you have the right weights and gym tools. If you have read the reviews of the 5 best weight benches consumer reports, then you can proceed ahead, add your favorite weight bench into the cart and place your order.

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