In a time when expenses are going skyrocketed, it is always better to invest in affordable products, which are cost and energy-efficient. One of the main expenses in everybody’s life is power bills, and unfortunately, nothing can be done to avoid it. Power bills come every month and you have to pay the bill no matter what. However, you can cut down your electricity consumption by installing a whole house fan instead of air conditioners and using solar panels to generate electricity. Resources are there, so it is just a matter of whether you are able to make use of those resources at the right time or not.

If you have been looking to buy an air conditioner, then you must check a whole house fan, which does the cooling excellently and doesn’t consume half of the electricity that your air conditioner would consume. If you want to know about the best whole house fans, then kindly go through the best whole house fan consumer reports.

Reviews Of 5 Best Whole House Fans

1. QuietCool QC CL-4700 Original Classic Fan Model

best whole house fan consumer report

The first thing that you will like about this fan is the blue base and silver-colored pipe, which opens up in the attic. Just like the previous model that I’ve reviewed, this particular unit is known for its exemplary performance in terms of providing cooling to a large area of around 2,250 square feet during hot summer days. At the same time, this whole house fan will save plenty of your hard-earned money as well. The unit sports ‘Self-Contained Duct System’, which hangs in the attic to provide a noise and vibration-free operation.

The damper system features biometric pressurized gravity dampers, which is responsible for preventing heat/cool loss when the air moves from attic to home and vice-versa. The fan comes with a powerful split capacitor motor, which ensures quick and long-lasting cooling.

2. Cool Attic CX24DDWT Direct Drive 2-Speed Whole House Fan

best whole house fan consumer report

Cool Attic whole house fan is a high-performance unit, which is designed for homes that have attics as big as 1,800 square feet. The fan works efficiently, thus reducing the temperature in the room as well as the cost of cooling at the same time. The whole unit has been coated with a special powder to shield the components against the effects of weather changes.

This whole house fan instead of using ‘tube-style bracing’ has opted for ‘Re-engineering bracing system’, which is a lot stronger than the former one and creates a more stable motor count. The level of noise and vibration is way too less in this fan compared to other fans in the same price range. The inclusion of a powerful motor will quickly cool down the room and refresh the people.

With this fan, you can say goodbye to stale, unhealthy air, which has been one of the prime concerns for you until now. Moreover, you don’t have to pay hefty power bills, courtesy of this energy-efficient product. As this is a ‘Made in America’ product, so you can expect high-quality components being used in the manufacturing of this fan.

3. QuietCool QC ES-4700 Energy Saver Fan Line Model 

best whole house fan consumer report

Quiet Cool is a company that is known for manufacturing noise and vibration-free whole house fans. You can take a look at Quiet Cool QC ES-4700, which is designed using the ‘Self-contained Duct System’, which has been patented by the company. This system is placed in the attic to lower the sound and vibration, thus giving a much better experience to users.

You can go through Quiet Cool Whole House Fan reviews, but you will not find any list in which the name of QC ES-4700 is not present. The fan has the capacity to cover an area of around 2,250 square feet, which shows how powerful and efficient it is.

The unit comes with a special damper system that includes barometric pressurized gravity dampers, which insure that the heat-cool effect doesn’t lose between the attic and home, courtesy of. The company has used the best-in-the-class electronically commutated AC/DC brushless motors in this and all other whole house fans belonging to the ‘Energy Saver Classic Line’.

4. QA-4800(R) Whole House Fan 

best whole house fan consumer report

Welcome another highly efficient unit, which will not just provide excellent cooling in your house, but will save you hundreds of dollars on electricity bills, especially during summers. If it remains hot during the day, but gets cold at night, then there is no need to invest in air conditioners. Instead, get an affordable whole house fan unit and save your money.

This particular unit is ideal for single-story homes with an area of 2500 square feet or two-story homes with 3400 square feet of area. This whole house fan comes with 2-speed Wall Switch and Digital Timer and remote control through which you can control all the functions of the unit.

Ditching the belts, this whole house fan makes use of ‘QuietFlex Cloth Lined, acoustical ducting’ along with the powerful motor that is hanged in the attic. The combination of these two ensures that the unit makes lesser noise and vibration during operation.

With this unit, you’ll get heavy-duty support brackets, which offer excellent support to the damper to keep it away from the drywall, hence further reducing the transfer of vibration. QA-Deluxe fans need no additional framing to fit between 16 and 24 inches joists because of well thought out design. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the unit.

