Oh, winter! While many people love this season, others aren't nearly as enthusiastic when the first snow falls! One thing is certain, to have a good winter, it is essential to be equipped with good winter boots. If you are looking to buy a pair of comfortable and reliable winter boots, but don’t where to begin your search, then you can take a look at the consumer reports best winter boots reviews, and buying guide that explains everything you need to know about these special boots. Make sure to buy winter boots before the start of the winter season in order to keep your feet warm all season long.

Reviews Of 5 Best Winter Boots

consumer reports best winter boots

1. UPSOLO Men's Winter Trekking Backpacking Snow Boots 

If you are looking for rugged and reliable winter boots, then you should check out this pair from UPSOLO, which is made from 100% synthetic material and covered with fur. The base of the boots features a high-traction rubber sole, which ensures optimal grip on the surface no matter how slippery it is, thanks to its anti-slip feature. The boots come with an elastic wearable upper along with a waterproof exterior, which lets you move comfortably in rainy and snow weather conditions.

These ankle-high boots are seam-sealed, which offers a soft and warm wearing experience that you need in winters. You can wear these boots for several outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, hiking, shopping, climbing, and other outdoor sport. If you don’t have work boots, then you can buy these boots, which can also act as work boots.

2. UGG Women's Classic Short Ii Fashion Boot

Have a look at these boots, which are made from 100% suede, which is one of the softest leathers available on the market. It is covered with dyed sheep fur, which originated from the UK, US, Spain, and Australia. Coming to the dimensions of the boots, then the heel measures around 1-inch, the distance between the shaft and arch is 8 inches and the measurement of the platform is 0.5 inches approximately.

The opening of the boot measures 14 inches approximately. The boots are available in whole sizes, so if your foot size is between sizes, then you should order ½ size down from your actual size. The upper, lining, and insole are made from 17mm sheepskin for added comfort and support to your feet. The company has applied topically applied water repellence treatment that allows you to use the boots in rainy conditions.

3. Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Winter Boots

This is another high-quality pair of winter boots that boasts seem-sealed membrane bootie construction and techlite midsole, which is very lightweight for long-lasting comfort. It also features superior cushioning and high energy return. This is not just a stylish pair of boots, but very functional, thanks to its quilted ankle support. You will get plenty of flex in the boot that looks beautiful and keeps your feet comfortable even after hours of use.

The company has added its premium Omni-GRIP non-marking rubber sole that provides excellent grip in all terrains. For warmth, the boots are equipped with a fur collar that is made from soft faux leather, 200 grams of insulation, reinforced lacing aglets and leather reinforced toe and heels. You can wear these boots in temperatures as extreme as -25 degrees Fahrenheit or -32 degrees Celsius.

4. Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Lined Neo Puff Winter Boots

Crocs have also introduced its line of winter boots and this particular model is one of its bestselling ones. This pair of boots features a lined nylon funnel neck that offers a classic look with the feel of a boot. The footbeds are made of soft and warm material, which are lined with fabric that keeps the inside well insulated during extremely cold conditions.

You will like the softness and warmth that these boots have to offer in the entire winter season. The company has used croslite foam that offers dual crocs comfort that is extremely supportive, soft, and cradling. As far as the size goes, then you can buy the size up to the next biggest whole size.

5. DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Snow Boots Warm Ankle Booties

Last on the list is these incredible snow boots for women, which boasts thick plush lining along with velvet that offers a soft and comfortable experience. For heavy snow conditions, you will have to buy dedicated snowshoes, but for light snow, these boots will do the job perfectly. With these boots on, you won’t feel cold the whole winter.

The boots feature a non-slip sole that is made of polyurethane that offers excellent grip in all kinds of terrains. These are waterproof boots that will offer warmth and comfort to your feet even when it is raining outside. The soft and flexible soles of the boots aid in effortless walking for a long duration. You can wear these boots for camping, hiking, parties, and more.

10 Tips To Buy The Best Winter Boots

consumer reports best winter boots
  • Lightweight

The winter boot should be very light. The lighter the boot, the easier it will be for you to move around. Lightweight boots are always better because they allow you to walk for prolonged periods without tiring your feet or any other discomfort. Make sure to check the weight and the material used in the boots before buying.

  • Flexible

Winter boots should be very flexible, especially if you are buying them for your children. The more flexible the boot, the better it will adapt to your foot, and you will be able to move more easily.

  • Robust sole

Some parents believe that a large sole will interfere with their child's movements. However, the boot must have a good sole to be away from the cold ground.

  • Good insulation

To keep the heat in, the boot must be well insulated. Especially for toddlers who don't move much. Rubber soles generally insulate the feet well.

  • Breathable

The winter boot must be breathable. Do you run and play outside with boots that are too insulating but not breathable enough? By sweating, moisture will then accumulate in his feet. Result: his socks and little feet will be wet. So you may quickly get cold! The advantage of a breathable boot? It absorbs and wicks away moisture. Boots with a membrane will keep your feet dry.

  • The right size

As a general rule, the winter boot should be one size larger than your actual shoe size. But some brands are made wide, others narrow, so do proper research before selecting the size of the boots. Be careful not to take them too big either, which will affect your comfort.

  • Easy to put on

You should prefer boots that are easy to put on and take off. If you can buy pull-on-type boots, then that’ll be great, as those are super easy to put on! Our other winter boots are just as easy to wear.

  • Temperature indices

Temperature ratings give a good idea of the effectiveness of winter boots. But be careful, regularly check your feet: are they wet? Cold? Cold feet might not seem like a problem, but can be dangerous, as they may cause frostbite.

  • Water-resistant

With the temperature fluctuation, the boots should be water resistant. All of our winter boots are water resistant or waterproof and waterproof. When a boot is very waterproof, you have to make sure that it is also breathable. But beware, even a waterproof winter boot is not a rain boot! During milder winter weather, many parents swap winter boots for our fur-lined rain boots. They're perfect when the snow turns to water and it's zero degrees Celsius.

  • A high boot

Especially for the older ones, it is better to choose a boot high enough to prevent snow from entering the boot.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Winter Boots?

consumer reports best winter boots

There are 3 ways how you can prolong the life of your winter boots, which are:

  • Keep them away from direct heat sources
  • Clean them with hot water
  • Treat them thoroughly with a specialized cleaner

Note - The worst enemies of winter boots are direct heat and salt. This is why you avoid putting your brand-new boots near the fireplace or an electric baseboard to remove the humidity. This habit tends to dry out materials and ultimately causes them to crack. The only exception: if your boot has a removable felt, it can be removed and placed near a direct heat source.

Wrapping Up

Winter boots are so very important if you are living in an area where it gets very cold during winters. You can’t take the chance of wearing normal boots because that can lead to all sorts of problems in your feet like redness, frostbite, and whatnot. Choose a pair of good winter boots from consumer reports best winter boots list and go outside worry-free. Your feet will remain warm and comfortable throughout the day, irrespective of the weather conditions and terrain.