5. Tamarack Insulated HV1000 Whole House Fan

best whole house fan consumer report

Tamarack Whole House Fan reviews will definitely have this particular model because this fan is known for its power, advancements, and features. Not just it offers quick cooling to a large room, but the fan also saves a lot of energy, hence coming out as a highly energy-efficient option.

Sporting a unique design, the whole house fan provides better flow of cool air. When it comes to installing, then you can easily install the unit vertically or horizontally. You can mount it using center joists of 16 or 24 inches. The fan incorporates a powerful motor, which is known for its unparalleled performance and safety.

Using this fan is a breeze, as it comes with remote control, so you just need to press the button on the remote and you will be able to turn off/on the fan, change fan speeds and a lot more. Overall, Tamarack offers a complete package to you in the form of HV1000 Whole House Fan.

Why Should You Buy A Whole House Fan?

While an air conditioner is the most suitable appliance for keeping the house/office cool during hot summer months, but there is an obvious downside to this amazing cooling machine, which is the high consumption of electrical units. An AC could raise your electricity bills exponentially, causing financial issues later on.

To avoid getting into such a precarious situation, you need to invest in a cost and energy-efficient device, one like the ‘Whole House Fan’. This installation will cool your home and provide ventilation so that you and your family members don’t suffer because of non-ventilated rooms. Moreover, you will be able to save a lot of your hard-earned money as well.

How Does A Whole House Fan Work?

Now that you know how a whole house fan can help you save some of your hard-earned money, so you will definitely want to find out the working of the machine. This is exactly we’ll be discussing now.

Whole house fans just like a normal fan are installed in the ceiling. There is an opening into the attic where the fan is installed and flush out the indoor air and replace it with fresh air coming from the outside. The air from outside is drawn in through open windows. The fan remains on for several hours to cool down the room, but even then, it won’t consume half of the electricity units as an air conditioner does.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying The Best Whole House Fan

Selecting a whole house fan can be easy or difficult depending on how much you know about the product. There are a few things, which you need to consider prior to buying a whole house fan, such as attic and moisture. In summers, the hot attic could result in poor ventilation, so you need to identify the right attic.

Moreover, you should check for mold, mildew, wood rot, rusted nail heads, and damp & compressed insulation because these things will make the installation of the fan dangerous for you and your family. Apart from this, you need to look for the following things:

  1. Vents: In a whole house fan, you will get intake vents, eave vents, soffit, gable vents, and roof louvers. You must be aware of the size and location of these vents. Moreover, you should have the right estimate of the area of the attic in terms of square feet. Usually, for 150 square feet area of floor space in the attic, the vent area needed would be 1 square foot. However, these are the minimum values, so if you want better ventilation, then you can increase the measurements.
  2. Installation & Warranty: You might not be able to install the whole house fan on your own unless you are familiar with the process. So, if you are calling a utility company, make sure to ask for a quote first. Get quotes from different companies, compare those and select the best company for installation. Also, when you are buying a whole house fan, make sure to check the warranty period. Since most companies offer a 10-year warranty on the fan, make sure the one you have chosen offer 10 years of warranty. 
  3. Number Of Blades: I would suggest that you should choose a whole house fan with more blades, as that will make the operation a lot quieter. The lesser the number of blades, more load will be exerted by each of the blades, plus the noise level will also be high. You need to isolate the fan from the home frame, which you can do with foam strips or rubber mountings. With this, the problem of resounding won’t originate that otherwise would have occurred through the framing and drywall. Also, keep in mind to ensure that the fan is properly fixed to avoid squeaking.
  4. Timer: Having a timer in a whole house fan will save some money for you, as it will shut down the fan when there is no one in the house.
  5. Quality Shutter: You should prefer a whole house fan that comes with self-sealing insulated shutters, which close when the whole house fan is off. As a result, the heat doesn’t leave the fan, thus keeping your room cool.
  6. Larger Fan: It is beneficial to have a larger fan in the whole house fan, as it will provide cool air even at slow speeds, thus resulting in low energy consumption and power bills. However, you should get a plastic fan, as those won’t last for too long.
  7. Fire Stat: A whole house fan that incorporates a fire stat can save your house in case of fire by shutting down the unit and preventing the spread of fire by a fan.


Now that you are aware of the abilities of a whole house fan and its advantages over air conditioners, you must invest your money in one of those in order to get long-term savings and other benefits. I have reviewed five top-rated products in the best whole house fan consumer reports, so you can pick the whole house fan that you think is suitable for the kind of area you want to cover with it.